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Rhodri Thomas HHL 2009 "Mobilising The OU"


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Presentation in Research Strand for Handheld Learning Conference 2009

Published in: Education, Business, Technology

Rhodri Thomas HHL 2009 "Mobilising The OU"

  1. 1. Mobilising The Open University Rhodri Thomas @rhodct Senior Project Manager, Learning Innovation Office
  2. 2. Teaching and Learning projects for mobile learners (overview)
  3. 3.  OU Library mobile website progression Knowledge Media institute Mobile application development Source: Source: [on mobile device] OU Skills for Study [Java] Source:
  4. 4. Meeting students halfway
  5. 5. Responding to students already accessing while mobile Data source: Internal student portal site statistics (see paper)
  6. 6. Providing ways of interacting, not just browsing
  7. 7. HTML editor – mobile device detection and simplification
  8. 8. Optimising content for devices and mobile learners
  9. 9. Mobile-optimised VLE design and layout
  10. 10. Responding to student feedback in feature set prioritisation Data source: August 2009 Mobile VLE student survey (see paper)
  11. 11. Prototyping formats more appropriate for devices
  12. 12. eBooks – automating from Structured Content and XML – creating ePub
  13. 13. Trialling alternatives in audiovisual exercises and formative assessment
  14. 14. L120 – speaking activities using voice response (Learnosity system) See also:
  15. 15. Developing and Testing: Mobile web microsites and on-board apps
  16. 16. See also:
  17. 17. Usability: Focus groups & Design feedback Source: Nielsen Norman Group orts/mobile/ followed up by OU survey and use of Ambient Technology labs facilities bs/about.cfm
  18. 18. This presentation: