Bible Sharing Group Facilitators's Training


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Bible Sharing Group Facilitators's Training

  1. 1. Bible Sharing GroupFacilitators’ Training
  2. 2. What is a Bible Sharing Group? It is the coming together of people with a common desire to read, reflect, learn, pray and live the Word of God. We call it “GAWARASAL.”
  3. 3. What is a Bible Sharing Group? It is not the same as a Bible Study Group. In a Bible Study, you talk about your knowledge of God. In a Bible Sharing, you talk about your experience of God.
  4. 4. Bible Study Group Only trained and authorized Bible Teachers can conduct a Bible Study Class. In a Bible Study Group, the Teacher talks about the meaning of the Word.
  5. 5. What is a Bible Sharing Group? BSG is about sharing of our personal experience of God, based on the Scripture reading. Only a “slice of life” is shared, not the whole conversion story. When we talk about our personal experience, no one can be wrong. Everyone is entitled to his personal experience; no one can question a personal experience.
  6. 6. Rules to Observe1. While someone is sharing, everyone should listen and pay attention. Nobody else is allowed to talk or make side comments.2. We are only allowed to share our personal experiences, or our own family’s experiences, and not of other people’s.3. We should avoid mentioning of names of other people.4. Be sensitive in the length of your sharing.
  7. 7. Role of the BSG Facilitator1. To prepare a short introduction, or explanation, about the Scripture Text before the start of the sharing.2. To prepare a guide question for the sharing.3. To take note of the sharing and to give a summary of the sharing of the whole group before the end of the meeting.4. To highlight the invitation of the Lord to the whole group.
  8. 8. Role of the BSG Facilitator5. To make sure that all the members will have the chance to share. If a member is taking so much time, the facilitator should call the attention of the one sharing.6. To make sure that the sharing is focused on the Scripture Text. If the sharing is not related to the topic, the facilitator should remind the group of the topic.
  9. 9. Role of the BSG Facilitator7. To make sure that the members are only sharing about their own life stories and not about other people’s. If a member is sharing the life of someone else, not of his own family, the facilitator should intervene and remind the one sharing that it not allowed.8. To make sure that no one else is talking while someone is sharing.9. To lead the group to prayer.
  10. 10. Preparation Before the Meeting1. Read and understand the Scripture Text2. Read some commentaries on the text.3. Know the important points of the texts.4. Decide on the Focus of the sharing.5. Prepare a Guide Question that will give direction to the sharing.6. Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.7. Prepare a short introduction on what the Scripture reading is about.
  11. 11. Outline of the BSG1. Pray with Mary: The Holy Rosary2. Opening Prayer: Invoke the Holy Spirit3. Scripture Reading4. Silent Reflection5. A short, prepared introduction on the reading (facilitator)6. Guide Question on the Sharing
  12. 12. Outline of the BSG7. Communion of Souls: Individual Sharing8. Summary of the Sharing (Facilitator)9. Invitation of the Lord to the Group (Facilitator)10. Intercessory Prayer11. Announcements: Scripture Text next meeting12. Closing Prayer
  13. 13. Bible Sharing Group It is a group that is journeying together, learning and growing in faith together. The Facilitator is the Shepherd who knows his sheep. He takes the sheep to the greener pasture. The Facilitator makes sure that all his sheep will be able to eat and drink.