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History Design_ Surrealism


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MSR3033_ History Design (Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Sultan Idris)
Surrealism, presentation dari kami.
SEM2 2014/2015

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History Design_ Surrealism

  1. 1. Definition of Surrealism • Unlock the power of the imagination • The scene is unreal, but the setting, the objective and the human • Expressions as ‘fantastic’, bizarre’, ‘unusual’, or even ‘mad’ • Movement in art and literature that tried to represent the subconscious mind by creating fantastic imagery and juxtaposing elements that seem to contradict each other • Subconscious mind, and their interests in myth and primitivism • Make art inspired by this realm
  2. 2. History of Surrealism • Small group of writers and artists, late 1910s and early '20s • André Breton with the publication of his Manifesto of Surrealism • word ‘surrealist’ appeared in the year 1917 • Early 20th century. From French (Paris) surréalisme, literally "beyond realism" • First group, (emblematic), Second group, (naturalists of the imaginary) • ‘To change life’, Arthur Rimbaud and ‘descriptive’, who were inspired by Chirico.
  3. 3. Manifesto of Surrealism - 1924, Andre’ Breton’s Manifeste du Surrealisme appeared - Book expressed what was already a daily reality - Writings of the surrealist group, 'rationalism', first world war - Imagination, folly, dream, surrender to the dark forces of the unconscious - Idea as a movement, with an agenda, rather than just a style of art.
  4. 4. Figure of Surrealism RENE MAGRITTE •Painter (1898–1967) •was a Belgian surrealist artist. •Before finding success as an artist, Magritte was designed wallpaper and advertisements. •After a poorly received solo show in 1927, he moved to Paris and became firmly lodged in the surrealist movement.
  5. 5. RENE MAGRITTE (Golconda ) -1953 • Referring to a wealthy city in India, the name and the painting draws inspiration from the desire of wealth. • Image of nearly identical men in long coat colored trench coats and derby hats. • The surreal painting draws the viewer into a realm of uncertainty. Type: Oil on canvas Dimensions: (81cm x 100cm) 31.9inch x 39.37inch Location: The Menil Collection, Houston, Texas
  6. 6. (The Son of Man) -1964 • A man in an overcoat and a bowler hat standing in front of a short wall, beyond which is the sea and a cloudy sky. •The man's face is largely obscured by a hovering green apple. •But, the man's eyes can be seen peeking over the edge of the apple. •Another subtle feature is that the man's left arm appears to bend backwards at the elbow. Type: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 116cm x 89cm (45.67 inch x 35inch) Location: Private Collection Genre: Self-Potrait
  7. 7. Figure of Surrealism MAX ERNST •Born: April 2, 1891, Brühl, Germany •Died: April 1, 1976, Paris, France •Spouse: Dorothea Tanning (m. 1946–1976), more •Periods: Surrealism, Modern art, Dada
  8. 8. MAX ERNST The Elephant Celebes (1921) •portrayal of the constituent elements produces a hallucinatory effect that he associated with collage, and was trying to achieve in this painting. •The painting uniquely combines found imagery and non-Western visual elements. Type: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 125.4 cm × 107.9 cm (49.37 in × 42.48 in) Location: Tate Gallery, London
  9. 9. MAX ERNST The Nymph Echo 1936 •surprising degree of linear control, distantly related to that of the landscapes of Henri Rousseau •Deep within the undergrouth of the forest floor, contrasting to the careful contours Type: Oil paint Dimensions: 46 cm x 55 cm Created: 1936
  10. 10. Figure of Surrealism SALVADOR DALI • Painter (1904–1989) • 1922, Dalí enrolled at the Academia de San Fernando in Madrid • 1926 and 1929, met with influential painters and intellectuals such as Pablo Picasso • 1929, expanded his artistic exploration into the world of film- making • 1930, Salvador Dalí had become a notorious figure of the Surrealist movement.
  11. 11. SALVADOR DALI (The Persistence of Memory (1931) • Title Persistence of Memory could very well refer to Dali's own memory of his own childhood surroundings. • Abandoned and uninhabited quality of the landscape in the painting, not visited since Dali's childhood. • One watch hangs on a tree branch like laundry left out on the line to dry; the branch is not flowering or covered in leaves and green, but is sapped and dried out. Type: Oil paint Dimensions: 24cm x 33cm Location: Museum of Modern Art
  12. 12. SALVADOR DALI (Old Couple or Musician ) • An older couple are looking at one another remembering what each looked like when they were younger • Right side of the image the male is smiling playing a stringed instrument • Female looking on from the archway as he plays music • Could symbolize the concept of life being a struggle
  13. 13. SALVADOR DALI (Soldier Take Warning) • At first glance, the painting looks as if there is a soldier in the forefront looking back at two women. • To warn soldiers about the possibility of contracting STDs • The women are supposed to symbolize a skull
  14. 14. Surrealism in Advertising
  15. 15. Surrealism in Animation