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110823 data fed_solta11

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110823 data fed_solta11

  1. 1. The Federated Data System DataFed 2001-2006 NSF, NASA, EPANon-intrusive data integration infrastructure Standards-based data accessCatalog of federated datasets For finding and accessing datasetsFlexible processing tools Based on web-service workflow orchestration 2006 – 2011 NASA, EPA, ESIPSame as above – Transition to GEOSS User & GEOSS; AIP 1,2,3; GCI; AQ Co 2011 – 2015 ?? ?? ??Data network for AQ Decisions & Sci by 2015? DataFed: A Client & Server Node in ADN
  2. 2. OGC W*S Standard Lose Coupling through Wen Service Protocol OGC WCS Data Access ProtocolProvides SOA for Lose Coupling for Autonomous NodesFacilitates Publishing, Finding and Accessing Data
  3. 3. Application of OGC WCS Data Access Protocol Grid Image Station Data Parameter Bounding Box Time Range Out FormatCoverage=THEEDDS.T& BBOX=-126,24,-65,52,0,0 &TIME=2002-07-07/2002-07-07 &FORMAT=NetCDFCoverage=SEAW.Refl& BBOX=-126,24,-65,52,0,0 &TIME=2002-07-07/2002-07-07 &FORMAT=GeoTIFFCoverage=SURF.Bext& BBOX=-126,24,-65,52,0,0 &TIME=2002-07-07/2002-07-07 &FORMAT=NetCDF-table Regardless of the data location, data type and format, • the parameter-space-time query is the same • the return is in user selectable format from the offerings
  4. 4. DataFed Tools - Subset Consoles: Data from diverse sources are displayed to create a rich context for exploration and analysisViewer: General purpose spatio-temporaldata browser and view editor applicable CATT: Combined Aerosol Trajectoryfor all DataFed datasets Tool for the browsing backtrajectories for specified chemical conditions
  5. 5. The Information Interoperability Stack
  6. 6. Screencast: Info System Screencast
  7. 7. Flow of Data and Usage Control Obs. & Models Decision Support System Std. Interface Std. Interface ControlData Reports Data Sharing Gen. Processing Domain Processing Reporting Requesting Information User UserSensors Control Programs Agencies Info System Negotiating Space NAAQS SIPs Data Forecast GEOSS Providing Information … Acquisition processing