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The official quarterly magazine of the Asia Pacific Region of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS)

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Asia Pacific Link News - January 2011

  1. 1. believe that I should help others too, to develop their lives and spread the word of GirlWhy I volunteer Guiding.Prarthana I have been involved in organizing manyLiyanage, a Guide events such as youth forums, talent23-year-old shows and community service projects.member of After participating in the Young Women’sthe Sri World Forum, I am now working towards MDGLanka Girl 3, “Empower Women and Gender Equality”,Guides because Girl Guiding too is focused in theseAssociation areas, as our Mission says, “To enable girlswrites on and young women to develop their fullesther experiences of volunteering. She was also potential as responsible citizen of the world”a participant at the Young Women’s WorldForum 2010. It was agreed that all Member Organizations should involve more young women in the“When I was eight I joined the Little Friends decision-making process by recruiting themPack in my school and ever since I have been into their sub-committees and Nationalinvolved in most of the activities organized by Boards. This is very important, if we wish ourmy pack, district and Girl Guide headquarters. Movement to grow and spread around the world. We should be in a position to influenceMy interest in community service started when society and make the voices of girls and youngI was a Guide. Now community service has women heard. We were proud to say that ourbecome a great passion and big part of my Association declared that two young womenlife. must serve on all sub-committees as well as on our National Executive Committee. WeBeing a member of our Girl Guide Movement, stressed that young women must get thehas given me self confidence, self-esteem and opportunity to make decisions and presentcourage to work towards my goals. I have ideas to develop programmes etc. This will nobeen able to work with every one and have the doubt motivate more girls and young womenability to understand people from different to join the Movement.backgrounds and cultures. Girl Guiding has also given me the opportunityI am very proud to say that I am a Girl Guide – to develop my international knowledge andI can truthfully say that it is because of Girl understanding. Thinking back, I could truthfullyGuiding that I have become who I am now. I say that any project or programme I have beenam now able to work with people from all involved in is due to the experience I havewalks of life especially at times like the gained as a Girl Guide.Tsunami disaster, floods etc. Guiding has alsohelped to develop my personality by giving me At present, I am studying Psychology andskills in leadership, communication and Counseling. I am a Senior Guide, Secretary oforganization and teamwork. What we learn the Youth Sub Committee, a member of thefrom Guiding is life skills and as a young Equipment / Uniform Sub Committee,woman, I have always used these in my Communications Sub Committee and I am theeveryday life and in my studies. So, I really youngest member of the National Executive 28 January 2011~14:38~MM W:Asia PacificPublication and PromotionAP Link News2011JanAsia Pacific Link News January 2011 Final.doc
  2. 2. January 2011Committee of our Association. In addition to Peace and Development, which brought 85my involvement in Girl Guiding, I am also a members from 11 provinces, amounting to amember of other NGO’s, namely Young total of 130 participants. The camp included aZoologist Association and the Radio Society of campfire, a leaders’ meeting and outdoorSri Lanka. activities and was held from 11-14 November 2010. The camp involved outdoor activities,My first international experience was the Lead sessions on HIV prevention and awarenessand Advocate Seminar in 2007 at our World and visits to military troops.Centre, Sangam. This was the turning point ofmy life, but even greater than this wasYoung Women’s World Forum. I got the Nutritional Dietary Camp run by Koreaopportunity to meet and listen to importantpeople. I learnt a great deal from them. This On 12 November 2010, Girl Scouts of Koreawas an experience of a lifetime and the words successfully held ‘The Camp for Improvementthat impressed and motivated me most came in Nutritional Dietary’ with an aim atfrom Leymah Gbowee, peace activist in encouraging healthy food choices at home andLiberia. She said: “one little step, huge impact, improving healthy eating habit with thelifetime legacy’. She said that as women we sponsorship of Ministry for Food, Agriculture,can do a great