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Tactical Live Flickbook

  2. 2. ABOUT US We are a dedicated production Our experience...... FIFA World Cup, resource for global, EMEA and UK Olympics, F1, PGA Golf, UEFA, brands / corporations. retail space, all major music festivals, Rugby World Cup, global media launches, Over 20 years experience with large scale trade events, major retail senior management team from and consumer promotions. production, technology, experiential and event marketing We operate as an independent agency backgrounds. business with a global offering. We have production offices in Banbury, Ascot and Germany.
  3. 3. WORKING TOGETHER _ Industry renowned crew, production facilities and management team _ Specialists in “attention to detail” and “brand architecture” _ Integration with the latest AV technology and digital provisions _ ROI driven _ Established KPI system _ Complete design, concepts, install and management service
  4. 4. OUR SERVICES _ 3D design and concepts _ Bespoke event print and signage _ Experiential ideation _ Lighting - av-digital at events _ Event planning and strategy _ Interactive event technology _ Event management _ Hospitality environments _ Media launch specialists _ Bespoke build and production _ Exhibition stands _ Event crewing _ Conference builds _ Global logistics and freight _ Experiential environments _ Health and safety management _ Retail installations _ Warehousing and storage _ Large format event graphics _ Customer, trade, dealer and channel events
  5. 5. OUR WORK Clients Banking Fashion Sports Technology _RBS _Adidas _BMW F1 _Hewlett Packard _Santander _Converse EMEA _Ferrari F1 _LG _Firetrap _Lotus F1 _Panasonic Beverage _Puma _Red Bull Racing _Phillips _After Shock _Umbro _Renault F1 _Plantronics _Angostura Rum _Speedo _Havana Club FMCG _Tottenham Hotspur FC Telecommunications _Monkey Shoulder _Duracell _Williams F1 _3 Mobile _Rizla _Nokia Pharmaceutical _Walkers Travel and Tourism _Samsung Mobile _Boehringer Ingelheim _Tourism Australia _Vodafone _Pradaxa
  6. 6. PRADAXA B2B exhibition design, produce and install Event marketing
  7. 7. CONVERSE EMEA Press events Trade events Retail display Full production
  8. 8. PUMA GLOBAL Media events Customer / B2B Event production Event concepts Retail events
  9. 9. SANTANDER Partnership leverage Event production Branding Experiential promotion
  10. 10. BMW Experiential Brand Experience Global Event production
  11. 11. RIZLA Experiential Design Brand concepts Production Ideation
  12. 12. HAVANA CLUB Experiential build Event production Management Entertainment
  13. 13. PANASONIC Trade event Event production Customer Presentations
  14. 14. SPEEDO UK Experiential build Event production Management Gallery install
  15. 15. DURACELL Experiential Brand concept Youth Music Marketing
  16. 16. PHILIPS Motorsport production Global logistics F1 leverage Promotional events
  17. 17. HAVANA CLUB Media events Customer / B2B Event production Event concepts Retail events
  18. 18. LOTUS F1 Experiential Design Brand concepts Production
  19. 19. CONVERSE EMEA Press /trade 2 day event Concept Design Production
  20. 20. SPEEDO GLOBAL Olympic beach Concept Brand Architecture Production
  21. 21. MONKEY SHOULDER Creative Concept Tour production Experiential
  22. 22. ADIDAS Press showcase 2 day event Concept Design Production
  23. 23. SPEEDO GLOBAL Event production Global media Launch 3D brand
  24. 24. CONVERSE EMEA Secret media Event Venue - delivery
  25. 25. ANGOSTURA RUM FIFA world cup Experiential Production Delivery
  26. 26. HP UK conference Concept and Design Install and Manage Production
  27. 27. TOURISM AUSTRALIA Design Concepts Experiential Event creative Production
  28. 28. WILLIAMS F1 Hospitality Brand Experience Global Production
  29. 29. 3 MOBILE Sponsorship Production Event Creative Experiential
  30. 30. VODAFONE/ FERRARI Brand Environment Hospitality
  31. 31. THFC Media kit Launch Catwalk Brand event
  32. 32. PLANTRONICS Creative Concept Tour production Experiential
  33. 33. LG Event stand Event production Global logistics Merchandising
  34. 34. RBS Hospitality Bespoke Production Global logistics
  35. 35. WALKERS/ NOKIA Experiential Concepts
  36. 36. UMBRO Retail concepts Experiential 3D brand
  37. 37. RED BULL RACING Production Designs Event creative Idents
  38. 38. RENAULT F1 Experiential Interactive zones Hospitality Environments Global production
  39. 39. AFTER SHOCK Brand Experience Experiential build European Logistics
  40. 40. FIRETRAP Creative Concept Tour production Experiential
  41. 41. SPEEDO GLOBAL Design Brand Experience Concepts Trade events
  42. 42. SAMSUNG MOBILE Trade Conference Design Produce and install
  43. 43. PUMA UK Media launch Catwalk Production Experiential Gallery
  44. 44. BOEHINGER INGEHEIM B2B exhibition design, produce and install
  45. 45. HAVANA CLUB Event production Brand Experience Gallery concept
  46. 46. GET IN TOUCH RYAN HORN Head Office and Production Office Marketing and Sales Office +44 (0)7989 534998 TACTICAL LIVE TACTICAL LIVE ryan.horn@tactical-live.com The Old Fitters Shop Lily Hill House Cherwell Valley Silos Lily Hill Road Twyford Road Bracknell Banbury Berkshire Oxfordshire RG12 2SJ OX17 3AS t +44 (0)1295 816721 f +44 (0)1295 811717 e hello@tactical-live.com tactical-live.com