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  1. 1. Welcometo ourCatholic DoctrineCourse(Session 1)
  2. 2. Our Text Book
  3. 3. Outline of Our DoctrineStudy Three Parts: I. Christ, Our Truth (Doctrine)  The Apostles’ Creed II. Christ, Our Way (Moral Life)  The Ten Commandments III. Christ, Our Life (Worship)  The Church & the Sacraments
  4. 4. (Session One)
  5. 5. I. God RevealsHimself A. In Creation B. In the Scriptures C. In the Church D. In other Religions
  6. 6. Jesus Christ:The Perfect Self-Revelation ofGod. Jesus Christ conquered death by rising from the dead.
  7. 7. God Revealed by the HolySpirit
  8. 8. Pentecost: Birth of theChurch  The Church built upon the Apostles  Christ sent his Apostles: to teach & to preach
  9. 9. Christ in theSacraments Thru Liturgical & Ecclesial Signs
  10. 10. II. Jesus Christ:The Agent, Content &Goal of Revelation A. Jesus is the Goal B. Jesus in the Content C. Jesus is the Agent
  11. 11. III. Source ofRevelationA. Scripture & TraditionB. Magisterium: Interpreting Scripture
  12. 12. The Word of GodOral Tradition Magisterium Scriptures