Corporate communications solutions
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Training and communications on specific issues
                                   Designing and implementing focused maste...
Improving the internal communications efforts
Empowering learning and collaboration
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Controlling the impact of a crisis on the brand reputation
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Riccardo Reati profile
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Corporate communications solutions


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Consulting solutions for corporate internal communications, e-learning and crisis communications

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Corporate communications solutions

  1. 1. Corporate communications solutions consulting proposals Riccardo Reati – free lance advisor
  2. 2. Training and communications on specific issues Designing and implementing focused master-plans and internal campaigns Peculiarities: Communications on specific issues - awareness focused solution Policies and Quality Organizational CSR regolamen- - time bounded program programs change tations Impact - initiatives aimed at specific targets Environmental Others Security sustainability - use of different media - scalable budgeting Needs and stakeholders analysis Media planning Program final evaluation Initiative X Initiative 2 Initiative 1 Master-plan design - E-learning platform - Design - Objectives - Implementation - Intranet Web portals - Evaluation - Initiatives - Web TV Implementation - Design - Time frame - Implementation - Paper media (leaflet, - Evaluation billboards, stickers…) - Scalability - Workshop and class - Design - Monitoring courses - Implementation evaluation - Evaluation 01
  3. 3. Improving the internal communications efforts Corporate Interactive TV Improvement of training and internal communications Savings on: - costs of class based training Training new policies operative customer relations new products skills foreing sales techniques IT application - costs of road shows new processes languages Impact Internal Communications organizational long/short-term - costs of corporate meetings corporate change strategies markets and economic messages financial reports crisis communications scenario - costs of other internal communications projects Awareness and security CSR employees corporate culture corporate feedback - other savings best practices mission/vision Editorial - Formats plan - Schedule Assessment and Call for bids - Communications study feasibility study (graphic and video) Implementation - Content review plan Editorial Production and Monitoring & plan Project management Main criteria: - Target analysis Evaluation - Need analysis - quality of production - Operative committee - Objectives - editorial skills - Editorial committee - Contents areas - availability of communications - Pre-production processes - Cost-effectiveness analysis consulting services - Production and post - Monitoring system - ICT platform analysis - project management capacity production - Evaluation reports - costs - Broadcasting 02
  4. 4. Empowering learning and collaboration Learning 2.0 and Web 2.0 solutions From the classical website to a user centered network Advantages Collaborative - create a community Blog of the director spaces among employees Intranet Sharing Audio-video contents - collect know-how from the environments and streaming bottom Personalized Discussion dynamic Standard contents - stimulate new ideas and forums home page innovation Multimedia learning Learning environment - Interactive applications - User centric learning experience E-learning - Audio-video and animations - Simulation of work context and Classical web- daily practices based training - Tests and quizzes - Integration of different learning - Integration with other media issues in one environment (blended solutions) - Focus on learning by doing 03
  5. 5. Controlling the impact of a crisis on the brand reputation Planning and managing the communications of a crisis Capacity assessment: analysis Risk scenarios analysis and Assessment of the potential of a company to evaluation of impact on brand manage the communications of reputation a crisis Clients Planning Definition of the Design of the crisis communications lifecycle (CCL) communications plan Media and Before public 1_Objectives First crisis stage 2_Communications channels Employees 3_Messages Evalua- Up- tion 4_Processes keeping Other 5_Tasks and responsibilities stakeholders Resolution Implementation Training of key employees. Design and production of training and awareness tools (brochure, courses…) 04
  6. 6. Riccardo Reati profile Consulting – project design – project management Some organizations I have designed projects for: Profile and contacts: E-learning and communications advisor Main work experiences Value Team, Value Partners Group (IT consulting) Grant and partnership development coordinator Ce.L.I.M. Zambia (NGO – international development) Manager Nextmedia Lab (multimedia and communications) Assistant lecturer on Corporate Communications Faculty of Industrial Design, Politecnico di Milano and Il Sole 24 Ore Business School Contacts mail: tel: +39.3490974998 full profile: 05