Issues and challenges in residential tourism


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Speech on the development of second homes. It could be a problem but also become an opportunity for host areas.

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Issues and challenges in residential tourism

  1. 1. Issues and Challenges in Residential Tourism Areas Raquel Huete University of Alicante Spain1° FORUM INTERNAZIONALE sul “TURISMO RESIDENZIALE”14-15 dicembre 2012 – Università della Calabria
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONIntroduction Case study Issues Challenges Lifestyle migrants or residential tourists
  3. 3. CASE STUDY The coastal area of the Alicante province (southeast Spain) is known as Costa Blanca.IntroductionCase study IssuesChallenges
  4. 4. THE COSTA BLANCA 15% of the registered population comes fromIntroduction within the EU (A quarter from UK followed by Germans)Case study In 19 municipalities, Issues EU foreigners are Challenges more than Spaniards. In 3 towns foreigners account for nearly 80% of the population. Total population EU population © ASTI. 2010
  5. 5. THE COSTA BLANCAIntroduction According to official data:Case study Tourism data Issues Challenges 95,000 beds in tourist apartments 71,000 beds in hotels 27,000 beds in campings Housing data: 1,3M houses 527,000 registered as second homes
  6. 6. ISSUESIntroduction Residential tourism and lifestyle migrationCase study has contrasting consequences: Issues An important economic activity (realChallenges estate, trade/consumption, facilities, etc.) that stimulates the offer of personal, health and elder care services; Contribution to the vitality of relatively neglected areas. But also, social and environmental problems
  7. 7. % EU25 citizens / total population 2008 2009 Algorfa 2% 67% Daya Vieja 6% 67% Source: INE, Padrón, 2009Very fast and unplanned change
  8. 8. ISSUESIntroduction Residential tourists tend to live inCase study housing estates where most of the Issues residents come from the same countryChallenges so their language and national identity are maintained.
  9. 9. ISSUESIntroductionCase study Social problems Issues Fiscal issuesChallenges Health services Political representation and participation rights Integration policies Environmental problems
  10. 10. CHALLENGES ServiciesIntroductionCase study IssuesChallenges
  11. 11. CHALLENGES Leisure offer:IntroductionCase study nature-based activities Issues rural tourismChallenges wine tourism, etc.
  12. 12. CHALLENGES • Preservation of theIntroduction environmental and culturalCase study resources IssuesChallenges
  13. 13. IntroductionCase study IssuesChallenges
  14. 14. CHALLENGESIntroduction VFR TourismCase study European way of citizenship Issues practicesChallenges Intercultural relationships
  15. 15. Work in progress:European tourists and residents dualization: implicat
  16. 16. References• Huete, R. & Mantecón, A. (2012), "Residential tourism or lifestyle migration. Social problems linked to the non-definition of the situation". In O. Moufakkir and P. Burns (eds.) Controversies in Tourism. Wallingford: CABI, pp. 160-173.• Huete, R. & Mantecón, A. (2011), "Más allá del turismo: movilidad residencial europea y nuevos núcleos urbanos". [Beyond tourism: European residential mobility and new population centres] Boletín de la Asociación de Geógrafos Españoles, 56: 111-128.• Mantecón, A. & Huete, R. (2011), "Sociological insights on residential tourism: host society attitudes in a mature destination"". European Journal of Tourism Research, 4 (2):109-122.• Mazón, T., Huete, R. & Mantecón, A. (2010), "Il turismo residenziale in Spagna nella prospettiva sociologica". In T. Romita (ed.) Il turismo residenziale. Milano: Franco Angeli, pp. 67-93.
  17. 17. Thank you! University of Alicante Spain