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Attempts at regional integration


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Attempts at regional integration

  1. 1. Title Attempts to Achieve Regional Integratio n
  2. 2. Caricom Objectives Encourage trade between member states Foster cooperation in non- economic areas such as shipping ,health ,transportation etc. Coordinate foreign policy among members states to deal with countries who are not members
  3. 3. Branches/arms of Caricom
  4. 4. Branches/arms of Caricom Heads of Government-Comprise of prime ministers from each member state.This branch creates policies Caricom Market Council -This branch ensure that policies are implemented Institute of Ministers – Comprise of ministers from member states who are in the same ministries .Their role is to formulate common policies for their ministries Secretariat --Head office of Caricom. It oversee the implementation of decisions taken by Caricom
  5. 5. Functions of Caricom
  6. 6. OECS Definition Organization of Eastern Caribbean States
  7. 7. Objectives of OECS Formation of a common single market Formation of a common foreign policy To defend and maintain the political independence of member states
  8. 8. Branches/arms of OECS
  9. 9. Branches/arms of OECS Head of Government--make international treaties Foreign Policy Committee --Create and coodinate a common forign policy Defense and Security Committee --Defend the independence of the islands Economic Affairs committee--Foster free trade among member states Legal Affairs Committee--Solve disputes among member states
  10. 10. Functions Resolve
  11. 11. ACS Definition Association of Caribbean States
  12. 12. Objectives Promote the culture of member states Encourage an increase in trade and investment
  13. 13. Functions Its functions are carried out by two sections of the organisation The Secretariat- This is the organisation's main office and it assist in the implementation of policies Ministerial Council- This section makes policies on behalf of member states
  14. 14. CSME Definition Caribbean Single Market Economy
  15. 15. Objectives of CSME
  16. 16. Function Allow goods and services to flow freely among islands as the region is seen as one market place rather than separate markets
  17. 17. CCJ Definition Caribbean Court of Justice
  18. 18. Objectives/Function Settling disputes among members of the CSME and Caricom Accept appeals from the supreme courts in member states
  19. 19. Functional Cooperation This has to do with the establishment of organisations that seek to benefit all member states.The following slide highlight some areas of functional cooperation
  20. 20. Areas in Which the Islands Cooperate Area of Cooperation Organization Abreviation Health The Caribbean Environmental and health Institute CEHI Weather Caribbean Meteorology And Hydrology CMO Sport West iIndies Cricket Board WICB Education Caribbean Examination Council CXC Transport Air Jamaica Research Caribban Agricultural and Developmnt Institute CADI