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Bob's LinkedIn Tips

  1. 1. Bob’s LinkedIn TipsPublished by Robert (Bob) Rhodes at (Updated 12//2012)Tip 1 - Complete your profile thoroughly. Post your e-mail address and phone number. Include apicture, since a picture projects you as a real person. Load the Specialties section withkeywords that are related to your profession and include abbreviations.Tip 2 - Build a network of "trusted contacts" as large as possible. More contacts means a largernetwork and a greater chance of finding a contact that could help you in the job search. Here isa video from Neal Schaffer author of Maximizing LinkedIn on the subject of the size of yourLinkedIn network.Tip 3 - When inviting others to join your network, customize your invitations. Do not use thegeneric invitation. For example, if I were inviting someone from the Greater NapervilleNetworking group I would mention that we are both members of the group. Your invitationacceptance rate will be higher is you customize.Tip 4 - I have been asked a few times how to consolidate two LinkedIn profiles for the sameperson. Under the LinkedIn rules you are not allowed to keep two profiles, but you may havehad a separate account at your former employer and one private profile. There is no way toconsolidate profiles, so you must pick one to keep.1) Send Invitations to connections requesting that they connect with you in your primary profile. .3) Sign out of your primary profile and sign in to the duplicate profile.4) Click on Settings, Personal Information, Close Your Account5) Select the reason why you want to close the account6) Press ContinueTip 5 - If you receive an Invitation from someone and you cant remember where you know themfrom, send them an e-mail and ask. If you dont want to connect, do not hit the I Dont Know(IDK) button and just Archive the request. If a person receives 5 IDKs LinkedIn restricts theirInvitations. You may want to connect with that person in the future.Tip 6 - A new feature in LinkedIn is following Companies. Go to More/Companies to follow acompany. The features currently show new hires and where they came from and formeremployees and their new employer if listed.Tip 7 - A nice feature of LinkedIn is you can see on your profile how many people viewed yourprofile in the last three days and week. If you click on this note, you will see a description of theperson that viewed your profile. Occasionally you will see the name of this person.Tip 8 - Introductions. A very nice feature in LinkedIn where you can ask someone to introduceyou to their first or second level contact. Or you can introduce someone else. I have been askedseveral times to introduce someone and I have never had anyone not reply positively to anIntroduction. You only have five Introductions to request someone to introduce you. There is nolimit to the number of people that you can introduce. Go to Inbox and on the left side you willsee Introductions. 1
  2. 2. Bob’s LinkedIn TipsTip 9 - Recommendations are important to make your profile complete. If you haverecommendations, your LinkedIn profile will be taken seriously. In most cases you will need toask for recommendations from former or current co-workers, your former manager, and if youwere selling a product, customers. Before Recommendations are posted to your profile youhave the option of asking for a rewrite. If the Recommendation is poorly written and/or hasnumerous typos ask for a rewrite. Another way to gain Recommendations is to recommendothers. I will caution you that these Recommendations are also included on your Profile.Tip 10 - Activity is an option to show on your Profile what you are doing. I recommend that youchange your activity only once a day at the most. If you are on Twitter there is an option toconnect your LinkedIn Activity with Twitter. Please do not do this if you send out more than oneTweet a day. In Activity, I post meetings I am hosting and also promote events I support. Thereis a new option to include an active connection to a Web site. I use this feature when a Web siteaddress is available.Tip 11 - Groups - Join as many Groups as you can handle up to 50. Subgroups dont counttoward the 50. College alumni, local networking, and professional groups they are all there. Goto Groups and search in your profession or locality.Tip 12 - LinkedIn Name and Title - Your name should be listed as you would in a phonedirectory. It is fine to include MBA or PhD after your name. Do not include your e-mail as part ofyour LinkedIn name as this violates LinkedIn terms. When you write your title use a genericdescription of your position then select additional titles that emphasize your strengths and skills.You can have more than one title up to 120 characters. If you are a job seeker, please do notinclude use the term "In Transition" in your name or title.Tip 13 - Work Experience - Start with your resume and copy/paste the information. Include adetailed summary of your role at the company. Use a generic title for your position thatdescribes what you do. Include accomplishments and dont forget to include keywords that areused in your industry.Tip 14 - Education - Adding your college information is easy and LinkedIn walks you throughthis by finding the college by city and state. An additional feature is you can add your highschool. This is a nice feature to assist you in finding long lost high school contacts. WithinEducation go to Other, then add the high school name and the years attended and graduated.Tip 15 - Contacts - There are discussions on how many contacts you should have as a jobseeker. I have heard differing views on this issue, but I believe that you should have at least 150first level contacts. Within the 150 contacts you should connect with several contacts that havenumerous connections (500+). Individuals that have over 500 contacts may use the term LIONor LinkedIn Open Networker. By connecting to these individuals you increase your second andthird degree connections quickly.Tip 16 - Specialties - A section in Summary where you add all the key words that are specific toyour industry. You dont have to write a full sentence, just think up every "buzz" word that your 2