deal, but start from little steps. Forestry and Fisheries, National AgriculturalGo forwards and others will follow you and the Cooperative Federation and Life Insuranceend will be success. These words gave me Social Contribution Committee.courage and energy, and certainly changedmy outlook on life. All young women should There were various programmes under theheed these words. theme of ‘5 A Day’ to encourage youth and their family to eat 5 colored food - red, yellow,As Girl Guides, I feel that we can contribute a green, white and black color - including fruitsgreat deal for the betterment of society and and vegetables every day.give a strong message to the world. Girls andI take this opportunity to thank the Sri Lanka their familyGirl Guides Association and the World whoAssociation of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts for attendedgiving me this opportunity to share my the campexperience with my colleagues all over the introducedworld.” the nutritional dietary using theirWAGGGS’ goals portfolio which was made to improve their dietary lifeGoal 1 – Leadership for 4 months. There was also an exhibition on the typical 5 coloured food, and participantsDevelopment enjoyed the interesting games at the exhibition booths.Cambodia organizes leaders’ camp Malaysia pays tribute to six women leaders The Girl Guides Association of Malaysia (GGAM) honoured with the prestigious Paduka Srikandi Award, in recognition of their contribution to the association. The association’s Royal Patron Her Majesty Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Nur ZahirahA camp was organized by Girl Guides presentedAssociation of Cambodia at Preah Vihear and the awardsSiem Reap for 45 leaders from 6 provinces in ceremony,collaboration with Cambodian Women for 2
  3. 3. January 2011which was held at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur Taiwan runs Parent-Children HIV/AIDSon 21 November 2010 and attended by around Education Camp400 members and friends of GGAM. Headingthe list was the Prime Ministers wife Datin Seri Girl ScoutsRosmah Mansor, who is also the associations of Taiwancurrent President, followed by former hasPresidents Tun Dr Hajah Rahah Mohd Noah continued(1963-1976), Tun Suhailah Mohd Noah (1977- to work on1980), Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali (1981- the Global2003) and Tun Jeanne Abdullah (2007-2009). ActionHRH Princess Azizah Iskandar, who was the Theme onGGAMs former Deputy President (2006- AIDS “Fight AIDS” and “Stop the spread of2010), was also given an award. diseases”. They held a parent-child HIV/AIDS Education Camp on 26 September 2010 inIn her speech, Datin Seri Zalillah thanked and Taipei City. The aim of the camp was tocongratulated the recipients for their services, provide opportunities for parents and childrencontributions and dedication in upholding the to take leading role to prevent the spread ofimage and dignity of the association. GGAM HIV/AIDS and give care and support to thoseappreciates and values their efforts in using who are infected by HIV/AIDS. Thetheir resources and influences to help girls and programmes included a lecture on whatyoung women achieve their potentials. HIV/AIDS is, listening to the experiences of people living with HIV/AIDS, watching films and role plays. Finally, all the participantsGirl Guides Singapore Brownie Challenge promised to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.2010Reflections by Yip Sue Min of River Valley National Leadership Training on ClimatePrimary School: What is a Brownie Challenge? Change held in the PhilippinesTo me, the Brownie Challenge is whenBrownies from different schools come The Girl Scouts of the Philippines held thetogether, make friends and enjoy bonding time National Leadership Training on Climatewith both new Change from 27 to 29 November 2010 at HZBand current National Program and Training Center infriends. Tagaytay City. 30 Girl Scouts and 30 trainers from across the country attended the event.In competitions, The training aimed to promote greaterwinning may be awareness of the climate change crisis and itsimportant but I impact on the environment as a whole.believe that Participants were challenged to come up withenjoying the community projects to address theseprocess is just environmental issues and concerns. Moreover,as important. the training also aimed to develop skills onMemories of leadership and disaster-management throughfriends made WAGGGS/FAO Climate Change Badgeand what was Curriculum.done during the competition last forever. Architect and environment planner NathanielThe event allowed me to learn and apply many Von Einsiedel, gave an overview of whatof my school’s core values. Integrity and