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Sample Script - Tara

This is my idea of the script for our main plan

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Sample Script - Tara

  1. 1. Sample Script INT. BEDROOM There will be a point of view shot which shows a book with several dangerous weapons upon it. There is a photo but its distorted and not clear to the camera. All this will be contrasted with colour of either grey or red. You hear whispers as it turns to black out. EXT. SCHOOL Another point of view shot from the psychopath. Outside a school, with muttering and screaming she scans the children in order to find her victim. A person walks past the psychopath and more muttering however louder, the camera then zooms into the victims face as a laugh is let out from the psychopath. INT. SCHOOL You have the first seeing of the victim who is with friends at lunchtime, they are talking about the gossip and what they did on the weekend. The victim suddenly feels really ill. During this there is the non-diegetic sound of muttering appears again. EXT. ROAD The victim gets sent home, as they are walking home you see from both perspectives being the victim and the psychopath. More screen time of psychopaths view. Over the shoulder shot will be used and you see the flicker of the psychopath. The victim starts breathing heavily and walks faster home. INT. VICTIMS HOUSE The victim goes home and sleep. The psychopaths view is used to look through the window at the victim. INT. PSYCHOPATHS HOUSE The book is picked up and a flash forward is done as the vision of the dead victim with blood and weapons on and around him. A laugh emerges from nowhere. EXT. STREET KIOSK Stack of newspapers thrown on the floor with the article of ‘VICTIM MYSTERY DEATH’

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This is my idea of the script for our main plan


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