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Library Service to Seniors: Handout


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Library Service to Seniors: Handout

  1. 1. Focus on: Seniors LIBRARY SERVICE TO SENIORS → “Librarians have been criticized for interpreting the needs of older adults in a narrow, stereotyped way, using a ‘medical’ model of old age to concentrate on providing a limited range of services for those unable to leave their homes or living in communal homes” (Kendall, 1996, p. 17). → Traditionally, there is a lack of in- house programming for seniors,DEFINING SENIORS: NEEDS although seniors are enthusiastic about what is offered (Piper, et• Now constitute a rapidly growing proportion of the population al., 2009). → “The great majority of [public• Need to move away from perceiving older people as a libraries] gave a low priority to homogenous grouping on the sole basis of chronological age program development for older adults” (Turock, 1987, p. 137).• Trends: Declining solidarity of family care, changes in family patterns, dispersion of generations and increased C OLLEC TIONS S ERVING SENIO RS dependence on a personal community that is increasingly o Large Print o Audiobooks focused on friends, not family o Periodicals o Partnerships with CNIB• Older people need access to sustained, interpersonal o E-books and audiobooks interactions through social networks SE RVIC ES SE RVING SENIO RS• The Public Library is a potential source for helping seniors o Homebound services or build new ties to non-kin (friends) to access support deposit collections at nursing and retirement• Older people need opportunities to contribute meaningfully homes, and hospices o Computer classes• Interpersonal relationships as significant geared at seniors o Reading Clubs o As peers mobility and physical capacities fade, older o Flexible or extended loan people need to secure continuity of emotional and periods practical support through interpersonal relationships
  2. 2. 12 THE LOREM IPSUMS SPRING 2016 Our Library and the Community Served: PETERBOROUGH PUBLIC LIBRARY: Pe te rbo rou gh i s a h u b o f activ ity • Known for exceptional quality of life Mission: The Peterborough Public Library is our • Located in the Kawarthas tourist communitys connection to a world of resources to region inform, inspire and enlighten • Diverse commercial and agricultural • They are located at the heart of base Peterborough • Two post-secondary institutions • They have two branches • Well positioned as a “hub” with • 35% of the population are active card major airports between Toronto and holders Ottawa • Annual program attendance: 9,155 • Activities which attract an “active older adult” population Se rvic es Cu rre n tly O ffe red for Sen io rs: • Walkable, vibrant downtown area — Computer Classes Pe te rbo rou gh v alu es cu ltu re — Memoir Writing and Storytelling • “Levels of activity far above those — Kniterary Night (all adults welcome) typically found in other communities — “Shut-in service” of its size” (Municipal Culture Plan — Accessible equipment and space (2011) p.31 • “Well preserved built heritage” PETERBOROUGH: • Cultural industry linked positively to “quality of life” and “continued economic prosperity” for Population: Peterborough City: 74,600 Including County: 135,000 Pe te rbo rou gh v alu es se ni ors • City Website dedicated page – easily Population is aging: accessible 2006: 13% of the population age 55-64 • Health Supports, Agencies – links to 2011: 15.3% of the population age 55-64 businesses geared to seniors needs Total: 15% change between 2006-2011 • Social activities • “Seniors rates” for monthly/seasonal transit pass • “HandiVan” special transportation • Tax Assistance – for 65+ with low income (-25K)/Tax Rebate for Heritage Property Owners 2