climate change and ecology-based urbansynergy are needed for teamwork and risk- planning is all about. Mrs Teresita B. Choa,taking and confidence are vital for all activities. Immediate Past National President of GSP,I am certain that all these core values learnt discussed the environmental issues andduring the event will put me and my fellow concerns and also focused on what anBrownies in good stead when we are faced individual could do to reduce their carbonwith the challenges and demands of our footprints. Mr Vicente F. Tomazar, Regionalgrowing-up years. Director of the Office of the Civil Defense Region IV-A talked about Disaster Risk Management including the strategies and coping capacities of Girl Scouts and communities to reduce the impact of 3
  4. 4. January 2011environmental disasters. Moreover, Ms Gloria helps GSAM to improve its financial capacityB. Echaluce, the Chief Trainer, introduced and in the long term.discussed the WAGGGS/FAO ClimateChange Badge Curriculum, how the badges • Girls Scouts of Japan donation to Mutualcan be earned, the knowledge, values and Aid Projects:skills developed and the possible services that 1) Sri Lanka mini-bus projectGirl Scouts can offer in their communities. 2) Mongolia’s materials productionAdditionally, Ms Gloria E. Calotes, Assistant 3) Cambodia’s printing of leaderNational Executive Director and Co-Trainer, handbookgave a workshop on possible community- It is not easy to attract external donors todevelopment projects on climate change. At secure funds for projects like printingthe end of the workshop, all the six regions Guiding/Scouting materials for ourpresented their project ideas. Members Organizations (MOs), but this really is a first step for MOs in retainingOther activities included a brief presentation and recruiting new members.from the KILUS Foundation on how to makebags and wallets from recycled materials. Ms • The International Scout and GuideMaye Padilla of World Wide Fund-Philippines Fellowship (ISGF) donation to Mongolia’sexplained what global warming is all about and materials production.its affect on the people and environment. She ISGF has been a great supporter of theinvited all the participants to join the Earth Asia Pacific Region. In the past they haveHour event on March 26, 2011. funded training in Fiji, Mongolia and Thailand. The recent Mongolia project caught their attention. Extra funding from ISGF allows the project to expand to theGoal 2 – Strong and next level. Now the project will also include translation of WAGGGS materials andGrowing Member trainings for leaders on how to use GATOrganizations badge curriculum, Advocacy Toolkit, etc.Presenting coal in snow The weather is getting colder, but these donations warm our hearts and encourage our Mengfei Wu, spirits. As we say in Chinese: “presenting coal Regional in snow.” Director, Asia Pacific Region writes “In some Literacy camps held by Pakistan parts of our world, the Two “Free community camps” regarding weather is “Women empowerment through literacy and getting colder maternal health education” were organized by and colder. The Pakistan Girl Guides Association (PGGA)leaves and grass are coloured with beautiful Punjab Branch in June 2010. These campsfrost or covered in white snow. This indicates took place at the Community Learning Centersthat the New Year is around the corner. In the (CLCs) of Shahpur and Karbath. The CLCs’UK, donating money to charities is traditional staff, learners, their family members and otherat the end of a year. While we are celebrating, community members attended the camps.we should not forget others who are still in The camps involved sessions on skills training,need. maternal health education, first aid training, poultry and livestock, agriculture and kitchenThis tradition is also part of Girl Guiding and gardening. More than 550 people attended theGirl Scouting culture and we have recently camps.confirmed several donations:• The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association’s donation to Girl Scouts Association of Mongolia (GSAM) on setting up a handicraft workshop.This donation not only provides training forgirls in Mongolia to learn life skills but also 4
