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Asia Pacific Link News - January 2013


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The official newsletter of the Asia Pacific Region of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and is published three times a year.

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Asia Pacific Link News - January 2013

  1. 1. International Day of the Girl 2012Japan Runs “Girls Impact” Event especially around the age of junior high school, high school, or university. This form ofTo celebrate the International Day of the Girls, violence is not yet recognized as a seriousa ‘Girls Impact’ event was held in Tokyo on 8 issue in Japanese society. However, one inOctober 2012. This event was organized by five young women have experienced this typeUNIC, Plan Japan and Girl Scouts of Japan of violence. Though the situation is serious,(GSJ). An audience of 372 attended the event. this is a great opportunity for Girl Scouts ofGirl Scouts of Japan presented how they Japan to listen and empower girls and youngcontribute to girl-related issues and women to make a difference in Japaneseintroduced the Stop the Violence campaign, society.including the current situation of violence inJapanese society ―‘dating violence’. During this event, Girl Scouts of Japan stood in front of people, including many young ladies, and listened to the strong and cheerful shout of ‘Stop the Violence!’ from the participants with their right hands held up. On the same day, the GSJ’s leadership workshop took place near the event, so girls were able to visit the workshop participants who welcomed them by shouting ‘Stop the violence!’ with their right hands held up. They also participated in the ‘Girls Impact’ event by watching an online live telecast.‘Dating violence’ is the threat or the act ofviolence happening between dating partners,Girl Scouts of Korea Hosts “Girls Lead the Tae-suk Kim, the Vice-Minister of the MinistryChange” Event of Gender Equality and Family and Dr. Juseon Byun, former Chairman of Asia PacificGirl Scouts of Korea held the Fifth Girls Day Regional Committee and around 100 Womenunder the theme "Girl, Lead the Change!" at and Civil NGOs.Jamwon Han-river Park, Seoul, on 6 October2012. The event was attended by 4,000people including girls, youths, families, andwomen across the country. Also present were
  2. 2. This annual event used to be held in April but Apart from these activities, other programmesthe Girl Scouts of Korea requested that it be linked to leadership development, careermoved in order to celebrate that UN-declared development, maths classes with teachingInternational Day of the Girl on 11 October. aids and scientific activities as well as UNThe Girls day event programme is planned in MDGs were run by partner NGOs and theline with new issues every year and provides provincial councils so that girls can betterdiverse programmes to enable Girl Guides and prepare for their future.Girl Scouts to develop their fullest potential asresponsible citizens of the world. The ImagineMore campaign introduced by WAGGGS wasadopted at the event and girls considered theworld they want for girls.National Celebrations in Mongolia The International Day of the Girl was celebrated at School No. 84 and No.17 inThe National Authority for Children, a Ulaanbaatar with cooperation from GSAM,Mongolian government agency, encouraged with around 1,000 girls attending the celebration of the International Day During the celebration at school No. 84,of the Girl. young leader Bolortuya and GSAM Chief Commissioner A.Tsevelmaa shared a presentation on the Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting movement and explained why the “International Day of the Girl” was celebrated, whilst also sharing WAGGGS’ Centenary highlights. The focus for GSAM in celebrating this day was on “Preserving Nature”. At school No. 17, the celebration was organized by GSAM members in cooperationThe Girl Scout Association of Mongolia with the National Authority for Children.(GSAM) introduced the concept of the Kh.Baavgai (PhD in Pedagogy), Head ofInternational Day of the Girl to the Children Children and Family Development Departmentand Family Development Department of the of the National Authority for Children, openedNational Authority for Children, the the event day by giving the opening remarks:government`s implementing agency. Theyaccepted and encouraged GSAM`s efforts, “Dear beautiful princesses whom weinitiative and proposal to celebrate the compare with flowers! We wish you a happyInternational Day of the Girl nationwide every future when you become good women andyear starting 2012. The National Authority for good mothers. Thousands of girls of your ageChildren sent a decree to all its branches in in all parts of the world are living with manythe 21 provinces and Ulaanbaatar. They issues such as having limited rights todeveloped a guidance note containing education, discrimination because of beingintroductions, aims and ideas on how to born as females, becoming victim of humancelebrate the International Day of the Girl at trafficking, violence, hunger, poverty andschools, communities and at local decision- forcedly getting married at a very young agemaking levels. etc.GSAM provided the National Authority for We greatly appreciate this initiative toChildren with all necessary information about celebrate the Day of the Girl worldwide with anthe Day and organized girls’ rights advocacy aim to draw global attention to the issuesactivities. This is the first time Mongolia faced specifically by girls. The Girl Scoutcelebrated the International Day of the Girl and Association of Mongolia is giving you anit was enriching and served as a platform for opportunity to know your value and developgirls to express their voice. not only your external beauty but also internal beauty, so highlight my advice for you to participate in GSAM activities actively. We are
  3. 3. GirlGuiding New Zealand Holds Girl Jam onPlanning to coordinate with the Girl Scouts Child MortalityAssociation of Mongolia on this matter in thefuture. Girl Guides throughout New Zealand jumped to celebrate the International Day of the Girl onAt this exact moment girls all around the world 11 October 2012 and raise awareness aboutare celebrating this day by establishing a child mortality. The United Nations declaredgarden under the name of the girls, expressing 11 October 2012 as the world’s firsttheir voice through their painting, songs and International Day of the Girl and GirlGuidingdancing”. New Zealand as part of WAGGGS, raised their voices to say, ““Together we can saveDuring the celebration of the event at School children’s’ lives”. This is a key part of the17, the participating girls drew their thoughts Millennium Development Goals that wereand dreams, made compositions out of agreed by the United Nations Member Statespictures from magazines, wrote their feelings, in New York to combat extreme poverty acrossand travelled through desk stations named the world.“Precious Water”, “Beauty saves the world”,“Healthy mind in Healthy Body” and “I can do On this celebratory day for girls, GirlGuidingit”. New Zealand aimed to make a commitment to the future of children by having fun with GirlThe Director of School 17, made a closing Jam, a quick and easy form of exercise andspeech saying that the event was a valuable movement to the girls’ choice of music. “Girlinitiative that gave inspiration for the girls to Jam aims to raise awareness about childhave optimistic aspirations and goals to poverty and reducing child mortality,” saidbecome good women in the future. Sonia Faulkner, President, GirlGuiding New Zealand. “It’s a fantastic opportunity for Girl Guides of all ages to speak out, educate andGirl Scouts of the Philippines Share the take action”.World they Want Pippins, Brownies, Girl Guides and Rangers enjoyed Girl Jam anywhere they chose, whether it was at a park, at a local shopping centre, at a school, anywhere in fact that was a safe place. As the Girl Jam was held during the school holidays, friends, parents, grandparents and siblings were all invited to join in the fun. Videos clips of the Girl JamThe Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP) were placed on You Tube through thecelebrated the first International Day of the Girl GirlGuiding New Zealand websiteat the GSP Escoda Hall at the National, Manila.Sessions on empowerment and other funactivities helped them be aware of the issuesthat Filipino girls face. A commitment wallwhere girls posted their wishes on the world Thailand Attends UNGEI Eventthey want was also put up. Michelle Alvarez, ayoung adult volunteer of GSP was named the On the first International Day of the Girl Child,Ambassador for the International Day of the 11 October 2012 the Girl Guides (Girl Scouts)Girl for the Asia Pacific Region, WAGGGS. Mr Association of Thailand (GGAT), led byDong Wana, Programme Support Manager of President Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wadee KheouraiPlan International, Inc., gave an inspirational attended an event jointly hosted by UNGEItalk about the Journey to International Day of (United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative) andthe Girl 2012 and State of the Girls Today. 130 Plan International Thailand to launch theJunior, Senior and Cadets Girl Scouts, TroopLeaders, Council Executives and staff togetherwith Girl Scouts of the officers and nationalheadquarters staff attended the celebration.
