rookie with zero bugs


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this is a checklist on how can we get a rookie developer to start working with zero bugs in the app

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  • rookie with zero bugs

    1. 1. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comwww.outsystems.comRookie with zero bugs
    2. 2. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comwww.outsystems.comHow I got here?
    3. 3. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comResearch &Development“we buildthe OutSystemsPlatform”ProfessionalServices“we delivery great appsusingthe OutSystems Platform”
    4. 4. © outsystems – all rights• Remote Delivery Team @Proença-a-Nova– Jan 2011• #11 Developers• Age average 25• Working experience ~ 1 year– Target to grow• Jan/2012 up to #20• Jan/2013 up to #30Context
    5. 5. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comwww.outsystems.comThe Challenge?
    6. 6. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comdeliver great appshigh level of quality, performance andadopted by the end users
    7. 7. © outsystems – all rights• high level of quality• performance• and adopted by the end usersHow to address The Challenge?deliver great appsNOTNot AlwaysOK
    8. 8. © outsystems – all rights
    9. 9. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comWherethe appsareGreat!Developersconfortzone
    10. 10. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comWhat to do and where to start?1. Design and engage a Ramp UpPlan to speed up technologyknowledge2. Evaluate what are the main areas toimprove in the current team
    11. 11. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comwww.outsystems.comLessons from thetrenches
    12. 12. © outsystems – all rights• Javascript and SQL were the main tech issues• Some significant number of bugs related withmeeting expectations with business
    13. 13. © outsystems – all rights• Start teaching Javascript and Advanced SQL inRamp up and it will solve all ourproblems...right?We are EngineersLet’s tackle the tech part
    14. 14. © outsystems – all rights
    15. 15. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comThen we focus in...Remember the other one? Meetingexpectations with business
    16. 16. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comwww.outsystems.comChecklist to zerobugs
    17. 17. © outsystems – all rights Using User Stories instead of features#2 Defining what’s Ready and what’s Done#3 Doing Usability Testing#4 Acceptance Criteria for top user storiesChecklist to zero bugs
    18. 18. © outsystems – all rights Using User Stories instead of featuresContext iseverything, create a userstory.• Improves communication• Helps to learn the stakeholders “language”• Capture the reason why we’re delivering something.
    19. 19. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comwww.outsystems.comBy understanding theusers, developers willstart thinkingdifferently
    20. 20. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comWherethe appsareGreat!DevelopersconfortzoneProgressso far
    21. 21. © outsystems – all rights Defining what’s Ready and what’s Done• Is the definition of READY met for 70% of the userstories of next sprint?– should follow the INVEST principles– Acceptance criteria has been agreed with the customer– You have representative sample data• Have you met the definition of DONE for all userstories delivered in the Sprint?– Test each user story against the acceptance criteria– and other tests defined in the test plan– may also include conducting automated or manual code reviews over a part ofthe code.
    22. 22. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comWherethe appsareGreat!Progressso farDevelopersconfortzone
    23. 23. © outsystems – all rights Doing Usability TestingWhy is so important developers participation in thedemos?Usability tests start during the first Demo• 1st reactions are the most genuine• Usually there’s Feedback...tons of it• You don’t need extra budget to thisDisclaimer: this doesn’t substitute user experience tests during the project, it’s anotheractivity to reach the goal of great apps.
    24. 24. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comWherethe appsareGreat!DevelopersconfortzoneProgressso far
    25. 25. © outsystems – all rights Acceptance Criteria for top userstories• Create the acceptance criterias for top userstories• Setup an environment with realistic sample data• This will help the business realize what theyreally need you to deliverStakeholders must test it!
    26. 26. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comWherethe appsareGreat!DevelopersconfortzoneThe Teamdid it!!!
    27. 27. © outsystems – all rights Using User Stories instead of features#2 Defining what’s Ready and what’s Done#3 Doing Usability Testing#4 Acceptance Criteria for top user storiesChecklist to zero bugs
    28. 28. © outsystems – all rights reservedwww.outsystems.comwww.outsystems.comStart getting zerobugs from arookieThank You