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My Presentation

  1. 1. My presentation
  2. 2. Essay <ul><li>In our country the English Language is one of the most important things when people want to get a job. For this reason, I always work hard in order to improve my fluency in the English Language. I am very grateful of taking this enthusiastic course because it brought me the opportunity to learn through my own experience. By taking this course I learned more than what I expected to learned. Some of the tasks that I did were to communicate orally with my peers. Another one was to manage my fears when I talked in public. Summarizing, I really learn what I want to learned. Through the learning process I worked with a lot of activities. Some of them were successful yet others were not very helpful. One of the activities that were very successful was the peer interaction in which working with my partners I recognized my faults, mainly in the pronunciation. Working as a group was a lot easier than working by me. It is important to mention that it help me to improve my English. Another activity that helped me very much was the English Laboratory, in which I developed my listening comprehension skills. In the laboratory I usually practice some listening activities such as recalling details, main idea and others. Finally the most important activity and most helpful for me was the conversational class, in which I applied all the techniques that I learned in class to be more fluent in this Language. </li></ul>
  3. 3. <ul><li>Some of the English software used in class was Master Spell and English 6.0. By working in these programs I could have some practice but, they were not helpful in my learning process because Master Spell was very boring and the second one does not work well. There not exist motivational activities in any of the software mention above. Students that study English as a Second Language need a variety of enthusiastic activities in which they can be encourage to learned. If there do not existed any attractive material students would not work in these kinds of software. At the beginning of the activities with the professor, it was very easy to read the sentences that the professor brought to us. Later, it was harder because we have to speak our meeting conversation in front of the group and it was also recorded. We met as a group and practice the conversation twice, when the day of the presentation arrived we were prepared for the speech and it flows natural. It was very difficult but motivational, because we as students were be able to improve our conversational skills by the continual practices of the speeches. Making a good performance always is going to depend in the dedication and effort that people put in the speech. </li></ul>
  4. 4. <ul><li>While I worked by myself in the work plan, I established different goals. I follow my plan step by step and as a result I achieve all my expectations. For that reason, I should not change my work plan. It was very helpful and I reached most of my goals. Finally, I should continue working to achieve all my goals through the process of language acquisition. I wish I will work as I did during the semester so I can have the fluency and mastery that I need to be successful in my future career. In conclusion, having good communicative skills is the key to get the world in my hands. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Evidence ( First Week)
  6. 6. Evidence (First Week)
  7. 7. Evidence (Second Week)
  8. 8. Evidence (Second Week)
  9. 9. Evidence (Third Week)
  10. 10. Evidence (Third Week)
  11. 11. Evidence (Fourth Week)
  12. 12. Evidence (Fourth Week)