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Evaulation question 3


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Is my film a British or Hollywood film? why? what distribution companies would be interested? what production companies would be interested?

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Evaulation question 3

  1. 1. Is my film a Hollywood mainstream film or a low budget British film? My film ‘The WITNESS’ is not a Hollywood mainstream film, It is a low budget British film. The reasons why are; my film has not got any A-List celebrities or well known celebrities. This is because we wanted to avoid spending money on our film. For example we kept everything in our film very minimal. Our costumes consisted of casual clothing. For instance, my character wore school trousers, a basic turtleneck and a long coat. We kept the clothing minimalistic. However, we used fake blood on one of the characters to show that they got beaten up. Also, the location was very near. We didn’t have to pay to access the location as we all have a free ZIP card. In The WITNESS we only had several props which cost around £5 all together. The WITNESS is a British film as the budget was small (no expenses were used), the scale production was very small – due to the budgeting of our film, the amount of equipment we had to film (which was just a camera and a tripod) and also the costumes which were simple. Our film was actually an independent British film as everything was shot, edited and produced in England.
  2. 2. What production company would be interested in us? If there was a production company whom would be interested, it would be 721 productions. This is because they are independent and they support small, upcoming British films who don’t have a lot of budgeting. Their goal is to ‘aim to make low budget, high concept, commercially viable movies for the world-wide audience.’ 721 productions believe that some low budget films can be just as equally interesting as the ones in cinema. Here are some examples;
  3. 3. What distribution company would be interested in us? An example of a distribution company who would be interested in The WITNESS would be Vision Films because they support low budgeting films. An example of their film would be ‘Containment’. Their budget has no where to be seen but because they use a few characters in their movie, a few props and the same location, we know that they’ve not spent a lot on their film.
  4. 4. How would The WITNESS promote/advertise their movie? As we are an independent low budgeting film, we have to be financially careful on how we promote our movie. This means we have to spend a certain amount of money which is little. The best option for us would be word of mouth, meaning if one person was happy with out movie than they’d pass it on. The other option would be using social media as we could create an Instagram for out movie contacting people and getting them involved. Also, using Facebook by creating a page for people to join whom have an interest. And the last option would be creating leaflets. This requires a little amount of money which we can afford as our movie is at a low scale of production.
  5. 5. Examples of films that have used those advertising/promotion methods • One example of a film that used facebook as promotion was ‘The falling’ which is an independent British film. This is helpful because The Falling and The Witness are both low budget films with a small scale.
  6. 6. The WITNESS: Producer- Ria Patel Director- Tom Heywood Editor – Samuel Arthur Camerawoman- Maya Gharu Distribution company- Vision Films Production company- 721 productions