  5. 5. January 201190th Anniversary Camp and Girl Scouts "Building global partnerships forViva 90 run by Japan development".The Girl Scouts of Japans 90th AnniversaryTogakushi International Camp was held from Korea hosts Girl Scout Gala Night 20105 to 9 August at Togakushi Girl Scout Centrein Nagano prefecture. 113 Girl Guides and Girl Scouts of Korea held a Girl Scout GalaGirl Scouts from 13 Member Organizations Night 2010 on 23 November 2010 at Lotteparticipated in the camp, together with 307 Hotel in Seoul as a fundraising event withJapanese Senior and Ranger Girl Scouts. around 800 participants, including the Vice- Minister of Gender Equality and Family,The participants included contingents from members of the National Assembly, KoreanBangladesh, Philippines, Hong Kong, India, celebrities, leaders and supporting membersKorea, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, as of GSK. An award was given to the best troopwell as eight Junior Scouts and leaders leader of the year, and various congratulatoryattached to GSJ who are active in Malaysia performances and congratulatory messages(1st Troop TOFS Malaysia). also took place. This event was held with the aim of expressing our deepest thanks to GirlThe aims of the camp were: Participants Scouts sponsors who have supported ourrecognize their different values by getting to Movement. The funds raised at this event willknow each other and themselves, and be used to empower girls and young women inunderstand the significance of the worldwide GSK.Girl Guide/Girl Scout Movement. Activitiesincorporated the theme of the eight GATadvocacy messages and included hands-onactivities related to environmental issues Goal 3 - The Voice of Girlsthrough the Greener x Greener Peace and Young WomenProject. Visit to World Expo in China by Hong Kong 955 GSJ members and With the World EXPO held in China this year, 338 non- the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association took members the chance to organize several groups of girls visited the to visit this special event. In the event named camp. “10,000 Miles Friendship Trek”, two leaders Princess and 20 girls visited Beijing, Shanghai and Kiko, the wife Hangzhou from 25 July to 1 August 2010, of Prince together with members from the other nineAkishino, and her daughter Princess Kako, groups. Members enjoyed the EXPO as wellvisited the camp. A Ceremony of thanks was as the exchange programme with youngheld to celebrate the centenary of people from the Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting,the 90th anniversary of GSJ and the 50thanniversary of Togakushi Girl Scout Centre.Girl Scouts VIVA 90!, a celebration of the90th anniversary of Girl Scouting in Japan,was held for three days from 9 to 11 Octoberat the National Olympics Memorial YouthCentre in Tokyo. Around 7,000 peopleparticipated in this event. One of theprogrammes, the Leadership DevelopmentSeminar, focused on the UN MillenniumDevelopment Goals (MDGs) and GAT, andprovided an opportunity for self-developmentand deeper understanding of the MDGs fromthe perspective of each individual theme. Another group of 256 Girl Guides, Guiders andOne of the seminars included talks by two Commissioners joined the Shanghai Worldparticipants in the Juliette Low Seminar in Expo Exchange Tour which was held from 272009 and 2010 on the theme of MDG8 to 31 July 2010. The itinerary included visits 5
  6. 6. January 2011to the EXPO, Oriental Pearl Tower, History Cultural Exchange Programme between UKMuseum and other historical spots. Girls also and Japan. 17 UK Guiders visited Japan fromenjoyed learning about ‘Shanghainese’ life 7 to 20 October. It was an opportunity for themwhen local people showed them around the to learn about the Millennium Developmentmunicipal city. Goals (MDGs) from a variety of angles, based on the theme, girls worldwide say "together we can change our world". With a planning43rd English Play Contest run by Korea committee made up of young leaders, Saitama Council planned and implemented aGirl Scouts of Korea held the 43rd English programme centering on the theme.Play Supported by the council executive membersContest and trainers, it was a chance for the planningunder committee members to develop their potentialthe and it is hoped that they will play a central roletheme in the Girl Scout Movement in future.of During their stay the participants visited a Japanese elementary school in order to develop a better understanding of Girl“Together we can change our world” on 13 Scouting as a social education Movement.November 2010 at Seoul Women’s Plaza in Interchange with the 300 elementarySeoul. The event was sponsored by the schoolchildren reinforced their recognition ofMinistry of Gender Equality and Family, the the need for primary education, and providedNational Council of Youth Organizations in an opportunity for them to think about howKorea and Kim and Chang Intellectual they can contribute to the promotion of theProperty, which is the largest law firm in MDGs. The visit to the elementary school wasKorea. 