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Talk no. 4, Call to Communion & Mission


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Published in: Spiritual
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Talk no. 4, Call to Communion & Mission

  1. 1. Talk No. 4 Call toCommunion & Mission
  2. 2. John 15:1-17Remain in my love and you will bear fruit.
  3. 3. Jesus is the Vine, we are the branches.The branches get its life from thevine.Cut the branches away from thevine and the branches will witherand die.If the branches remain in the vine,it will bear fruit abundantly.
  4. 4. Jesus Christ is the Life. Hecame that we may have the fullness of life.God gave us the Holy Spirit,the life of our soul.Our soul gets its life fromGod.Separated from God, our soulwill become weak and die.
  5. 5. How do we remain in Communion with God?1. Remain in the Church.2. Remain in the Sacraments.3. Regular reading of the Scriptures.4. Maintain a life of prayer.5. Live the Gospel.
  6. 6. The Mission to LoveFirst, Jesus said, “Remain in mylove.”Then He said, “I command you –love one another as I have lovedyou.”
  7. 7. The Mission Comes from the CommunionJesus commanded his disciples:“Love one another as I have lovedyou.”Then he said, “The greatest love youcan have for your friends is to giveyour life for them.”Then Jesus gave them an example bygiving his life on the cross.
  8. 8. The Mission is the fruit of the Communion. We cannot separate the mission from the communion.
  9. 9. Jesus said, “I do not call you servants anymore, but friends.”“Servants do not know whattheir master is doing.”“I have told you everything Iheard from my Father.”
  10. 10. A true friend is…Someone you trust with your life.Someone who will always be therefor you.Someone who feels you joys andpains.Someone who will never abandonyou.
  11. 11. To live in love is to live in friendship.You will be happy to do anythingfor your friend.Friendship is the deepest level ofrelationship, even betweenhusband and wife, betweenparents and children, andbetween siblings.
  12. 12. Kaibigan:Kasama sa hirap at ginhawa The fruit of this kind of relationship is a community. “See how they love one another.” Living in a Christian Community [Acts 2:40-47; 4:32-35]
  13. 13. How do we sharein the mission of Christ?The Mission of Christ isthree-fold: Priestly Prophetic Kingly
  14. 14. Priestly Ministry To pray and offersacrifices. To heal.
  15. 15. Prophetic MinistryTo teachTo preach
  16. 16. Kingly MinistryJesus is a Servant-King whocame to serve and not to beserved.To serveTo lead & to governTo administer
  17. 17. Call to Communion & MissionReflections: How do I experience communion in my workplace? What can I do to strengthen communion in my workplace? How do I intend to live my mission in the workplace?