  4. 4. ‘Because I am a Girl Campaign’ focusing on one must acknowledge as existing; andgirls’ rights to education. UNGEI’s Joint something has to be done to give equalStatement for East Asia and Pacific and South education opportunity to them.”Asia Region was a call to End Child Marriage,to which education can be one of the The event was presided over by a Ministersolutions. from the Office of the Prime Minister, H.E. Nalinee Taveesin, who touched on theThere was an exhibition on Thai women, who government’s policy for boys and girls to havewere interviewed on ‘What education means to equal opportunities to enrol in school.them?’ comprising successful women from However, in real life due to poverty and thedifferent walks of life as well as the less- lack of legal status, girls drop out of schoolprivileged, mostly hill tribe, stateless girls and and do not pursue their education after gradeyoung women, who have left school due to 12. All the participants were asked thepregnancy. According to Maja Cubarrubia, question ‘Do you believe every girl has theCountry Director for Plan: “Although we see right to education?’ and if yes, to raise theirsuccess in girls and women who received hands to show support, to which everyeducation, there is the other side of the coin participant raised their hand. Scouting in the world and the launch of theInternational Day of the Girl Declared International Day of the Girl.Nationwide in Tonga The Pathway/Roadmap for the Girl/Child fromTonga has been busy over the last few 2012-2013 has included feedback on Tumblr.months. Since 11 September 2012, they have Forming thefollowed closely the International Day of the Roadmap was judgedGirl and the Tumblr Launch. On 12 October, and prizes for 1st,the Day was declared nationwide with a very 2nd and 3rd werepowerful and empowering message from the given out on 19Hon. Minister of Education and Training (the November when theironly woman Minister in the Cabinet). The Girl new training centreGuides Association of the Kingdom of Tonga was officially handeddid the curtain raiser for the Agricultural over by theShow, attended by their Majesties, Cabinet Government of JapanMinisters, MPs and many distinguished and officially openedguests. The girls sang Reduce, re-use; by a grandchild of therecycle and “This little Guiding Light of mine”. Royal Patron on her behalf. This will alsoThis was followed by three television mark the 60th Anniversary of Girl Guiding andawareness programmes of 30 minutes each, Girl Scouting in Tonga, and all the Cabinetsponsored by the Ministry of Education and Ministers, MPs, school principals and relatedTraining. Their Board decided to re-run the Girl stakeholders were invited. Schools sent inGuides Association of the Kingdom of Tonga’s their representatives which totalled more thanprogrammes. 100.On Remembrance Sunday, 11 November, GirlGuides and Girl Scouts attended a churchservice where the lessons and hymns wereread by Girl Guide and Girl Scouts membersand the girls sang songs with complimentssuch as Their Majesties kept smiling as thechildren sang. Their Royal Patron sent one ofher grandchildren on her behalf to lay thewreath at the Cenotaph. The Girl Guides andGirl Scouts’ wreath, in the shape of the Trefoil,was laid to mark the third and final year of the100th Anniversary of Girl Guiding and Girl
  5. 5. travelled to the Cook Islands to provide their services to the members in the Girl Guides Association Cook Islands (GGACI) from 28 September to 12 October 2012. They were hosted by GGACI which provided all accommodation, meals, transport to and fromBangladesh Holds 35th National Council the airport, farewell gifts and otherand Election contributions.The 35th National Council and the Election of In 2011 the programme was initiated by threeBangladesh young leaders from New Zealand andGirl Guides Australia. It was the beginning of the GOLDAssociation programme in the Cook Islands, where they(BGGA) were witnessed the celebration of the 83rd year ofheld in the Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting on Cook IslandsGirl Day.Guide/GirlScouts This was the first time GGACI was a recipientauditorium in of such a unique and exciting programme.New Baily Road Dhaka from 12 to 15 October They allocated some days for the GOLD Team2012. The programme was presided over by to experience culture and tradition with girlsMarjina Haque, former regional commissioner from the Brownies, Girl Guides, Rangers andof the Rajshahi region. In total there were 184 Leaders. The GOLD Team also shared theirCouncillors from eight Girl Guide regions training skills to girls and leaders.present. They elected 23 members for theNational Executive Committee for the year They did activities such as: participating in a2012 - 2015. Sayeda Rehana Imam was candle ceremony each morning to mark thiselected as the National Commissioner and special programme into the Cook Islands;Professor Yesmin Ahmed was elected as the learning local basket weaving and otherTreasurer. After the election, the elected weavings; participate in sewing fresh flowermembers took their oath. The oath programme garlands; Learning the skills on embroidery forwas conducted by Marjina Haque, Chairman cushion covers; Doing coconut huskingof the council. activities; Learning the different ways of sarong tying; Participating in island dancingThe