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Email Marketing UK legal and ISP Landscape


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Email Marketing UK legal and ISP Landscape

  1. 1. Disclaimer: The materials available at this presentation are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose ofproviding legal advice. UK Email Marketing: Legal and ISP Landscape   Riaz  Kanani,  Founder   @riazkanani  
  2. 2. Public Perception I am going to read out a list of issues that could be considered of social importance. Please tell me how concerned you are about each of the following issues. 2007 2008 change since 2004 Preventing crime 94% 94% +11% Protecting personal details 92% 94% +34% The National Health Service 91% 88% +13% Equal rights for everyone 89% 88% +28% National security 89% 87% +23% Education 88% 87% -1% Environmental issues 86% 87% +32% Freedom of speech 86% 85% +27% Unemployment 80% 83% +66%Source: Information Commissioner s Office
  3. 3. Relevant Acts •  The  Privacy  and  Electronic   Communica?ons  (EC  Direc?ve)   Regula?ons  2003     •  The  Data  Protec?on  Act  1998     •  Don t  forget..  individual  ISP  requirements  
  4. 4. When can you send? •  If  I  consent  to  receive  it,  or   •  If  you  collect  my  contact  details  and:     –  it  was  in  the  course  of  a  sale  or   nego?a?ons  for  a  sale   –  The  marke?ng  is  for  your  own  similar   products  or  services   –  You  give  me  the  opportunity  to  opt  out   now  and  in  the  future  Source: Information Commissioner s Office
  5. 5. Required Information Companies  must  display  in  the  email  footer:   company  registra?on  number   place  of  registra?on   registered  office  address   text  must  be  legible   PO  box  not  sufficient  Source:
  6. 6. Best Practice guidelines •  Provide  a  statement  of  use  when  you  collect  details.  Put  this  in  an   obvious  place  or  make  sure  it  has  to  be  read  before  individuals  submit   their  details.   •  Make  sure  you  clearly  explain  what  individuals  details  will  be  used  for.   •  Do  not  have  consent  boxes  already  ?cked.   •  Provide  a  simple  and  quick  method  for  customers  to  opt  out  of   marke?ng  messages  at  no  cost  other  than  that  of  sending  the  message.   •  Promptly  comply  with  opt-­‐out  requests  from  everyone,  not  just  those   from  individuals.   •  Have  a  system  in  place  to  deal  with  complaints  about  unwanted   marke?ng.   •  When  you  receive  an  opt-­‐out  request,  suppress  the  individual  or     company  details  rather  than  dele?ng  them.  This  way  you  will  have     a  record  of  who  not  to  contact.  Source: Information Commissioner s Officer
  7. 7. •  Use  DKIM  authen?ca?on  •  Separate  transac?onal  and  marke?ng  messages  by  IP   address  •  Use  a  consistent  from  address  •  Do  not  link  to  IP  addresses  •  Don t  include  web  forms,  Javascript  or  embedded  objects  •  Be  CAN-­‐SPAM  compliant  wherever  you  are  in  the  world  •  Privacy  Policy  on  website  
  8. 8. •  Use  DKIM  authen?ca?on  •  Separate  marke?ng  and  transac?onal  messages  •  Provide  a  clear  unsubscribe  link  •  Be  CAN-­‐SPAM  compliant  wherever  you  are  in  the   world  •  Opt-­‐in  informa?on,  including  how  an  email   address  was  obtained,  the  date/?me  of  opt-­‐in,   and  the  IP  address  the  user  opted  in  from  must   be  made  available  on  request.  
  9. 9. •  Use  SenderID  framework  and  SPF   authen?ca?on  •  New  IPs  need  to  build  a  reputa?on  over   a  few  weeks  •  Avoid  using  IP  addresses  for  links  •  Clear  unsubscribe  
  10. 10. Reference links Informa?on  Commissioner s  Office  guidelines:  h`p://  DMA  Best  Prac?ce  Resources  h`p://­‐prac?ce.asp  Email  Marke?ng  Reports  h`p://­‐marke?ng-­‐    
  11. 11. THANK  YOU..  QUESTIONS?  Riaz  Kanani,  Founder  @riazkanani