PS3 Accessories


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Want to buy Cheap PS3 accessories and gaming

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PS3 Accessories

  1. 1. ==== ====Want to buy cut price playstation 3 accessories? ====In the realm of handheld video game systems, people seem to forget that Nintendo isnt the onlycompany that participates in the market. Sony is out there, too, with its own handheld that alwaysseems to be overshadowed by the Nintendo DS. Of course Im talking about the PlayStationPortable, or PSP.The system has been kicking around the marketplace for almost five years now in various differenthardware iterations and while it does have a very strong following in the gaming community, italways seems to play second fiddle to the more universally popular Nintendo DS. The PSP itself isa slick machine with various multimedia capabilities like playing movies and music from theMemory Stick that is used as the PSP memory card or the Universal Media Disc (UMD) that thesystems architecture supports.The hardware comes in four different versions so far. These include the original PSP-1000, thetwo slim models, the PSP-2000 and PSP-3000, and the most recent redesign, the PSP Go. Fromthe 1000 to 2000 series, Sony shaved off a bit of weight and made the PSP even more slim andsexy than the original design. The 2000 to 3000 change over didnt change much. They added amicrophone and gave the system a better LCD screen, but it wasnt the huge leap most peoplewere looking for. From the 3000 series to the Go the changes were phenomenally dramatic.In this iteration Sony decided to drop physical media altogether and cut out the UMD drive forgames. Instead of buying games on disc you download them from the Internet over Sonys gamesystem wide PlayStation Network and saving them to the Memory Stick. They also dramaticallychanged the physical construction of the system by reshaping the entire system for moreportability. The problem with this is that the game community consumers have kind of turned theirback on the PSP Go because of the radical hardware changes, the lack of physical media, and theprice, which was set at $249.This may seem like a bad thing, and for Sony it probably is, but for the consumer this means theother, older models are going to be cheap. You can hit any online gaming community and findguides on where to buy PSP slim, cheap games, and even a PSP memory card for a fraction ofthe cost of just the PSP Go system. Whats also great about this is that a lot of companies hadthings scheduled to release some of the best PSP games 2009/2010.These titles include a portable version of Assassins Creed, Tekken 6, and another SOCOM,which is always a huge hit at retail. Hows that for some PSP games 2009/2010 scheduling? Youwill be able to pick them up cheap, too, if youre still into spinning some UMD discs. Sony reallyshot themselves in the foot with the release of so many different hardware iterations in such ashort time period, but who cares? Find where to buy PSP slim, video game accessories and usedvideo games and soak up the rewards with some cheap gaming on the go.
  2. 2. At Thumbmonkey, we are dedicated to providing great prices and unmatched service for our ever-growing community of customers. Since 2003, we have been selling both new and used videogames, consoles, and video game accessories at some seriously low prices. Join the gamingrevolution! Visit today.Article Source: ====Want to buy cut price playstation 3 accessories? ====