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Oklahoma FCCLA Technology Techniques October 2008


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A brief slide show with tips and tricks for Oklahoma FCCLA Advisors. Includes PowerPoint, Stock photos, iTunes playlists, and more.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Oklahoma FCCLA Technology Techniques October 2008

  1. 1. Technology tips Oklahoma FCCLA Advisors PowerPoint Stock Photos iTunes Blogs Misc.
  2. 2. POWER point
  3. 13. STOCK photos
  4. 14.
  5. 15.
  6. 16.
  7. 17. Rhett’s BLOGS Leadership Presentation Skills Content &
  8. 18. i TUNES Search for “ iTunes ” music playlists
  9. 19. music playlists Misc. large file sharing google’s pic manager streaming personalized audio creative short videos
  10. 20. @ Rhett