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Les Seychelles


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Published in: Spiritual
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Les Seychelles

  1. 1. Oh Canada !!!
  2. 2. •Largest Country in North America, 2nd Largest in the world •Bordered by the US on the South, Arctic Ocean (North), Atlantic (East), Pacific (West). Canada has the most lakes and inland waters than any other country GEOGRAPHY OF CANADA
  3. 3. REGIONS AND TERRITORIES Made up of ten provinces and two territories Most of the population lives in the Southern part Population: 36,609,000
  5. 5. AND COLD HOT •Extreme summer heat and bitter cold in the Prairies •Plenty of precipitation in the Pacific Wide variety of climates Snowiest in the Eastern provinces  Extreme cold in the Arctic regions 
  6. 6. MONEY MATTERS Fishing and forestry still important Mining Agriculture 2nd largest oil deposits in the world
  7. 7. PARLEZ-VOUS FRANÇAIS? YES!! •French and English both official languages •85% of French Canadians live in Quebec •Aboriginal languages still spoken in the territories QUEBEC!!!!
  8. 8. RELIGION 46% Catholic Large group belong to the United Church of Canada
  9. 9. DELICIOUS, EH?? QUEBEC-STYLE BAGELS MONTREAL SMOKED Cuisine  MEAT representative of the different regions and provinces Mostly unique to  Canada
  10. 10. Wish you were here… Canada is beautiful. VISIT!