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New opportunities for the Cultural Heritage

Les e-Infraestructures ofereixen àmplies possibilitats pel sector del patrimoni cultural. Els usuaris tradicionals de la computació en grid i les xarxes nacionals de recerca i educació han estat científics i tecnòlegs de la informació. De cara al futur, la seva aplicació al patrimoni ens permetrà fer front als reptes que el sector planteja de manera innovadora.

L’objectiu del workshop és reunir professionals europeus procedents d’institucions, centres de recerca i empreses vinculades al patrimoni cultural per conèixer l’ús de les e_Infrastructures en aquest àmbit i establir una xarxa d’interès al sector.

Aquest workshop s’organitza en el marc del projecte europeu INDICATE: International Network for a Digital Cultural Heritage e-Infrastructure.

Es pot consultar el vídeo del workshop a

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  1. 1. calaix
  2. 2. What is Calaix? Calaix is the legal deposit designed to preserve digital materials of the Cultural Department and provide acces to them. It is open to other areas or institutions of the Generalitat de Catalunya 1768 documents A project led by the General Management of Cultural Heritage and the General Management of Cultural Promotion 24.871 images Tecnological partner: Cesca Put into practice: 22th setember, 2010 1202 maps 64.058 visits
  3. 3. Previous Considerations Dspace offers a solid base, and complies by default with most of the required specifications Knowledge of the context and previous experience with MDX i RECERCAT
  4. 4. The first requirements Visualization adapted depending on the kind of document Export OAIPMH and European The possibility of mass consumption Indexation in multiple fields apart from the normal ones Multilingual (Catalan, Spanish and English)
  5. 5. Mass consumption Mass consumption is the automatic process where data is built-into the repository without human intervention once it has been processed and tagged Two solutions: SWORD (based in web service) Import (internal application based in Dspace methods and java classes)
  6. 6. Calaix Documents Making it unique from other existing projects, Calaix consists of diverse content with specifications and individual requirements Requirements: Format Metadata indexing Visualization
  7. 7. What have we learnt? The fusion of tecnology experience and infomation and knowledge management brings as a result a product adapted to the user needs. Constant improvement requires innovative solutions and services
  8. 8. Future timeline Incorporation of new multimedia formats: videos, gigapictures, panoramic images Calaix will become a portal from October 2011 Semantic search engine Facets Multilingual searches about AAT 2012 new comunities and new collections