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HR’s roles in building more competitive


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HR’s roles in building more competitive

  2. 2. BASIS OF INTERVIEW Interviewed Person: An HR department member(asked for the name to be kept confidential) Method of Interview: Telephonic Interview
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION OF THE ORGANIZATION BEING DISCUSSED HCL Founded in 1976, today a $5 billion enterprise. Comprising two companies listed in India- HCL technologies and HCL Info systems. Employees around 90,000 employees in more than 30 countries.
  4. 4. SOME IMPORTANT POINTS FROM THE DISCUSSION Hiring is done for all levels.  IJP or External hiring is done for higher levels too.  Depending on the position and the role the hiring process id decided. At the time of hiring Full Job description is provided.  The hired employees are briefed about there roles and responsibilities.  They are told about the position they are being hired for with KRAs.
  5. 5. CONT… Person’s qualifications or matching to job profile both play a major part in hiring of an employee for a particular position. Training is provided at all levels of hiring.  Training duration and level depends on the hired employees profile.  Average training time depends on the kind of training being provided, for eg.: HR people are given training for 1 month, technical for 3 months(Basic training).
  6. 6. CONT… If existing employees are being given certain training, change in performance measures the success rate of the same. In scenarios of changing external environment, balance is maintained between employee expectations and market expectations.  For instance, at the time of 2008 recession HCL took up the policy of NO LAYOFFS, NO INCREASE IN SALARY, NO DECREASE IN SALARY.
  7. 7. CONT… To keep your employees motivated and aligned with the goals of the organisation the following activities are undertaken:  Directions  Town Hall  Team off sites  Team building activities  Friday Fundoos  Smart service desk
  8. 8. CONT… To maintain the employee turnover ratio, the HR department makes sure that an adequate amount of man power is maintained in the organization. To reduce the no. of people leaving the organization the following steps are taken:  Training programs  Friendly environment in the organisation  Work life balance  Job rotation offers  HCL Towers – Houses for employees  Maintaining the compensation plans
  9. 9. MAINTAINING THE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE In future the HR believes that ‘’The Human Recourse’’ department would expand its functions in other areas related to BUILDING EMPLOYEE CURRIES GRAPHS.  In HCL curries related decisions for the employees are taken by the Volume and Development department.  The employee currier graphs are also maintained by the same department.
  10. 10. CONT… The HR department will try and take up all the aspects related to the employees of the organization under them so that they could do the 360 degree development of the employees. The HR practices taken up by the HCL HR department has created a benchmark around the world, with the ‘Employee First’ thinking undertaken in the organization.