election committee consisted of five lessons; Participating in a Duke of Edinburghmembers from different regions. Begum Award programme on Expedition with girls onKawsar Nasrin, Senior Assistant Secretary, mountain hiking; Courtesy visits to a handful ofMinistry of Education of the Bangladesh government and private sectors; AttendingGovernment was present during the local church services in the Cook Islandsprogramme as an external observer. Christian Church and the Catholic church.The annual report (December 2011 - October During their visit they also took part in2012) of the Bangladesh Girl Guides International Day of the Girl celebrations on 11Association was presented during the council. October 2012. The programme began with aBeside this report they also presented different short devotion in the morning conducted bySub-Committee reports, audit reports of the young women from a local Girl Guideeight regions, proposed budget for the year company, Titikaveka Girl Guide Company. The2012-2013 and the appointment of the audit eight member team was from Girlguiding Newfirm was also actioned. World quota, World Zealand, team leader Nicola Roux de Buison,Thinking Day fees, among others were also Jackie Crawford, Serena Smalley and Angelaset during this council. Stockman. The Girl Guides Australia Incorporated team was composed of leader Fiona Miller, Jaimmi Hayhoe, Emma SheardGOLD Team Visits Cook Islands and Kathryn Martin. The Titikaveka Girl Guide Company hosted the team for an islandA journey was made to the Cook Islands by breakfast and lighting, blowing and cutting of aeight enthusiastic leaders from Girlguiding special cake for this celebration.New Zealand and Girl Guides AustraliaIncorporated in partnership with the Guiding To add an island flavour, the Girl GuidesOverseas Link for Development (GOLD). They Association Cook Islands (GGACI) honoured 5
  6. 6. the GOLD Team by planting two gardenia close cooperation, understanding and Girlplants to mark the day in the compound where Guiding spirit/sisterhood among members andthey were accommodated for two weeks. Tree friends of GGAM. “We need to live by our Girlplanting is a significant ceremony for any Guides’ motto that is `Be Prepared’ to face thevisiting group or occasion. This marked the dynamic change in the world around us.event and the 100 Years of changing lives Therefore, it is imperative that every Guiderprogramme in the Cook Islands. Local girls and member strive their best to equipshared their island knowledge on coconut themselves with the latest skills andhusking, cutting and crating the coconut. The knowledge for any challenges”, she said.GOLD Team were given a taste of the freshcoconut juice and white meat of the coconut. Guest-of-honour Normala Baharudin, Vice Chairman of the Asia Pacific Regional Committee, praised and thanked the recipients YBhg Datin Seri Zalillah Mohd Taib, Jeyadhevi Subramaniam and Lucy Lee for their contributions to the association. “I hope the achievements by these three ladies will inspire others especially the young ones in emulating their contributions and volunteerism. Their support to the association is really appreciated. The effort and commitment by leaders in utilising their resources, talents and influences effectively is of utmost importanceTo conclude the event, the GOLD team was to develop girls and young women intoinvited to a traditional ceremony hosted by the responsible and capable world citizen”, sheHouse of Ariki. They hope to continue this in said before presenting the awards.2013 to improve relations with others in theGirl Guiding and Girl Scouting world. They They each received a Sri Kandi gold brooch,would like to send congratulations to every girl trophy and certificate. Normala alsoin the movement around the Asia Pacific congratulated the association on the 95thRegion for taking a challenge in their life to anniversary of Girl Guiding and Girl Scoutingbecome an excellent girl in the society. in the country.Girl Guides Srikandi Award for ThreeWomen of Substance Pakistan Runs Project on Peace Promotion Pakistan Girl Guides Association AKYSBPAround 220 members and friends of Girl Branch’s Rehmani Garden Senior Girl GuidesGuides Association Malaysia (GGAM) Company initiated a year-long project for theattended the Srikandi Award and Girl Guides “Promotion of Peace” in July. The project is threefold and caters to three major objectives. The first objective is to promote internal peace through meditative practices so that the target audience can learn about ways to relaxAssociation Malaysia 95th Anniversary Night the mind anddinner on 23 November 2012 to honour three achieve peaceladies who contributed to the association. The internally. The second component aims toevent was held at the association expose youth of the community to variousheadquarters, Wisma Pandu Puteri, Jalan cultures locally and in other countries so theyPantai Baharu, Kuala Lumpur. may be acquainted to multiculturalism and values of tolerance that are so relevant andYBhg Datin Seri Zalillah Mohd Taib, GGAM important for the society. The final componentChief Commissioner in her welcoming speech focuses on raising awareness on the pertinentsaid that the success achieved in the 95 years issues of human rights focusing on womenof Girl Guiding in Malaysia was due to the and children’s rights in society.
