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2004-07-15 Combined Aerosol Trajectory Tool CATT


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2004-07-15 Combined Aerosol Trajectory Tool CATT

  1. 1. C ombined A erosol T rajectory T ool CATT <ul><li>Indicates the origin of air masses for specific aerosol condition </li></ul><ul><li>MANE-VU & MRPO </li></ul>Tools in support of Inter-RPO Data Analysis Workgroup
  2. 2. C ombined A erosol T rajectory T ool ( CATT) <ul><li>Example: Airmass origin for high (2.5*average) nitrate </li></ul>Boundary Waters Lye Brook Smoky Mtn. Doly Sods Triangulation indicates nitrate source in the corn belt
  3. 3. CATT Tool User Interface Map View: Superimposed GIS layers Layer Controls: Location selector Parameter selector Filter conditions CATT: Single web page Rendering Zoom, Pan, Point Color, Size, Visibility
  4. 4. CATT: A Community Tool! Part of an Analysis Value Chain Next Process Next Process Why? How? When? Where? Aerosol Data Collection IMP. EPA Aerosol Sensors Integration VIEWS Integrated AerData AEROSOL Weather Data Assimilate NWS Gridded Meteor. Trajectory ARL Traject.Data TRANSPORT TrajData Cube Aggreg. Traject. AerData Cube CATT Aggreg.Aerosol CATT-In CAPITA CATT-In CAPITA There! Not There! Further Analysis GIS Grid Processing Emission Comparison
  5. 5. F ast A erosol S ensing T ools for N atural E vent T racking FASTNET Analysts Console Community Website