  3. 3. Bob’s LinkedIn Tipsindustry uses and type it in this section. This is important because most searches are done bycomputers that are looking for key words.Tip 17 - Profile Update - LinkedIn has made it easier to add a link to your activity in LinkedIn. Iuse the links to websites for the meetings or events I am attending.Tip 18 - Building Your Network - There are many ways to gain LinkedIn contacts. In my opinionthe best way is to join a number of groups that have members willing to network. In the Chicagoarea, we are fortunate to have several terrific groups. In many Groups there are Discussionsthat list individuals that are open to accepting new connections. In these Discussions, I note thatI am open to all new invitations. By using these Discussions, I have gained a number of newand valuable contacts.Tip 19 - Shuffling - In your LinkedIn profile you have the ability to move sections around that youbelieve are the most important sections for visitors to see. I have reshuffled the sections in myprofile and currently have the Summary, Contact Information and Experience as the first threesections. I place less important items, such as which books I have read, as the last sections inthe profile.Tip 20 - Network Activity - A rolling update of your connections updates. A new feature linksthese updates to twitter updates. If a connection makes multiple daily twitter updates theirLinkedIn updates become irrelevant and overwhelm other connections updates. For theconnections with multiple twitter updates, I turn off their LinkedIn updates.Tip 21 - Posting Job Leads - LinkedIn allows users to post job leads in Groups for free. LinkedInalso has a separate Jobs section where companies pay a fee. Recently LinkedIn changed the"Getting Started" for posting job leads in Groups. This change takes the user directly to theprocedure for paid postings. A LinkedIn connection showed me a workaround. Go to the small"Post a New Job" link in the upper right corner and post your job lead.Tip 22 - Adding Connections - LinkedIn allows you to import current connections from your e-mail or Outlook contact lists. Go to Connections, then Import Connections. A list of yourconnections will appear and will show if they are a current LinkedIn user.Tip 23 - Other Applications - LinkedIn has the option to connect with other applications. Theapplications I use are, Reading list by Amazon and Company Buzz. To connect theseapplications, go to Update My Profile and select + Applications.Tip 24 - Recruiters - I continue to add recruiters as a first level connections. As the economyimproves, recruiters search Linked In for candidates that match their job listings. Make sure yourprofile has the key words associated with your industry so you come up as a match.Tip 25 - Who Viewed Your Profile - On the right side of your profile, you can see who looked atyour profile recently. In most cases, there will be a description that lists the individuals employerand their position title. On occasion, you will see the persons name. 3
  4. 4. Bob’s LinkedIn TipsTip 26 - - This program allows you to post documents that you feel are important to yourprofile. On my profile I have a LinkedIn presentation and a copy of my latest resume. If yousubscribe to, you are sent an email when anyone downloads your files. can beused with Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF files.Tip 27 - Personalized URL - Is your LinkedIn URL ending with a number? You can personalizeyour LinkedIn URL to your name. For example, my LinkedIn URL is linkedin/in/rhodesone. Go toProfile/Edit profile/Edit Public Profile Settings to change your URL.Tip 28 - Asking for Recommendations - To gain recommendations: 1) ask for one when youleave the company; 2) offer to swap recommendations with former co-workers; and 3) offersuggestions to be incorporated in the recommendation. You need at least threerecommendations to make your profile 100% complete.Tip 29 - E-mail Address - A possible employer or recruiter may find your LinkedIn profile andwant to contact you. I suggest you include your e-mail address on your LinkedIn profile, so youare easy to contact.Tip 30 - Contact E-mail - When setting up your LinkedIn profile you may use an e-mail addressand decide later that you want LI messages sent to another e-mail account. To change, on yourProfile go to Settings (in right hand corner), then e-mail addresses under Personal.Tip 31 - Adding Videos - Download the Google Presentation Application. Start a one pagepresentation and import a video. Save the presentation under a distinct name. The applicationdoes use additional memory from your computer, so you may have to close and reopen yourbrowser when importing the video.Tip 32 - Introductions - Go to the profile of the person you want to be introduced to. On the rightside of the profile there is "Get Introduced by a connection". You then write a note explainingwhy you want to connect. Forward this message to your contact, who will forward it on to hisconnection.Tip 33 - Leaving Groups - If you reach the maximum of 50 groups, you are not able to joingroups that are of interest. You will have to make a choice to leave certain Groups. Go toGroups, under Actions, select Leave Group.New Tip 34 – Skills Endorsements – New to LinkedIn in 2012 are endorsements of specificskills. Go to person’s profile and tab down to Skills & Expertise. On the profile an “+” icon willappear. Press the icon to endorse the specific skill. Currently only 10 skills are individuallyshown. You can reorder the skills to show endorsements. 4