  7. 7. The camp activities included a cookingIn this regard, the Rehmani Garden Senior challenge, poster making on environment,Girl Guides arranged a poetry writing camping and Winnie roast (banana, corn, andcompetition on the theme of “a world without marshmallow) partying, boating, biking,violence” for the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts of playing games, and visiting Baguio City’sfour localities. The aim of the activity was to market, mall, parks and some historicalthink and reflect on the growing violence in the places. The Girl Guides visited Maryworld and how it affects people. The activity Immaculate Conception School in Baguio toencourages young girls to express their present Damansara School’s “Save thethoughts through creative expression. An art Endangered Species Project” and at the samecompetition was also organized for Junior Girl time they learned other environmental issuesGuides of the four localities on the theme “The that our country is currently experiencing.World We Want for Ourselves”. The objectiveof this was for these young girls to start Thailand Runs Life Skill and Servicenoticing the environment around them, to get Training Campthem to think of the aspects of the society thatmake them uneasy and which they feel can be Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) Association ofimproved so that we may have a peaceful Thailand organized a ‘Life Skill and Servicesociety. Girl Guides and Junior Girl Guides Training Camp’ from 16 to 18 November 2012participated in these activities and many for 70 Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from Cha-entries were received which reflected how am Khunying Neungburi school in thedeeply and creatively youth thinks about Prachuapkhirikan Province. The programmevarious aspects and problems of the society entailed Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to traveland the wider world. to Bangkok by train, wishing Their Majesty the King and Queen good health in Girl GuidesThe Philippines Runs Malaysian Girl and Girl Scouts uniform as a group, setting upGuides Camp for Environmental Campaign tents, learning to use a cooking pot, sewing cloth bags to give as gift when visiting the Emergency Home, an NGO which provides shelter to girls and young women with unwanted pregnancies as well as battered wives to learn about their plight and provide comfort to victims of sexual abuse and violence. Boonyanuj Leukla noted “I was so excited about this camp and had to learn to adaptThe Girl Scouts of the Philippines ran a three- myself to many new things like learning today Friendship Adventure Camp for more than cook where the toughest part was learning to30 Girl Guides from Bukit Damansara Primary light the fire. We also had fun activities withSchool, one of Malaysia’s top performing games and songs, visited the Emergencyschools, at the Ating Tahanan National Home to give the bag I sewed as well asProgramme and Training Centre in Baguio learning about the girls and women facingCity, Philippines from 18 to 22 November family problems. I also had a chance to hold a2012. The Malaysian Ministry of Education neglected baby, which made me yearn to stayapproved and funded the activity which aimed back”.to promote environmental concerns and fostercultural and friendship exchange. 7
  8. 8. Nepal Scouts Hold Scout Rally On 24 November 2012 a Scout Rally was organized by the Nepal Scouts National Headquarters on the occasion of 100 years of WAGGGS and 60 years of Nepal Scouts. TheWLDP in TokyoWAGGGS and the Girl Scouts of Japanhosted a WAGGGS Leadership DevelopmentProgramme (WLDP) at the National OlympicsMemorial Youth Centre in Tokyo, Japan from 2to 7 October 2012.This event brought together participating districts in the rally were42 participants from 21 countries, including 18 Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, and Lalitpur districts.participants from Japan. 1,700 Boy and Girl Scouts participated in the Rally.Makiko Kato, one of the Japaneseparticipants, commented, "It was the first time The Rally was started and inaugurated fromfor me to participate in WAGGGS events and I the Central Sports Stadium Dasharathlearned what is leadership and gained tips to Rangashala to the central parts of Kathmandube a good leader through some activities. The City up to the Nepal Scouts Nationalmost interesting workshop for me is the Headquarters. Mr. Baikuntha Manandhar,Powerful Question, a leadership skills session. Marathon Gold Medallist, also a previousThis workshop taught me the way to ask Scout, inaugurated the Rally from Dasharathquestions which encourage and move people Rangashala.forward. I am working harder by bringing thisskill into daily life. Also it was my first time to When the rally reached the Nationalspend seven days with Girl Scouts and Girl Headquarters of Nepal Scouts, aGuides from other countries. Through the formal programme was nights and Japanese nights, we Ms. Pushpalata Bhattarai, Joint Chieflearnt more about each country and culture. Commissioner of Nepal Scouts chaired theWLDP brought me to a new world and new programme. Prof. Dr. Shiva Kumar Rai,friends from all over the world!" Member of National Planning Commission of Nepal was invited as the Chief Guest for theGirl Guides Association of Malaysia and programme. The Secretary andWalt Disney Award for Brownie Undersecretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (line ministry of Nepal Scouts) alsoThe inaugural Phineas and Ferb Isabella attended the programme.Award by Walt Disney Channel and GirlGuides Association of Ms. Ram Badan Joshi, Coordinator of ScoutMalaysia was presented Rally 2012 and Chairperson of the Advisoryduring the recent Committee of Nepal Scouts gave a welcomeKarnival Pandu Puteri speech mentioning the importance 100 yearsTunas at the Bukit of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and theMerah Laketown Resort, diamond jubilee of Nepal Scouts. ThePerak. This was in representatives from the three districts spokerecognition of one of the about the centenary and 60-year celebrationgirls who made Phineas activities from their respective districts. Theand Ferb’s adventures possible - Fireside Girl chief guest highlighted the importance ofTroop Leader, Isabella Garcia Shapiro. Young scouting in Nepal in the present situation whenwinners aged 10 to 12 years old showed the country is going through political instability.remarkable leadership as Pandu Puteri TunasCompany Leaders (Ketua Pasukan Pandu A message from the Low Lih Jeng, Chairman,Puteri Tunas). They are confident with a go- Asia Pacific Regional Committee, WAGGGSgetter attitude, tenacious with a let’s-give-it- was read during the ceremony. The Scoutsour-best-shot perseverance, cheerful and were excited to attend the rally and many ofoptimistic. More importantly, they are good them recommended that this kind of big eventfriends to their company members. should take place more often in future.
