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KR Learning and development conference Viljoen preconference part 2


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Preworkshop at KR L&D conference on the importance of constructing a differentiated learning architecture, that takes systemic interactions and properties, and social thinking systems into account.

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KR Learning and development conference Viljoen preconference part 2

  1. 1. Knowledge Resources Strategic Positioning of L and D in the future world of work Dr Rica Viljoen Part 2
  2. 2. Congruence Graves: “the best leader is the congruent one” Architecture should fit systemic dynamics
  3. 3. 3 BeQ™ Laubscher’s Human NichesRemember that identity is defined differently: Purple Family Relations Rules of Behaviour Ceremonial/ Ritual Time Orientation Stories Ancestors White/Blac k MagicLand Sky Animals People Relations Human Domain Physical Domain Sacred/ Spiritual Domain Secrecy Social Structure Copying Relationships Elders Old ways Drumming, Dancing, Art, Storytelling Exists outside past or future Storytelling and Metaphors Honoring and Protection Sangomas Foresight HealingGift of gods Sacred earth Sun, Moon, Stars and Wind Animal Spirit Consultation Communication Harmony
  4. 4. Appoint a chief learning officer!
  5. 5. Part of strategic HR, separately positioned?
  6. 6. Strategic Framework Strategic architecture The articulated and clearly understood concept of the desired future state Strategy translation into Operational termsLeadership alignment Vision Mission Core purpose Structure Core values Core capabilities Internal and External Branding Leadership Framework Profit modeling Shared views of the present and the future Leadership formulates strategy Change resilience Agreement, Common understanding Renewed energy and rigour Understanding differences Engagement Insight Leadership Drives and implement strategy Strategy operationalised Balanced Score Card And Values Operational goals MeasuresTargets Strategic Initiatives Strategic Goals Values Group and Individual BSC IDP KPA’sBehaviours SWOT PESTLE Design Thinking Scenario planning Competitor Analysis SOAR Learning architecture Culture Leadership Capacity Building Translation Performance Management Process Optimise Leadership Talent Attraction, Retention Reward Strategy Benchmark of Engagement THE STRATEGIC PROCESS Viljoen, 2015 EVP Yellow bubbles The role of strategic L&D
  7. 7. Strategy and role of HR Viljoen, 2015
  8. 8. Multi-level Study on Leadership • 3 decades • Leadership theories • 18 experts asked to identify 12 concepts associated with leadership today. • In-depth literature study • Themes and Codes, Clusters • Meta-insights 80’s: • Transactional and Transformational Leadership • Boards of Directors and Governance • Competitive advantage
  9. 9. Multi-level Study on Leadership 90’s • Creativity • Organisational Capacities • Emotional Intelligence • Trust • Board Performance 2000’s • Emotions and Emotional Intelligence • Authentic Leadership • Shared Leadership Early 2010’s • Complexity and chaos • Context management • Ethical leadership
  10. 10. Strategic HR • 18 experts asked to identify 12 concepts associated with organisational change and development today. • Themes and Codes, Clusters • Meta-insights 80’s: • Total Quality Management • Quality Circles • Psychometrics – High level classification test and 16PF • Work studies / productivity
  11. 11. Strategic HR 90’s • Systems Thinking • Design Thinking (Ackoff) • Value Engineering • Personal Purpose and Self Mastery (Senge) • Activity based teambuilding and adventure training • Employee satisfaction 2000’s • Change Resilience • Psycho-analytical events • Diversity Management • Linking personal values to organisational values • Multi-disciplinary teams, virtual teams • Globalisation • Mergers and Acquisitions • Trust, employee engagement, commitment • Coaching
  12. 12. Strategic HR 2010’s • Work Engagement studies • Strategic intent and translation • Culture as strategic architecture • Multi-cultural dynamics • Corporate Citizenship Behaviour • Wellness • Sustainability • Contextual intelligence • Ecological understanding • Spiritual Intelligence • Mindfulness and finding meaning
  13. 13. Strategic HR Now • Big Data • Future Workplace. Transparency. Transparency. Transparency • Social Enterprise • Talent Management
  14. 14. Strategic HR Boudreau (after Ulrich) The Organizational Engineer is an expert in facilitating virtual teams, developing leadership wherever it exists, and talent transitions. She is an expert at talent and task optimization. She is the knowledge resource on principles such as agility, networks, power and trust. The Virtual Culture Architect is a culture expert, advocate and brand builder. He connects current and potential workers’ purpose to the organization’s mission and goals. He is adept at principles of values, norms, and beliefs, articulated virtually and personally. The Global Talent Scout, Convener, and Coach masters new talent platforms and optimizes the relationships between workers, work and the organization, using whatever platform is best (e.g., free agent, contractor, regular employee, etc.). She is a talent contract manager, talent platform manager, and career/life coach. The Data, Talent & Technology Integrator is an expert at finding meaning in big data and algorithms, and how to design work that optimally combines technology, automation and humans. The Social Policy & Community Activist creates optimal synergy between goals that include economic returns, social purpose, ethics, sustainability, and worker well- being. She influences beyond the organization, shaping policies, regulations and laws that support the new.
  15. 15. Strategic HR Today in South Africa – a dispersed view • Ensuring stakeholder value • Organisational Effectiveness (OE) • Community development • Compliance to legislative requirements and regulations • Overwhelmed • Numb to change • Talent, Salary, discipline, staffing and BEE • OD incorporated in strategic HR, line management and OE • External OD capacity • Everybody does OD • Change management = communication Definition:Optimising individual, group, organisational performance in the context of society – positioned at a level where it can impact the whole organisation in a systemic manner. In response: