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Seedrs @ Imperial Create Lab

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Seedrs @ Imperial Create Lab

  1. 1. Ricardo Sequerra Startup Community Builder Seedrs @ric0seq
  2. 2. Startup Market Failure Entrepreneurs lack access to early-stage capital. ! ! So, many great businesses don’t get off the ground. Too early for ! Angels Too small for! VC’s Too big for ! friends and family @seedrs
  3. 3. Investor Market Failure Investing in startups appeals to many people. ! ! But most lack the opportunity to do so. 1 Limited to high-networth individuals Time consuming legal paperwork 1% who have money and time @seedrs
  4. 4. Seedrs Genesis • Seedrs is an online equitycrowdfunding platform for discovering and investing in great startups.! ! • You can raise equity capital seamlessly from friends, family, customers, your communities and the crowd.! ! • Anyone can invest (from £10 up) in you. @seedrs
  5. 5. Our Most Recent Numbers 34,000 registered investors 65 campaigns funded £6.1/€7.4 million invested in funded campaigns Average Funding Amounts Smallest Avg. Largest Days to Fund Fastest Avg. Longest 2.5 hours 24 days 92 days ! ! Number of Investors £9,500 £99,000 £2,580,000 Fewest 7 Avg. 115 Maximum 909 @seedrs
  6. 6. Seedrs Today @seedrs
  7. 7. #CrowdfundingEurope Hello Europe! Seedrs in now pan-European! @seedrs
  8. 8. How Seedrs Crossed The Chasm In the beginning, equity-crowdfunding raised concerns because of the many hidden fees and the complications around having too many direct shareholders (your startup becomes unfundable in the future). @seedrs
  9. 9. Seedrs DNA We solve all these problems! ! It’s part of the Seedrs DNA to provide entrepreneurs a solution where you only have to focus on building your business. 1 One single entry in your cap-table In-house DD and shareholder agreement One fee ! based on success @seedrs
  10. 10. Seedrs DNA We don’t want you to spend time on admin. ! ! We want you to focus on growing your business. 1 Lifecycle manager of your crowd – not just an introducer Interact with your investment pages Join the Seedrs community of founders @seedrs
  11. 11. Seedrs Journey Campaign Creation Launch Preparation Raise Funds Grow Your Business @seedrs
  12. 12. Seedrs Startups About! - Social picture sharing website for pet and animal pictures.! ! - Raised £40K in 11 days from 158 investors and is currently overfunding to £55K.! ! - Validated their MVP and are now moving to build-up their product. @seedrs
  13. 13. Seedrs Startups About ! - Technology to help freelancers and SME’s get paid on time.! ! - Raised £30K from 61 investors in December 2012.! ! - Reached multiple milestones and found his co-founder.! ! - Got accepted into Seedcamp.! ! - Now raising his next round. @seedrs
  14. 14. Seedrs Startups About ! - Technology to increase conversion rates, basket sizes and repeat purchases.! ! - Raised £17K to develop their MVP.! ! - Won NACUE Varsity Challenge.! ! - Got accepted into Startupbootcamp.! ! - Raised 2 more rounds to develop product and hire new team members. @seedrs
  15. 15. Next Steps After Seedrs Accelerators and VC’s love us (particularly how we structure the deals) and the proof is the follow-on investments they’ve made in startups who successfully raised funds on Seedrs @seedrs
  16. 16. Top Tips How to raise funds from the crowds? @seedrs
  17. 17. Top Tips Create a clear and exciting campaign @seedrs
  18. 18. Top Tips Think about your valuation @seedrs
  19. 19. Top Tips Prepare for your launch well in advance @seedrs
  20. 20. Top Tips Engage with investors @seedrs
  21. 21. Thank you ! Ricardo Sequerra ! ! @ric0seq! Seedrs Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.