  9. 9. introduced the reef knot that is so useful inPakistan Runs Cadet Girl Guide Training daily life. Every Girl Guide and Girl Scout knows how to tie a reef knot, so when theyPakistan Girl saw how surprised the television personalitiesGuides were at how useful a reef knot is, they feltAssociation anew that "Girl Guide and Girl Scout skills thatNational they learn naturally are all far more useful thanHeadquarters they ever imagined." Girl Scouts of Japanorganized a uploaded a video of the rope work from thetraining for television programme onto Facebook.Cadet GirlGuides from 27 to 31 August 2012. 60students of the Government College for Girl Scouts of Korea Sign Memorandum ofElementary Teachers, belonging to different Understanding with 2013 Special Olympicsareas of the country attended the training.Facilitators passed the knowledge to theparticipants in various interesting ways. Mrs.Tahira Ahmad, Mrs. Shamsa Kashif, SyedaKhawar Ehsan, Ms. Zaheen Shafque and Mrs.Arjumand Shamim were among the facilitators.Sessions on the Introduction of Girl Guiding,Formation of Girl Guide companies,Components of the Girl Guide programme,History of Girl Guiding, National and Girl Scouts of Korea took part in aInternational Girl Guide Celebrations and Memorandum of Understanding SigningInternational Girl Guiding were the main Ceremony with the 2013 Pyeongchangfeatures of the workshop. Special Olympics Winter Games World Competition Organization Committee in JulyOn 30 August 2012 a Day Camp was 2012 to support the Olympics.organized. Participants learnt to make differentgadgets with the help of knots and set up 300 Girl Scouts participated in D-100shelters. On 31 August 2012 participants took celebration event “Together We Walk” on 21an oath and were enrolled as Cadet Girl October 2012 and Girl Scout officials willGuides by Mrs. Tahira Ahmad, National participate in the “Special Scarf Project” to knitSecretary, Pakistan Girl Guides Association. the scarves. The knitted scarves will beLater in the day the closing ceremony was donated to the athletes during the Openingheld. Mrs. Farhana Azim, National Ceremony of the Olympics.Commissioner, Pakistan Girl GuidesAssociation was the Chief Guest. In her The Special Olympics World Winter Gamesaddress, she emphasized the importance of PyeongChang 2013, an international sportingteachers in society and motivated them to event where people with intellectual disabilitieslearn for moving forward in life. She also from all around the world participate, will takedistributed certificates to the participants. place from 29 January 2013 to 5 February 2013 at PyeongChang, Korea. The Philippines Participates in Jamboree- On-The-Air (JOTA)/Jamboree-On-The- Internet (JOTI) The Girl Scouts of the Philippines participated inGirl Scouts of Japan Appearances in the 55thPopular TV Programmes Jamboree-on- the-Air (JOTA)Girl Scouts of Japan, who are known for being and 16thgood at knots, were featured on NHKs popular Jamboree-on-the-Internet (JOTI) on 20morning programme Asa-ichi where they October 2012. The event was conducted by 9
  10. 10. the Boy Scouts of the Philippines in The meeting was held in Bangkok from 3 to 5coordination with the Philippine Amateur Radio September 2012 to create a network ofAssociation (PARA). JOTA and JOTI are held influential diplomats and experienced expertsannually every third Saturday of October. to promote peace and reconciliation in theThrough this activity, Junior, Senior and Cadet Asian region using a confidential diplomaticGirl Guides and Girl Scouts have the approach. The founding members of APRC,opportunity to communicate with other Girl which will have a Secretariat in Bangkok,Guides and Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts in the included many former Prime Ministers fromcountry and abroad through the ham radio and across Asia. HRH Maha Chakri Sirindhorn ofthe Internet. Susan R Locsin, Girl Scouts of Thailand also attended and met participants of ndthe Philippines 2 National Vice President, the APRC.gave an inspirational message. Girl Guidesand Girl Scouts and Troop Leaders from the It was a significant lifetime experience duringCaloocan City and Pasay City Councils which Praewa learned a lot of new thingsparticipated in the event. since it was completely different from other valuable opportunities she has had.Royal Visit to the Solomon Islands Praewa writes :Maia Ramsden of the Solomon Islands GirlGuides Association (SIGGA) writes on theRoyal visit to her island: “I am very glad that I got to talk with the former Prime Minister of “When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Malaysia about my Girl Guiding andarrived here it was exceedingly exciting. I am Girl Scouting experiences invery interested in the royal families of the past Thailand and at WAGGGSand present but more because they are an international events I have attendedage-old family who has been all over the world and I shared the work of WAGGGSthan because I think they should be in a with him. He seemed veryposition of great power. It was a great interested and surprised, and askedprivilege to be part of the royal guard of a lot of questions about Girl Guidinghonour with the other Solomon Islands Girl and Girl Scouting! I was so thrilled!Guides and Girl Scouts even in the I also mentioned that I have lovelyunfortunate weather. I am slightly disappointed Malaysian Sister Girl Guides in histhat I did not get to shake their hands like my country too! Self-confidence, self-brother and sister. All in all it was a wonderful esteem, leadership and decision-experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.” making are some of the valuable skills I have developed fromThailand Girl Guide Selected to Support the participating in Girl Guiding and GirlAsian Peace and Reconciliation Council Scouting activities, which helped(APRC) me a lot in working at this event. It also helps open more doors ofThamonwan Na Nakara (Praewa), a young opportunities for me. Thank youBoard Committee member of the Girl Guides WAGGGS! Thank you Girl Guiding(Girl Scouts) Association of Thailand was and Girl Scouting! I am very proudselected to be the personal liaison of the to be a Girl Guide and Girl Scout!”former Prime Minister of Malaysia, TunAbdullah Ahmad Badawi at the Asian Peaceand Reconciliation Council (APRC)preparatory meeting.
  11. 11. Pakistan Runs Income Generation Skills Trainings In September 2012 the Pakistan Girl Guides Association organized two trainings on incomeKorea Runs Fundraising Campaign in generation skills inSupport of Girl Victims Suffering from District Shekhupura and Lahore Cantt in whichSexual Violence 30 Senior Guides participated. They learnt how to make handmade baskets, greeting cards, decoration pieces and how to cook different food items at home. At the end they exhibited stalls in their educational institutions and generated money by selling these items. Senior Girl Guides from Lahore taught the community women to make envelopes from newspaper, they also provided newspapers to the women to make envelopes for sale to upgrade their economic situation.Girl Scouts of Korea together with theHappyBean Foundation, embarked on aFundraising Campaign in support of girlvictims suffering from sexual violence. TheHappyBean Foundation is working for thepublic good as a non-profit foundation ofNaver which is Koreas largest portal site.On 6 October Girl Scouts of Korea had aMemorandum of Understanding SigningCeremony with HappyBean Foundation during Enthusiasm and Teamwork Grows Girlthe Fifth Girls’ Day event and started the Guiding in a district of New ZealandCampaign by making a piggy bank to raisefunds. Juyeon Park, a Junior Girl Scout who Girl Guiding istook part in the Campaign, said "I hope to flourishing in themake the perfect world for girls, especially for Cromwell/Lakes areathe girl victims of sexual violence, by