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Media Kit of Espresso Comics Magazine

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Espresso Media Kit

  1. 2. What is Espresso? Espresso is a weekly comics magazine that features one-shot comic stories, as well as an ongoing comic series, by Filipino Comic Creators. Espresso will be distributed for FREE at the stations of the Light Rail Transit (LRT) Lines 1 and 2. OUR VISION We love comics. And because of that, our vision is to see the Filipino Comics Creator up there among the popular, best-selling, beloved and respected. OUR MISSION We have, therefore, taken it upon ourselves to provide a venue for new and old Filipino artists to showcase their works. Our mission is to help promote the works of Filipino Comic Creators throughout the country by printing quality comic features from different creators from all over the country, and distributing these comics for FREE !
  2. 3. The Particulars Target: The stories featured in Espresso will be aimed mostly towards college students and young professionals of the B and C bracket. Size: 6” x 8” Color: Glossy full color covers; Non-glossy 2-color inside pages Language: English and Filipino Start Date: June 7, 2010 Frequency: Weekly Circulation: 50,000 copies per week Distribution: LRT 1 and 2 stations.
  3. 4. MarsMag Each issue, Espresso will feature one one-shot comic story, and its ongoing comic series: MarsMag . MarsMag is a funny contemporary story about the people and goings-on in a particular magazine publishing company. It stars Nina, a girl deformed by disease who suddenly finds herself the cover model of MarsMag.
  4. 5. The MarsMag Characters
  5. 6. Reasons to Advertise with Us 600,000 Commuters There are 600,000 commuters that take the train daily. That's 600,000 people who are just waiting to be entertained. More People Read Comics Surveys show that 40% of the Filipino population read comics, as against the less than 1% who read the newspaper. More ' Pasa' Comics pass hands a higher number of times than newspapers or tabloids. Comic Series We'll be running a fun and entertaining comic series, which means, every week, people will keep coming back for more! Key Placement of Ads Espresso doesn't just stuff all the ads at the end of the magazine. We place them in key points throughout the comics to ensure the readability of our advertisers. *Sources: Asian Market Intelligence, University of the Philippines
  6. 7. Types of Ads: The Glossies Back Cover (6” x 8”, Full Color, Glossy) *The best ad space in the magazine. Even if a commuter doesn't pick up a copy, he'd still see your ad. Inside Front Cover (6” x 8”, Full Color, Glossy) *Great ad space. Your ad will be the first ad a reader sees after opening the magazine. Inside Back Cover (6” x 8”, Full Color, Glossy) *A very good spot to put an ad. Your ad will be the first ad a reader sees after opening the magazine from the back.
  7. 8. Types of Ads: The Insides Inside Full Page (6” x 8”, B/W or Full Color) *All our inside pages ads are placed at key parts of the comic to ensure readability. Border Ads (1” x 8”, B/W) *Wonderful spot and very affordable. Your ad is right beside the comic. No need to even turn the page!
  8. 9. Types of Ads: The Insides
  9. 10. Contact Us Ready to advertise? If you'd like to avail of our promo, or if you have any questions, you may get in touch with us at: 577 1282 or 0917 519 9995