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  1. 1. 01Samuel Rhoads Clarke.Experiences—Senior DesignerBrand Experience - NokiaMarch 2010 – 2013Worked to convey the new brandmessages of Nokia design through bothproduct and experience.—Art directorExperiential Marketing -anonymous artistsMarch 2009 – March 2010Created and deployed a series of eventsfor the niche brand Hendrick’s gin.—VisualiserArt installation - greyworldMarch 2008 — March 2009Developed ideas from concept, toproposal through to the physicalinstallation of large scale artworks.—InternshipCommittee2007 (3 months)—Techinical Graphic DesignerNewcoDec 2006 Feb 2007EducationGoldsmiths College,U. of LondonB.A(hons), Design2005 – 2008Publications, Artworks andExhibitionsPeople Made Nokia 201126 Characters Nokia 2011Design Week 2011In The City greyworld 2010Wonderlandism Anon. artists 2010Hendrick’s Horseless Carriage ofCuriosities Anon. artists 2010Canary Wharf Window Galleries 2009Cent magazine greyworld 2009Beyond Architecture Gestalten 2009JunkJet 2008Heard Gallery 2008Tent London 2008New Designers 2008Goldsmiths PROCESSED 2008SpecialtiesTel: 07584204651Email: Rhoads Clarke is a brand-focused designer. Hisstrengths lie predominantly in communication and conceptualthinking. Both creative and strategic, he takes a balancedapproach to projects; developed through a broad experienceincluding fine art, music, brand design and production. Samueldevelops strong client relationships, making him well suited toartistic direction both in-house and with external agencies.—Art Direction and design—Conceptualising ideas—Forward thinking—Visualisation—Project management—Spatial / Exhibition DesignSkills—CS5 – InDesign / Illustrator / Photoshop / Sound Booth—Premier / Final Cut—3D Studio Max—Google Sketchup—Flash—Solid Works
  2. 2. 02People Made ExhibitionPeople Made10 products thatchanged the world‘People Made’celebrated the 20thanniversary of theworld’s first mass-market GSM phone(the Nokia 1011)and looks forward tothe next 20 years.Nokia (2011)
  3. 3. 03People Made ExhibitionPeople Made10 products thatchanged the worldUsing key productsto mark momentsin time, the visualnarrative tells howNokia has steadilyinfluenced the waypeople interact andconnect, and howNokia’s designstudio has grappledwith the limits ofmaterials, forms andinteraction to createsmall objects ofimmense practicalityand understatedbeauty.Nokia (2011)
  4. 4. 0426 Characters26 CharactersGestalten 201126 Charactersintroduces the newNokia Pure typefacethat was recentlycreated throughthe collaboration ofNokia Design andDalton Maag.26 Characters isa celebration ofcreating a type face.The book looks toeducate the readerin what it meansto design a newtypeface.Nokia (2011)
  5. 5. 0526 Characters26 CharactersGestalten 2011The book takes thereader through thealphabet explainingthe various aspectsof type design.‘V’ is for Visualsand Nokia designexplored a varietyof ways in which theNokia Pure can beused. Explorationof the form, findingbeauty in thedetails.Nokia (2011)
  6. 6. 06Hendricks’ Horseless Carriageof CuriositiesHendricks’ Event SeriesAnonymous artistsThe Hendricks’ Horseless Carriageof Curiosities was an excercise intoexperiential marketing. Marekting theniche brand through a very personalexperience into the delightfully peculiar ginbrand.Anonymous Artists (2010)10.54 2.440.1 10.12 0.1 2.382.542.2150.605 1.1250.6310.22THE HENDRICKS HORSELESSCARRIAGE OF CURIOSITIESSCALE 1 : 20
  7. 7. 07Hendricks’ Horseless Carriageof CuriositiesHendricks’ EventSeriesAnonymous artistsThe carriagestarted it’s voyagein Edinburgh andtravelled throughthe UK finishing inLondon.The carriageinvited guests onboard the carriageof curiosities inexchange for astory of curiosity.In exchange aHendricks’ ginand tonic wasexchanged.Anonymous Artists (2010)
  8. 8. 08WonderlandismPop - up StudioAnonymous artistsDuring the course of a week, fivedesigners explored the parameters of agiven hypothetical ideology by creatingwork ranging from textiles, ceramics,products, illustration and installations.Open to the public during the day, thestudio gave the public an insight into thedesigner’s creative processes. The everevolving work were on display in a derelictshop in the heart of the Brompton Quarter.A beautiful contrast to that of the highlypolished displays of the world renownedHarrod’s nearby.Anonymous Artists (2010)
  9. 9. 09The SourceThe SourcegreyworldThe Source isbased in the LondonStock Exchange inthe heart of London.Nine spheresare mounted oneach cable andare free to moveindependently upand down its length.In essence thespheres act likeanimated pixels,able to model anyshapeThis complexand sophisticatedinstallation is amicrocosm ofactivity, a livingreflection of marketforces.greyworld (2009)
  10. 10. 10Monument to the UnknownArtistMonument to the Unknown ArtistgreyworldInstalled beside the Tate Modern, the permanent work hasattracted the attention of the worlds media, and is accessible atall times.At first glance Monument to the Unknown Artist appears tobe a simple bronze statue, dressed in a neck scarf and loosefitting suit. However, the six meter monument seeks inspirationfrom passers-by, inviting them to strike poses which he copies,continually changing his form in a light-hearted and mischievousway. The unique sculpture offers an alternative and accessiblecreative experience for the public allowing them to create adialogue with the work of art.greyworld (2009)
  11. 11. 11KitRadioKitRadioRhoadsClarke DesignComponents functions are mimicked bytheir brass character. The user is ableto relate to the narrative of the dioramawhilst being educated in digital circuitry.The process of building allows the user toevoke pride within their radio. The dioramaacts as a reminder of this experience andlives with the user long after building theradio.RhoadsClarke Design(2008)
  12. 12. 12Proposals and Process Samuel Rhoads Clarke.Centgreyworld Issue.Centgreyworld Issue£9.95£9.95