of Central Otago inparticipating in this meaningful campaign." the lower South Island, thanks to theThis campaign has been conducted on the enthusiasm andweb as well as offline from 11 October 2012 in team work of a groupcommemoration of The 1st UN International of 23 leaders.Day of the Girl to 11 December 2012 bymaking a piggy bank or donating Bean (a “We are operating with waiting lists or at fulldonation item of HappyBean) through the capacity in Wakatipu and Cromwell Pippin,HappyBean website. In addition, Girl Guides Brownie and Cromwell Ranger Units,” saysand Girl Scouts posted messages and photos District Co-ordinator and Cromwell Brownieof donation activities on a Members Club Leader Patricia Hilton. “The key reason we arewhich is a web community of HappyBean. flourishing is the extremely motivated positive leaders who work together to make reallyThrough this Campaign, Girl Scouts of Korea exciting programmes for the girls in all units. Ihopes to help girls change the world believe that in providing programmes that arethemselves and this campaign will be challenging and fun, you will always have girlscontinued under various themes for girls and keen to be involved regardless of age.”young women. Patricia said the lack of a permanent Girl Guiding hall is a blessing, rather than a hindrance to the region’s success. “We don’t have to spend time fundraising for venues so 11
  12. 12. all our energy goes on making sure we have unit activities and to provide training for unitexciting programmes for all our girls. Our leaders.philosophy is that we should be out in thecommunity as much as possible.” After only “As one of GirlGuiding New Zealand’s goals isfour years, Patricia is excited about the future to encourage and support diversity within theirand happy about the opportunities provided by membership and local communities, trainingthe tightly-run units in her district. information is being developed to better understand the needs of refugee girls and their“We are flourishing here and it’s amazing that families and increase skills to assist theirwe’ve only been up and running for four years. integration into the New Zealand way of life,”It’s a testament to the commitment and said Sue.enthusiasm of our leaders. They run greatunits, are really positive and have lots of fun. A further initiative for the Refugee IntegrationThe parent leaders don’t receive discounted Project is to provide the opportunity for girls,membership for their daughters so they are their families and community leaders to have athere because they enjoy it and that makes go at Girl Guiding activities, to showcase thesuch a difference to our girls and the time they types of activities that girls are involved in “sohave while they’re with us,” said Patricia. they feel more relaxed and comfortable when beginning their Girl Guiding life at unit meetings”.Refugees encouraged to join GirlGuidingNew ZealandAn innovativeproject inManawatu toencourage girlsfrom refugee Special Summer Camp for children in areasfamilies to join affected by the Great East EarthquakeGirlGuidingNew Zealand Girl Scouts ofcontinues to grow. A task force has been set Japan invitedup to assist Refugee Integration Project leader elementarySue Arnold and the local Refugee Services to and junior highprovide further support for the girls and their school pupilsfamilies. from Iwate, Miyagi and“Our Refugee Integration Project aims to Fukushima,embrace diversity and end the isolation some the threeof these girls feel when they arrive in a strange prefectures hit by the Great East Japancountry. All our girls benefit by experiencing Earthquake in March 2011, to a three-dayand interacting with girls of a different culture, camp.which expands their horizons and encouragesunderstanding,” says Sue. Girl Guiding is a The camp was financed by donations from Girlsafe way for these girls to be involved in the Guides and Girl Scouts in Japan andPalmerston North community and immerse overseas. They used the National Hanayamathemselves in New Zealand life and to try new Youth Outdoor Learning Centre in Miyagi andthings and achieve new challenges,” she says. planned activities that would cultivate disaster prevention skills and instil a zest for living inThe task force will focus on issues related to the rich natural environment. The childrengetting girls between unit meetings and their cooperated with each other and deepenedhomes and meeting with Refugee Services their friendship. All the activities wereand community leaders to develop strategies conducted in groups with Rangers or studentfor further promotion and successful leaders acting as leaders. The Rangersintegration and retention of girls in the units. showed excellent organizational skills and theFuture plans include setting up a uniform and participants enjoyed three fun days in safety inresource pool to provide access to these for the company of group leaders. Thegirls who are regularly attending Girl Guiding participants went home after the camp saying that they wanted to come again next year. In
  13. 13. response to their wish, Girl Scouts of Japan Girl Guides Singapore works closely with theare planning to hold the summer camp again National Environment Agency (NEA) withnext year. regards to educating the young about environmental issues faced locally. We haveGirl Scouts of the Philippines Honours programmes established for our Brownies -Founder Resource Conservation Badge and Public Health Badge. These two badges are theThe Josefa Llanes Escoda Hall was dedicated champion badges that Brownies will attend on 20 upon completion of the five merit badges. September at the Girl Scouts Besides workshops, there were a series of of the competitions, related to the environment, as Philippines well as sharing sessions with the Guiders and (GSP) national public on their activities. For instance, our headquarters Brownies were given the opportunity to share on Padre at the Clean and Green Singapore Schools’Faura, Manila. On this day, the Girl Scouts ofthe Philippines honoured its founder, JosefaLlanes Escoda, on her 114th birth anniversary.Escoda was a suffragist and an advocate forwomens rights. Escoda Days theme this yearwas "Remembering Our Great Founder."A heroine of World War II, Escoda is known forher sacrifices in helping Filipino soldiersendure the difficulties of prison life. She was Carnival about the two WAGGGS badges tolast seen on 6 January 1945, in Manila, where the guest of honours present and the public.she died in a concentration camp. GSP Many were impressed by the programmes andobserves Josefa Llanes Escoda Day each were also given an opportunity for hands-onyear on 20 September with fitting celebrations activities by virtue of PresidentialProclamation 1214. GSP members contribute Addressing both local and globalto the Josefa Llanes Escoda Memorial Fund, environmental issues, the “Hand Pledge” ideawhich supports travel expenses of Girl Scouts was adapted. During the workshops, weand Troop Leaders who attend international collected the pledges from our Brownies. Atevents representing the GSP. our Guiders’ Seminar, we collected pledges from the Guiders as the theme was aboutSingapore Represented at Green Seminar environmental sustainability. All the pledges collected were displayed during ourJing Fang from Girl Guides Singapore (GGS) International Camp. Participants at theattended a seminar at Sangam in March 2012. International Camp were also asked to makeShe writes on her experience here: their pledge for the environment. “In March 2012, I was given the opportunity to Being a busy yet fulfilling year, the ‘finale’ wasattend a one week seminar, “Young Women our National Brownie Revel held on 10Leading for a Greener Future”. The week-long November 2012. The revel was themed “Weseminar was held at Sangam from 14 to 20 can Save our Planet”. NEA partnered GGS forMarch. It was indeed an amazing experience this event as they sponsored gifts for theas 39 young women from 34 countries came goodie bags, the mascots that were related totogether working towards a common goal. the two NEA Champion Badges and OperationAll sessions were designed to help young M.A.C.E, an online gaming portal designed towomen better understand the environmental address dengue related issues. Apart from ourissues that were faced globally. Through the usual competitions set aside for Brownies, weseries of activities during the seminar, we were included competitions for both Brownies andrequired to submit a development action plan their family members. We hope to see themfor our own country, thus the plans for involved as their support will mean a lot to ourBrownies to be more environmentally involved Brownies. Beside competitions, there were– National Brownie Revel 2012. booths activities open to all for participation. Competitions and booth activities used 13
