The Dissemination of the Mobility in Poland


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The Dissemination of the Mobility in Poland made by the Roamanian team

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The Dissemination of the Mobility in Poland

  1. 1. 1. Cumhuriyet İlköğretim Okulu, Kirsehir TURKEY 2. Şcoala Gimnazială “Liviu Rebreanu” Mioveni, Argeş - ROMANIA 3. Gimnazjum w Kijach, Kije - POLAND 4. Istituto Comprensivo A. Leonori, Rome - ITALY 5. Colegio Publico Don Alvaro de Luna, Maqueda SPAIN 6. Daugavpils Saskaņas Pamatskola - LATVIA Project financially supported by the European Commission under the Comenius Programme within Lifelong Learning Programme
  2. 2. We arrived early at “Frederic Chopin” Airport waiting for the Polish coordinator.
  3. 3. Until the Turkish partners’ arrival we made walking the tour of old Warsaw City.
  4. 4. The partner school staff from Kije, Kielce region has made a warm welcome to us.
  5. 5. Entering the school, we drew attention Comenius corner and posters on corridors.
  6. 6. The opening ceremony of the mobility started with our Comenius project anthem.
  7. 7. They offered flowers and flags to the coordinators in the 6 project partner schools.
  8. 8. Then was a nice program of dance and instrumental music the Polish pupils made.
  9. 9. We visited a kindergarten from the Polish school inside, admiring the kids' works.
  10. 10. In a classroom called Comenius Center, we admired posters with views sent by us.
  11. 11. Comenius Center was the place where the teams debated all the mobility’s details.
  12. 12. We also attended a lovely lesson of classical music, taught at a primary level class.
  13. 13. In a gym hall, we admired the exhibition of hand-made things and we took photos.
  14. 14. We had the honor to be the guests of the Mayor from Kije, Mr. Krzysztof Słonina.
  15. 15. He invited us in the neighbourhood to see Castellania and gave us some souvenirs.
  16. 16. We also visited a church, built in 1786, whose priests have given few candies to us.
  17. 17. Back again at the host school, their talented pupils acted the play “Puss in Boots”.
  18. 18. At school the parents and the school teachers served us with their traditional food.
  19. 19. The documentary visits, made in Krakow and Wieliczka cities were unforgettable.
  20. 20. The historical buildings multitude and the culture promoting deeply impressed us.
  21. 21. The old with new mixture and friendship smile accompanied us to Krakow center.
  22. 22. We have eaten ice cream, recognizing the sweetshop in our first Comenius project.
  23. 23. The visit to a salt mine, located 15 km from Krakow was an interesting experience.
  24. 24. On the shore of a lake, we have realized artworks by using leaves, sticks and twigs.
  25. 25. We admired, talked and photographed the works made by all Comenius partners.
  26. 26. By contributing with two lyrics, we composed a poem of 3 stanzas about our work.
  27. 27. Then followed the description in prose or poetry of works by the achieving pupils.
  28. 28. This is the poem composed by the Romanian pupils before performing “Alunelul”.
  29. 29. Each partner country showed the project activities developed in the latest months.
  30. 30. In Kadzielnia Nature Reserve from Kielce, our pupils took photos with their hosts.
  31. 31. Despite the fog, it was a great chance for partners to documenting and socializing.
  32. 32. We will keep in our memory the documentation visit to Raj Cave (Paradise Cave).
  33. 33. A touching moment was, of course, that of the handing the certificates of mobility.
  34. 34. Then, our Polish hosts surprised all of us with gifts, calendars and delicious cakes.
  35. 35. Another project final product, “The Dictionary in Our Languages” was published.
  36. 36. We all had fun together, tasting the Polish traditional dishes prepared by mothers.
  37. 37. The Halloween party strengthened once more the friendship between all partners.
  38. 38. We saw in Krajno, at 15 km from Kielce, the miniature park “Wonderful World”.
  39. 39. At last, we had the touching meeting with Magda, our first Comenius coordinator.
  40. 40. The contents of this information is the sole responsibility of the author, ANPCDEFP and the European Commission are not responsible for how the information content will be used.