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Mega Marine Survey of Singapore


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Find out more about the the Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey of Singapore: action plan, operational set up and deliverables, in this powerpoint shared by NParks.

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Mega Marine Survey of Singapore

  1. 1. Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey 2010‐2013
  2. 2. Background • Singapore is one of the busiest ports in the world Rich marine biodiversity ‐ 256 spp of hard corals ‐12 spp of seagrass ‐31 spp of mangrove ‐ Over 100 spp intertidal sponges
  3. 3. Objectives of the ‘Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey’ • To systematically and comprehensively take stock of Singapore’s marine biodiversity • To further strengthen and support Singapore’s sustainability credentials and • To build local capacity on marine biodiversity.
  4. 4. Timeline Jun 09 The Blue Plan Group submitted the Singapore Blue Plan 2009 to the government Aug 09 NParks initiated meeting with RMBR, TMSI, NUS, NTU to discuss the survey Jan-Apr 10 Sought funding for the marine survey May 10 Secured $500 000 for Visiting Scientists Programme from $500,000 Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd, of which $300,000 was set aside for the marine survey. Jun 10 Preliminary discussions on survey operations 7 July Briefing to NGOs, academia and stakeholders 8 July Media briefing
  5. 5. What it entails 3‐year survey of our coastal and marine habitats
  6. 6. Action Plan Time Action Plan Frame Activity 1: 1 year Activity 1: In progress ‐Review and Gap Analysis ‐Planning Stage Extent and distribution of Singapore’s coastal and marine Activity 2: 2 years habitats ‐Survey of Southern Coast (intertidal and subtidal areas) Activity 2 and 3: Execution stage where ground work to survey, collect, sort and Activity 3: 2 years identify samples up to family and ‐Survey of Northern Coast general level (Mangroves/Mudflats) Activity 4: Major expedition being planned Activity 4: 2 months for 2nd half of 2011 ‐ Singapore Marine Biodiversity Expedition
  7. 7. Operations NParks (Lead Agency and Coordinator) Partners NUS, NTU Corporate Blue Plan Group/ Public agencies NGOs/ Individual volunteers Contributions Resource people Funding Resource people Resource people (Expertise) (Expertise) (Expertise) Visiting Scientists Programme with Shell and RMBR Field support : Field support : Field support : pp Boats and Boats and Boats and equipment equipment equipment Manpower Manpower Manpower
  8. 8. Interested Volunteers • Members of public who are interested to volunteer may register their interest through Ria Tan at • Or visit her website at
  9. 9. Deliverables • Webpage documenting the full survey on NParks’ website • Consolidated and comprehensive database on Singapore s Singapore’s marine biodiversity • Talks and training workshops by visiting scientists • Publications (Books, newsletters, popular articles, scientific papers)
  10. 10. Thank You
  11. 11. Board Briefing 11 28 July 2010