  14. 14. recycled materials so as to relate better to our Girl, was selected to attend the UN High Leveltheme. Panel Meeting with the Young People in London, United Kingdom on 2 NovemberThe knowledge gained, ideas exchanged and 2012. Michelle, together with three other Girlstrategies to approach allowed me to make a Guides from the UK and Nigeria shared theirdifference and influence many others to do the experiences in the youth meeting with thesame for the environment. Spreading our high-level panel on the post-2015 agenda.advocacy and helping one another in reaching They were part of the 23-strong delegation ofour common goal, girls worldwide say, young people from different parts of the world“Together we can save our planet.” that met the high-level panel appointed by the UN Secretary General to develop and submit aThailand Continues Work from Girls World report on post-2015 development framework.ForumIn July 2012 PinyadaThongrom andNapassornWattanasiri, both 18years old, from theGirl Guides (GirlScouts) Associationof Thailand attendedthe Girls’ WorldForum (GWF) 2012in Chicago, USA.Upon their returnthey have been empowered with leadership Michelle writes about her experience:skills and were confident to organize the ‘Ridea Bicycle Project’ with two different targetgroups. I envision a world where every girl and young woman has access to her rights. This is theRide a Bicycle Project is a ‘Take Action world I want beyond 2015, and to be able toProject’ from the GWF 2012 focusing on UN share my vision to the decision-makers is anMillennium Development Goal 7 – Ensure opportunity of a lifetime.environmental sustainability. The aim of theproject is to gather girls and boys from Mahidol Attending the UN High Level Panel MeetingUniversity to raise their awareness of Youth session revealed to me how powerful it isconserving the environment, save on fossil to gather together and speak out so that youth’sfuel, reduce carbon emission and improve air unheard voices can reach more people. I thinkquality. it is a significant event for me and the young people I represent. Being in one room withOn 1 November 2012 they began a eminent persons around the world, listening tosustainable transport excursion starting off them as they also share their vision for thefrom Mahidol University, Salaya, Nakhon youth, and representing the 3.5 billion youthPathom Province to the nearby area. A total of worldwide is overwhelming but it really15 girls and boys participated in the project. “I happened!am very pleased and proud of myself to beable to carry out this project. Thanks a lot to The post-2015 development agenda mustWAGGGS and the Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) ensure the inclusion of a focus on the role ofAssociation of Thailand for empowering me young people in achieving human developmentwith the leadership skill.” goals. And as Graca Machel articulated in our roundtable discussion, there should not be segmentation; rather a holistic approach inAP Region International Day of the Girl including innovations should be realized. YoungAmbassador attends UN High Level Panel people today are drivers of many economies;Event our positive energy and idealism are making us great catalysts for change. We are not aMichelle Alvarez of the Girl Scouts of the problem but a solution. As a young person whoPhilippines and Asia Pacific Region is passionate for change, I am making sure thatAmbassador for the International Day of the this is just the beginning of speaking out for my generation. The outcomes yielded in this event must continue to break barriers to fully realize our goals to be included in the development process.
  15. 15. The experience of representing WAGGGS at a Asia Pacific Region ScholarshipUN event is something I did not imagine, but itwas a favoured experience. I am so blessed to In 2012 Sangam was delighted to welcomebe there, and the unswerving support of Girl five Amy Bush Bursary participants from theScouts of the Philippines, Asia Pacific Region Asia Pacific Region. They participated in ourand WAGGGS made it a memorable moment Community Programme, Gifts for Change andin my Girl Scouting life! “Be The Change” events. If you would like to take advantage of this scholarship, only available to the Asia Pacific region, please contact Centres Get Connected with Sangam World Centre There are tons of ways to stay connected with SANGAM CORNERAre You Ready to Be the Change? Sangam. Check us out at to see daily updates about our current and upcomingOur first ever “Be the Change” event, centred events.around Millennium Development Goal 6, was agreat success. There is still space left in our Click over tonext “Be the Change” event for MDG 3: to see“Empowering Girls and Women”. On 3 to 9 videos of our participants, staff, and volunteersMarch 2013, Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from in action. And of coursearound the world will come together to learn to has all of thebe the change they want to see in the world. information about our programmes, events,Participants will learn how Sangams scholarships, and so much more.Community Partners are affecting change inPune and create advocacy or community Party Time at Sangam!leadership plans to take home. Every year Sangam gets older, but the party To book your space now, email gets bigger! October 2013 will be our or birthday, and weve already started planningcheck out for our 50th birthday in 2016. We have more than one surprise in store for our goldenmmes/events/bethechange to see our future birthday, so reserve your spot today! Contact“Be the Change” events. for more information.Sangams Community ProgrammeHave you ever wanted to volunteer for a greatorganization and really make a difference, but OUR CHALET CORNERdo not have twelve weeks to spare? ThenSangam has just the thing for you! In additionto our twelve-week Community Programme, Volunteering at Our Chaletwe now have a shorter four-week Programme.Participants in the four-week Programme will The Autumnjump right into their volunteer experience with season hasone of Sangams many community partners. seen the returnYou will be paired with a twelve-week of pastparticipant and immerse yourself in Indian volunteers andculture and tradition, while staying at Sangam staff. This year,World Centre. For more information on the due to theProgramme or scholarship opportunities, visit extensive renovations tommes/cp01 or contact the kitchen, decided to open up the volunteering posts to past staff and volunteers. We were very happy to 15