97 teams (602 people) participated in also a chance to promote understanding of thepreliminary contests held by 10 Provincial Girl Scout Movement at the school and in theCouncils and 14 teams (144 people) were local area, and it is hoped that it will lead toselected to take part in the final. Jeongbal increased membership.Elementary School team won the grand prizeand was awarded by the Minster of GenderEquality and Family. Helping children in North Korea by Girl Scouts of KoreaSince 1967, GSK has organized the contestannually and opened the participation to non- The South Korean government decided to givemember school students. The aim of the aid to North Korea which had been seriouslycontest is to provide the opportunities for damaged by the most disastrous flood everyoung people to foster teamwork, develop experienced, thus the Girl Scouts of Koreatheir creative talents and English-speaking donated funds amounting to USD 10,000 toability. buy wheat flour and delivered it to North Korea through the Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation for North Korean to helpOwing to its long and successful history, this ease food shortages in North Korea.contest has become the one of the keyprogrammes for developing global citizenship The wheat flour delivery ceremony was heldand English education in GSK. on 16 September 2010 at Imjingak. Nine Junior Girl Scouts attended the ceremony to see the departure of the trucks for NorthCultural Exchange between UK and Japan Korea.This This aid project was carried out for the firstyear time after the South-North relations had beenwas strained recently. This delivery ceremony wasthe given extensive media coverage. It was also14th goodyear opportunityof to takethe action on MDG1. 6
  7. 7. January 2011Nepal runs “Stop ‘Violence against Levuka. The Fiji Girl Guides Association choseWomen” Campaign Levuka as the venue for its celebrations because the town holds a special place in Nepal Scouts Guiding history. This was where a Methodist took part in the missionary, known only as Ms H.C Hammett, global 16-day formed the first company of Girl Guides 86 campaign to years ago. end violence, While delivering her speech at Nasau Park on which starts on the morning of Saturday 9 October, FGGA the International President Dr. Akanisi Kedrayate said that the Day to End Fiji Association possibly ranked as one of theViolence Against Women (25 November) and most pioneering associations in the world.ends on Human Rights Day (1 December).The Nepal Scouts organized a half-day Dr Kedrayate, together with members of theworkshop on 27 November at National Centennial Celebration Committee,Headquarters. The Chief Guest for the accompanied more than 300 girls and leadersprogramme was the Secretary of the Ministry at this unforgettable weekend.of Youth and Sports, Mr. Sushil JangaBahadur Rana. Three districts participated in "The weekend was used not only as athe workshop. celebrity occasion but as a learning experience for members of the FGGA and it Ms. Moon Maiya Shretha, Officer, Ms. also gave us a chance to reaffirm ourPrerana Shakya, Program Officer, Finland- ‘promises and ‘law and more importantly toNepal Partnership Project (FNPP) and the sow the seeds of change," said Dr Kedrayate.National Secretary, Ms. Chandra Kala Pantdelivered speeches. Ms Shakya’s speech The celebration was officially opened byincluded the WAGGGS’ declarations on the British High Commissioner His Excellencytopic and information about the centenary Malcolm McLachlan, and included the plantingcelebration. The Secretary of the Ministry of of a Centennial Tree to commemorate theYouth and Sports congratulated all those who 100th year of Girl Guiding and Girl Scoutingwere present for celebrating the campaign. He worldwide. Programmes to be undertakeninspired Scouts to contribute to the campaign during the three-year celebration were alsoand said that if Nepal Scouts sends strong launched.proposals, then the Ministry would be able tohelp to some extent. Pakistan Girl Guides Association, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Branch celebrated theThe workshop continued with group work. The centenary of international Girl Guiding and Girlgroup work was done to encourage the Scouting by organizing a camp at F.G Girlsdistricts to conduct activities related to the Modelcampaign. Each group presented their School andprogramme and committed to implement their Benazirplans during the 16 days campaign and Bhuttobeyond. They have also committed to Intermediateincluding this in the annual programme. The College, G-National Secretary and Director of NHQ gave 7/2. Overexamples on the activities and topics and 400 Girlclarified the support available. Guides from different federal government and model schools of the capital territory participated in the camp. During the camp they madeCentenary update different gadgets, paintings, and presented different skits and songs, highlighting theFiji Girl Guides swore their oath during a history and importance of the Movement.ceremony to mark their 100th year anniversaryat the Saint Agnes Primary School, in Nabua. As part of centenary celebrations, a trainingDuring Fiji Day, which marks Fiji’s session for Young Entrepreneurs was held atindependence from Britain, a group of girls the Divisional Guide House in Lahore,from around the country commemorated the Pakistan on 20 and 21 October 2010. The100th anniversary of an organization they are facilitators for Young Entrepreneurs’ Trainingmembers of at Fijis old capital on Ovalau, included: Dr. S.M.Naqi, Chairman SPEL 7
