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3) Order of the Holy Mass


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3) Order of the Holy Mass

  1. 1. The Orderof theMass
  2. 2. Two Parts of the Mass1. Liturgy of the Word2. Liturgy of the Eucharist
  3. 3. Liturgy of the WordA. Introductory Rites 1. Entrance Procession 2. Veneration of the Altar 3. Greeting of the Congregation 4. Penitential Rite 5. Lord Have Mercy 6. (Gloria) 7. Opening Prayer (Presider)
  4. 4. Liturgy of the Word1. First Reading (Lector 1)2. Responsorial Psalm (Lector 2)3. Second Reading (Lector 3)4. Alleluia Verse (Commentator)5. Gospel6. Homily7. Profession of Faith8. General Intercessions (Lector 4)
  5. 5. Liturgy of the Eucharist1. Offertory & Preparation of Gifts2. Preface3. Eucharistic Prayer (I-IV)  Mystery of Faith  Doxology & Great Amen4. Communion Rite  The Lord’s Prayer  Kiss of Peace  Lamb of God  Communion
  6. 6. Concluding Rites1. Concluding Prayer2. Announcements3. Blessing & Dismissal
  7. 7. For Sundays & SolemnitiesThree Scripture Readings:First Reading: From the Old TestamentSecond Reading: From the New Testament, an Epistle of an Apostle
  8. 8. Sundays & SolemnitiesGospel: Has three cycles (A, B & C) Year A – Gospel of Matthew Year B – Gospel of Mark Year C – Gospel of Luke Easter Season – Gospel of John
  9. 9. Readings for Weekdays Readings of Weekdays has Two-Cycle:  Cycle I (odd years)  Cycle II (even years). For Cycle I, First Reading is taken from the Old Testament. For Cycle II, First Reading is taken from the New Testament, from the Epistle of an Apostle. Gospel Reading is the same for cycles I & II.