  16. 16. welcome back Sarah Rees (previous Deputy something for everyone. Interested in readingWorld Centre Manager) and Anna Maxted all about the week? Check out Gina’s blogfrom Perth. Although not a previous volunteer (Girl Guide leader from Barbados) and read allhere, Anna spent two weeks helping us pack about her adventure in the Swiss Alps:up the kitchen and store rooms for the Here is what Anna has to sayabout her time here: If you are interested in Walking Week we are now open for Walking Week 2013 bookings! Check out our flyer for the event. Living in the middle of Switzerland was fantastic. It was very, well, Swiss. th Friends Week: 80 Birthday Event Chocolate, cheese, cow bells, you get the gist. With cows living on-site I soon got used to their chiming bells! But I loved how it was so global. Even though I was living in Switzerland I was working with people from all over the world (Sarah (Australia), Leah (UK), Emi (Japan) and Carly and Heather (USA). And I had a lot of fun. I got to go hiking and rock climbing while I was on programme which was very cool, we had a fantastic staff day out and on my To officially celebrate the 80th Birthday we held days off I did a bit of sightseeing in a Friends of Our Chalet event in September. Switzerland. Being at the Chalet got me This event saw 23 people from the USA, UK, thinking more about Girl Guiding and Girl Canada and Germany come together. A few of Scouting and WAGGGS. I now have a the group were past staff, many of the group better understanding of how global Girl were old friends but everyone left at the end of Guiding and Girl Scouting is and how far the week as firm friends. you can go with it, so I am starting to think how I can go further into Girl Guiding when The week started with a celebration with the I get home, and I am very excited for my local community – friends and neighbours next trip to the Chalet.’ attending together with our event participants. Fritz Inniger (a friend who has been connected to Our Chalet since he was a boy) started the celebration with a history presentation. Later we listened to the beautiful sounds of the Alpine horns and joined various activities fromWalking Week birthday games for children to Japanese origami craft. There was plenty of food forFollowing everyone to enjoy, from homemade goodiespopular (made by the volunteers) to a beautifully madedemand cake (by the local bakery). Although the mainwe brought celebration was over, the Friends Week hadback the just begun, the participants enjoyed an actionWalking packed week in the autumn sunshine: theWeek. weather was very good to them!Back in1969 thefirst Aussie Group!Walking Week was held and through the 70’sand 80’s it was one of the most popular Our At the end of September a group of 15 GirlChalet events. The week saw participant aged Guides, Rangers and Leaders from 5thfrom 18 to 72 walk together, challenge each Brighton Girl Guides, Melbourne came to Ourother and become good friends. Each day the Chalet for a week of adventure. After travellingparticipants chose the level of hikes that they to UK and France, Switzerland was next onwould like to challenge themselves with the their list before they headed home and back tonext day (they had four to choose from and school. The group had an adventurous week:two hikes went ahead) so there really was
  17. 17. they headed to the adventure park, to Walking WeekEngstligenfalls, the woodcarvers as well asvisits to Interlaken and Jungfrau. The group Walking Week is an international event forwere introduced to Geocaching (an individuals and groups over 18 of age whointernational game of hide and seek with enjoy outdoor activities especially walking andGPS’s) and took every opportunity to find them hiking. Rangers and Rovers, adult leaders,during their stay! members of Friends of Our Chalet groups and others. If walking and exploring the luscious nature, meeting new friends, challenging‘I have been amazingly lucky to travel at my yourself and finding peace is an idea of yourage; I have truly been inspired by my visit to perfect holiday then this event is for you. BookOur Chalet. I plan to come and volunteer in the your place today by emailingfuture’ Australian group member. Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGSUp and coming events:Join a Winter WeekWinter weeks run from 23 December 2012 to23 February 2013, starting every Sunday!Winter Adventure Week includes six nights’ Juseon Byun PhD Awarded “Dato” Statusaccommodation, all meals, day and eveningprogramme and costs only CHF 600. Winter Juseon Byun PhD, former Chairman, FriendsSki Week includes six nights’ accommodation, of Asia Pacific WAGGGS, and presentlyall meals, ski pass and evening programme for President of Korea council of Children’sonly CHF 690 (Youth) and CHF 720 (Adults). Organizations was honoured “Dato” status from the King of Pahang, Malaysia last 24 October 2012.Easter Event 2013 Malaysia is a country of constitutionalEaster Event from the 25 March to 31 March monarchy, and the King, “HM Sultan Haji2013 is an opportunity to come to Our Chalet Ahmad Shah” of Pahang, Malaysia is grantingand experience the magic of the oldest world “Dato” honourship to those who have devotedcentre. Here you can explore the spectacular their thoughts to the society and the country.Swiss Alps and challenge yourself through a It is a very rare occasion to have a foreignvariety of outdoor activities. You will have the person, or woman to receive this honour. Sheopportunity to savour Swiss culture, learn is the first woman awardee of Dato in Korea.about a variety of Easter traditions and The ceremony was held in Kuantan Pahang,discover what it means to be a member of Malaysia by His Majesty.WAGGGS, while making new friends in aninternational Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting Juseon Byun has devoted herself to developenvironment. For more information see our the leadership of young girls and women in theinformation pack. Girl Scouts of Korea. She was the first Chairman of the Asia Pacific Regional Committee from Korea. Additionally she has enhanced the prestige of Korea by establishing Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS, 17
  18. 18. and Peace Campaign throughout her term. your Girl Guides or Girl Scouts group canShe has also devoted herself to fulfil the contribute to the World Thinking Day Fund.agreement of the Children’s Rights by the U.N,to establish the Children’s Rightssystematically, she has put all of her efforts tomake this possible.World Thinking Day2013 World Thinking Congratulations to Day 2013 Focus South Korea’s First Countries and Theme Female President Announced The twin themes of We would like to extend our heartfelt child mortality and congratulations to Her Excellency Ms. Park maternal health, Geun-hye who has made history by winning and the focus South Koreas presidential election. countries Republic of Ireland, Jordan, Ms. Park Geun-He is a staunch supporter of Malawi, Pakistan the Girl Scouts of Korea, having held the and Venezuela position of Honorary President in the 1970s.have been confirmed for World Thinking Day Without a doubt, her election is a shining2013. example of excellent women leadership and we hope for her continued support to GirlOn 22 February 2013, Girl Guides and Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting not only withinScouts worldwide will come together to learn Korea, but also around the Asia Pacificabout and take action on the themes of Region.“together we can save children’s lives” and“every mother’s life and health is precious”,based on Millennium Development Goals(MDG) 4 and 5.Our five focus countries, representing the fiveWAGGGS Regions, will receive grants fromthe World Thinking Day Fund which they willput towards action projects based on MDG 4and/or 5 in their countries.Find out much more about the theme andfocus countries for 2013 by downloading thelatest World Thinking Day newsletter. You canpre-order your World Thinking Day 2013badges and pins from the WAGGGS onlineshop: the World Thinking Day newsletternow: Thinking Day is an important fundraisingday that ensures the Girl Guiding and GirlScouting Movement can continue to grow andprosper – so why not start thinking about how