  8. 8. January 2011Group of Industries, who talked about the huge success. Hosted by Girlguiding UK asvalues and perseverance needed to start a part of our centenary celebrations, YWWFbusiness. He also talked to the children on the 2010 was the first in the series of three, onebasics of entrepreneurship. Mrs Shamail for each year of the centenary 2010 to 2012.Shahbaz, Member Executive Lahore, The first YWWF brought together over 100explained accounts and basic business young women from 61 Member Organizationsprinciples; Mrs Raheela Shah, Principal of around the world to discuss the MillenniumMohammadia School, gave a demonstration Development Goals (MDGs) and draft aon flower arrangements and growing plants for declaration which details theirincome generation; Mrs Gulnar Naqvi, recommendations for achieving theseCatering Business Manager, showed how you ambitious targets. Each participant created acan use cooking skills for income-generation. personal action plan to enable them to effect120 Girl Guides and Junior Guides from 33 change in their country and their communityLahore schools enjoyed all the sessions. The after the forum. Discussions focused on threetraining was very effective and the participants of the MDGs: ending hunger, gender equalitywere very enthusiastic about starting small- and environmental sustainability.scale businesses at home and school. David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the UK,The 13th National Huey-Chi Girl Scouts visited the Forum and addressed theGathering was held in West Lake Resortopia, delegates, giving them some tips on how toMiaoli County, Taiwan on 16 to 17 October grab the attention of politicians. He also fielded2010. More than 400 members from across questions from delegates and stressed thethe country participated in this event in order government’s commitment to its overseasto celebrate centenary of international Girl development priorities.Guiding and Girl Scouting. The theme of theevent was “Together we can change our Delegates were also inspired by the twoworld” and the programmes included keynote speakers, UK Member of Parliamentcentenary activities, environmental Jo Swinson and Liberian peace activistsustainability, women’s health, handcrafts, a Leymah Gbowee. Jo Swinson spoke to thetea ceremony and sampling local traditional delegation about the power that women havefood. Special visits to a famous Buddhist to inspire and be leaders. She gave them antemple insight into the life of a young female politicianand Sanyi and said she was sure there were severalWood future leaders present at the Forum.SculptureMuseum Leymah Gbowee told the young women thatwere also every small action is part of your journey – ifarranged. you want to be a successful politician, activist, campaigner; your immediate community andThe Ministry of Education and Girl Scouts of environment is the best place to start. SheTaiwan carried out the Lifelong Learning became the first recipient of the WAGGGSProject 331 to celebrate the centenary. Girl Centenary award. Linden Edgell, Vice-Scouts of Taiwan produced over 25,000 Chairman of the World Board, presented thehandbooks of 100 good deeds for all Girl award for inspiring women to take peacefulScouts in Taiwan on Chinese Girl Scout Day, and powerful action and speak out against1st June 2010. The aim of the project is to conflict in Liberia.increase knowledge, healthy activities andservice to others by reading 30 minutes, In 2011 four simultaneous forums will takeexercising 30 minutes and doing one good place at the World Centres, and during the Girldeed every day. Scouts Centenary in 2012, the USA will host the final YWWF in the series. For more information on the event and declarations, and for daily updates from the participants, please visit the WAGGGS website.Events The Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) Association of Thailand nominated Thamonwan Na Nakara toYoung Women’s World Forums the Young Women’s World Forum. Thamonwan Na Nakara is actively involved inThe first Young Women’s World Forum Girl Guiding in her home town of Bangkok as(YWWF) took place in October and was a 8
