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  1. 1. Created by Camille
  2. 2. SpringMarch, April and May are the months of Spring. It isthe time when the earth becomes green again. Oncethe cold winter passes, the ground becomes warmagain and new life can emerge. It is a beautiful time ofyear!
  3. 3. Fun Fact!In my hometown, Muskogee, OK there is a large park called Honor Heights Park. Every Spring, this park has an azalea festival to celebrate all of the beautiful azaleas! They are so colorful!
  4. 4. Because Spring is filled with new vegetation, it is agreat time to talk about plants. We will see the parts ofthe plant, what each part does and how theyreproduces itself!
  5. 5. Parts of the PlantRoots are the part of the plantthat grows under the ground.The roots are importantbecause they carry water andminerals from the soil to therest of the plant. Somevegetables that we eat are“root plants.”Can you guess which ones?
  6. 6. The stem grows above theground. It holds up theplant, leaves and flowers. It isessentially a “pipe” to receivethe nutrients from the rootsand pass on to the rest of theplant. It is a vital part.
  7. 7. Leaves are attached tothe stem or to branchesthat come from thestem. They are typicallygreen. Leaves make thenutrients for the plant.And they breathe!
  8. 8. Next of course is the ……
  9. 9. Not only are flowers beautiful, but they are also veryessential to the plant. They are the reproductive organ ofthe plant. Inside the flower is pollen. Pollination refersto the transportation of pollen to another flower. This canhappen by wind, by water or by insects. Bees andbutterflies are the two main insect transporters! Alsoseeds that are formed inside the flower can fall to theground where a new plant can grow. This process is calledgermination.
  10. 10. And of course, a plant can not grow on it’s own. Thereare certain things it needs. Let’s watch this video tofind out what they are!