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SEO Tips for WordPress


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Presentation from Winwar Media on SEO Tips for WordPress, first presented on 15th January 2014 at The Manchester WordPress User Group

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SEO Tips for WordPress

  1. 1. SEO Tips For WordPress Rhys Wynne @rhyswynne - @winwaruk
  2. 2. About Me • Rhys Wynne (@rhyswynne) • Lead Developer at FireCask (@Firecask) • Making WordPress Plugins for 4 Years – Winwar Media (@winwaruk) • SEO for 7 Years • Swears a fair bit (sorry!) @rhyswynne - @winwaruk
  3. 3. First Public Speaking I’ve Ever Done* @rhyswynne - @winwaruk
  4. 4. @rhyswynne - @winwaruk
  5. 5. What Google Says… “Create a useful, information-rich site, and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content.” (source: @rhyswynne - @winwaruk
  6. 6. What I think….. @rhyswynne - @winwaruk
  7. 7. Why? • My site – • 180 posts, written by me or editorially approved guests. • No link building, only links naturally obtained. • Banned from Google Adsense for “low quality”. Who is Google to decide what is good/poor quality content? @rhyswynne - @winwaruk
  8. 8. Early Takeaways • Listen to Google, but question them. • Content helps SEO by improving number of phrases you can reasonably rank for. • Often, regular content beats irregular “quality” content (good source - - popups, sorry ) • Never ever say “Create Good Quality Content to Improve SEO”. • Never ever ever say “Content Is King”! @rhyswynne - @winwaruk
  9. 9. The Best Thing You Can Do To Improve the SEO of Your WordPress Site Install Yoast WordPress SEO @rhyswynne - @winwaruk
  10. 10. If You Have Multiple Users… Prevents authors from redirecting/canonicalising their posts to other Locations. @rhyswynne - @winwaruk
  11. 11. If You Have One User… Yoast SEO > Titles & Metas > Other @rhyswynne - @winwaruk
  12. 12. Focus Keyword… • Every post/page should have a focus keyword, which is the keyword you want that page to rank for. • Plugin analyses page and lets you know where that keyword is located. • Also suggests keywords to rank for (highest up the list gets more searches). • More info @rhyswynne - @winwaruk
  13. 13. General On Page SEO Tips • Write content first as you normally do, and then add keywords in such a way so it still reads correctly. • Use your Title attribute for a keyword rich description. Include “| [Site Name]” at end for branding. • Include in the Meta Description your unique selling point to encourage clickthroughs. • Internal Link where Relevant @rhyswynne - @winwaruk
  14. 14. Page Analysis Tab @rhyswynne - @winwaruk
  15. 15. Facebook • Create a 200 x 200 pixel logo for the site. • Add Image URL to Yoast WordPress SEO > Social > Facebook > Front Page Image URL & Default Image URL. • Add a Description to Front page Description too. @rhyswynne - @winwaruk
  16. 16. Google+ • Create Google+ Page for your site/business at • Add your site URL to your Google+ About Page • Add your Google+ Page URL to Yoast WordPress SEO > Social > Google+ and “Don’t Show” Author for Homepage. @rhyswynne - @winwaruk
  17. 17. Site Speed • Site speed good for User Experience, but also has an SEO ranking element. • Use a CDN (or the very least Jetpack Photon) for Media File Hosting. • Caching plugins – WP Super Cache (Simple): – W3 Total Cache (Advanced): • Use Google Libraries - - pulls jQuery etc. from Google CDN. • Test your Site speed using Google Pagespeed Tools @rhyswynne - @winwaruk
  18. 18. Theme Development Tips • Most “SEO Friendly” thing you can do to your theme is make it 100% compatible with WordPress SEO. • Keep database calls to a minimum. • Make bloginfo('name') the H1 on home page, and the_title() the H1 on pages/posts. • SEO Doctor for Firefox - - good for giving an overall audit. @rhyswynne - @winwaruk
  19. 19. Thank You  Questions? @rhyswynne - @winwaruk