  9. 9. January 2011well as being involved in various Guiding take place at Goseong World Jamboree campprojects, for example, the Health Map Project. site, Korea.On attending the Forum she said “I hope todevelop my intercultural understanding and The camp fee forwould like to be a part of the people who want - 7 days and 6 nights (Jul. 25 ~31) is USD 240to make a change to our world” - 4 days and 3 nights (Jul. 25 ~ 28 or 28 ~ 31) is USD 140.“Hello everyone! My name is Thamonwan NaNakara. I am an active Guide member and a Please contact the Girl Scouts of Korea forYoung Leader of the Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) more information:Association of Thailand (GGAT). Last month, Iwas given the opportunity to participate in the NHQs Girl Scouts of Koreafirst Young Women’s World Forum. 47, Yulgokro Anguk-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 110-240, KoreaMany of you may wonder what MDGs are and Tel. +82 2 733 6801~29what did at the Forum. MDGs are eight Fax. +82 2 738 3013specific goals to be met by 2015 that aim to E-mail: intl@girlscout.or.krcombat extreme poverty across the world. Website: http://www.girlscout.or.krThese goals were agreed at the UNMillennium Summit in New York in 2000. Thiswas the largest gathering of political worldleaders in history. World CentresAt the Forum, we focused on three MDGs, andcreated a declaration calling on WAGGGS and An Australian at Our Chalet:Member Organizations, civil society and Volunteer Sally Daniel from Victoria has spentgovernments to make a change in every the last few months volunteering at Ourcountry across the world. Chalet. In Sally’s own words “I’m a leader from Dandenong Valley Region in Victoria and amApart from discussing the MDGs and making an autumn volunteer at Our Chalet. There arethe declaration, we were also inspired by a five other volunteers here during this autumnnumber of prominent speakers. season, one each from Denmark, Lebanon and Ireland, and two from the USA. DespiteThe UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, made only knowing each other for a matter of weeks,an impromptu visit which coincided with a we have all become great friends. I’veworkshop on campaigning, so he was able to thoroughly enjoyed learning about eachgive the delegates some tips. He emphasized other’s cultures back home, both in and out ofthat Girl Guide organizations both in the UK Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting. Sally has hadand internationally have an important role to an absolutely super time here high up, high onplay in his vision for society. a mountain in Switzerland. What about volunteering in a World Centre for you?”Finally, I would like to say thank you toGirlguiding UK and GGAT for giving me thisfantastic and unforgettable experience in Volunteer opportunities:England. I hope I can bring back all theknowledge and experience from this Forum to Closing Season Datesdevelop my community as well as achieving date forthe MDGs and making changes in our applicationsociety.” Winter 1 December – 1 March 1 June Spring 1 March – 31 May 1 Sept13th Girl Scout International Camp Summer 15 May – 1 September 1 Dec Autumn 1 September – 15 October 1 MarchThe Girl Scouts of Korea will be holding the 2011 *13th Girl Scout International Camp on 25 to 31July 2011. The camp will provide opportunities * For Autumn 2011 it is a shorter season dueto share international friendship, celebrate the to building projects at that time at Our Chalet.centenary of international Girl Guiding and Girl We encourage diverse applications from allScouting and learn about the environment. member organizations. On some occasions,The theme will be ‘Plant, Grow, Share’ and 9
  10. 10. January 2011financial assistance may be available to assist international staff team and develop yourwith travel costs. Would you like to join us? leadership skills in an outdoor environment? We are now recruiting for summer volunteers 15 May – 1 September 2011. the Flag: opportunities When girls and If you would like to spend your summer or young winter as a guest or volunteer at Our Chalet, women please visit or contact around Australia joined Pax Lodge together The Asia Pacific Region is once again being for well represented at Pax Lodge with four of our Flying Member Organizations currently part of thethe Flag on 10 October 2010, Australian staff and volunteer team.Guides at Our Chalet had their own satellitecelebration. At the tenth hour on the tenth day Mary-Anne from Australia is the Marketing andof the tenth month for 2010, girls and young Communications