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Microsoft Flow - A Real-World Walkthru


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delivered at Microsoft DogFood Conference 2019 - Columbus, OH

Published in: Technology
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Microsoft Flow - A Real-World Walkthru

  1. 1. A Real- World Walk- thru Ricardo Wilkins Customer Success Manager, Microsoft
  2. 2. Automate processes with Microsoft Flow
  3. 3. Integration + Connectivity Built-in connectivity to 260+ SaaS cloud services, file providers, databases, web APIs, productivity apps, and more (80+ in GCC) Connect to on-premises systems via Data Gateway Pluggable extensibility via Custom Connectors to integrate existing LOB systems into Flow
  4. 4. What makes up automated flows? Example: Notification Flow on Dynamics 365 Trigger – the event that kicks off the flow In this example When a record is created Actions – what the flow does Send an email
  5. 5. Monitor and debug flows See the success (or failure) of your flows across all its usage in a month Drill into specific errors and see the exact inputs and outputs
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  7. 7. Go deeper with Microsoft Learn Learn and achieve your goals faster with Microsoft Learn: • Take a hands-on learning approach to earn points, levels, and achieve more • Enjoy new trainings, learning paths, and tutorials specific for Flow • Advance faster with interactive environments that provide pointers along the way