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Christianity Takes The New World


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Christianity Takes The New World

  1. 1.  Hernan Cortes was not just  The Monks allowed the natives pleased by the submission of the some protections from the chaos Indians, he demanded that the around then and allowed the natives must be converted to natives to some extent reorganize Christianity. their lives and live in a more civil,  By 1525 Franciscan monks began peaceful manner. to arrive in the new world in  With the arrival of the first of the small numbers. They were very Spanish Inquisitors; the successful at winning over part of Archbishop, Christianity strained the native elite mostly in part to flex its muscle in creating to because they were able to offer the what they believed to be “law and natives a sense of security. The order.” natives at this time were being  They closed down all the schools exploited by Spanish conquest of the Native nobility and and were in a state of constant demanded that all practices of turmoil. their native religion be stopped at once and all idolaters to be punished.
  2. 2.  The church imposed a uniform system of marriage on the natives and claimed that The Native Indians all of the polygamists marriages of the Lose Their Way. natives were not legitimate. They took the children of the women who no longer had “legitimate” husbands and educated and The Church sets out to Christianize the converted them to Catholicism. They often New World. used these children as spies and informants.  The church also organized marriages between native nobility and Spaniards to aid in the hispanization of the new world. They also began to impose education on the natives introducing them to the European alphabet.  The church set out to destroy all remnants of the native religion with the force of the Spanish Inquisition in Mexico.  With the total collapse of their traditional institutions and their drastic dropping numbers due to disease, the old way of life for the natives was completely lost.