Volunteer. She is spending 6women around Australia joined together for months at Pax Lodge and is working with theFlying the Flag, a special centenary event staff team to promote the Centre and itswhere they renewed their Guiding promise in activities.celebration of 100 years of Guiding and 100years of changing lives.In Switzerland, current Girl Guides Australiamembers: Sarah (New South Wales), Sally(Victoria) and Cat (New South Wales) werepresent at Our Chalet as staff, volunteer andguest.Our Chalet on FacebookOur Chalet now has a personal profile onFacebook Invite OurChalet to be your Facebook friend, and keepup to date with the latest events and Azka from Pakistan and Sueng-Min fromopportunities at Our Chalet! South Korea have recently joined us as Resident Volunteers. They are assisting in theEvents for 18-30 age groups: daily running of our London World Centre andRover Week: 12 - 19 February 2011 could possibly be taking you on a tour of the Centre if you visit. Azka is the first Pakistani volunteer at Pax Lodge.High Adventure Weeks: One of our summer volunteers, So Yeon who‘Challenge your way’: 1 - 8 June 2011 is also from South Korea, attended the Young‘Lead your way’: 2 - 10 September 2011 Women’s World Forum in Oxford, UK. So Yeon was one of 12 delegates whont/view/21068 announced the declaration in front of World Board members, members of Girlguiding UKVolunteer Opportunities and Girl Scouts USA and other delegates.Volunteering at a WAGGGS World Centreprovides many challenges, new experiences Emma, from New Zealand, joined the staffand lifelong friendships. For the many who team in June as the Guest Services Co-have passed this way over the years it has ordinator: Events. Emma liaises between thebeen a most rewarding and exciting time in Guest Services and Programme teams totheir lives. Would you like to be part of an 10
  11. 11. January 2011assist with the administration of our many to know her; and she undoubtedly touched theevents. Emma has joined Maia, World Centre lives of Guides Members all over the country.Manager, who is also from New Zealand, to Her commitment to Guiding as a founder wasstrengthen our Asia Pacific representation. greatly appreciated and enjoyed by so many.” The Royal Cremation Ceremony will be heldVolunteering on 8 May 2011 at the Thatthong Temple (WatIf you are friendly, hard working and open to Thatthong), Bangkok, Thailand.trying new things, Pax Lodge is alwaysrecruiting new volunteers. We have ResidentVolunteers, Event Assistant Volunteers, Passing of Ms Joyce ChueMarketing and Communication Volunteers andGuest Services Volunteers. For more It was with great sadness that WAGGGS andinformation, application forms and application the Asia Pacific Committee learnt of thedates please visit passing of Ms Joyce Chue, Honorary Secretary of the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association (HKGGA). Joyce was always associated with HKGGA. She cared deeply about girls and young women. Not only was she a stalwart supporter of Hong Kong GirlAnnouncement Guides, she was also a lifelong supporter of WAGGGS and the Asia Pacific Region. More recently, she made a significant contribution toTribute to Lady Kanok Samsen Vil the East Asia Working Group to expand the benefits and opportunities in the area of East Lady Kanok Samsen Vil, Asia. the Founder of the Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) WAGGGS, the Asia Pacific Region and the Association of Thailand East Asia Working Group have all benefitted (since 1957), passed away immensely from her insights and vast peacefully on Sunday 17 experience. Joyce will be greatly missed. October 2010. Lady Kanok Samsen Vil was affectionately wellknown by Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) ofThailand’s members and will be sadly missed.Her commitment to Guiding as a Founder ofthe Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) Association ofThailand was greatly appreciated and enjoyedby so many.As Madam Chan Siok Fong, FormerChairman, Asia Pacific Regional Committeeand Former Chief Commissioner, Girl GuidesSingapore said, “Lady Kanok Samsen Vil wasconscious of her communal role in thedevelopment and education of young girls andwomen. She strongly believed in “Guiding forthe girls." She gave us the impression thatonce she believed in something, she would goon and on - never stopping, never resting. Sheoften said she wanted to see her girls andyoung women grow up with the spiritualstrength to live on in the real world asleaders in the home and community.”Dr. Lucy Tan-atichat, Deputy InternationalCommissioner and Thailand Co-ordinator forFAPW also writes: “Lady Kanok Samsen Vilwas an inspiration to all who had the privilege 11