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  1. 1. “People are basically good.” –Pierre Omidya (founder of eBay)Rhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 01/21
  2. 2. “People are basically good.” :/ –Pierre Omidya (founder of eBay)Rhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 02/21
  3. 3. “People will behave if they sense that there is a long-term value in doing so, and a short-term loss in not doing so.” −Yochai Benkler, Professor of Entrepreneurial Legal Studies & co-director of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society @ Harvard UniversityRhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 03/21
  4. 4. Civic Engagement: The activities which promote the bridging of communities with socially conscious thought and action.Rhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 04/21
  5. 5. Civic participation is not required in the United States.Rhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 05/21
  6. 6. Civic participation is not required in the United States. Not to mean there shouldn’t be better motivation to participate.Rhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 06/21
  7. 7. Why is this important?Rhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 07/21
  8. 8. Why is this important? How can we incentivise further involvment?Rhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 08/21
  9. 9. What value would this add?Rhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 09/21
  10. 10. SOCIAL & CIVIC VALUERhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 10/21
  11. 11. Social Value: The expected collective or economic benefits derived from the preferential treatment and cooperation between individuals and groups. (Aka: Our stock of relationships with people we can trust and rely on (Ex: Helping someone change their flat tire))Rhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 11/21
  12. 12. Civic Value: The benefits from a group actively trying to improve society, the results of which are made available even to those who are not participants in the group. (Much harder to create than social value)Rhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 12/21
  13. 13. Cognitive Surplus: The cumulative available talents and free time of people. (CONSUMER v. COLLABORATOR)Rhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 13/21
  14. 14. “...Our best chance for finding good ideas is to have as many groups as possible try as many things as possible.” −Clay Shirky, Adjunct professor @ New York Universitys graduate Interactive Telecommunications ProgramRhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 14/21
  15. 15. “...How much value we get out of our (CS) is how much we allow and encourage one another to experiment, because the only group that can try everything is everybody.”Rhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 15/21
  16. 16. lol cats.Rhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 16/21
  17. 17. Ushahidi (Testimony) A non-profit software company that develops free and open source software for information collection, visualization and interactive mapping.Rhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 17/21
  18. 18. Funtivity Time: - 15 min. - Brainstorm possible ways to create social/civic valueRhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 18/21
  19. 19. “Revolution doesnt happen when society adapts new tools, it happens when society adapts new behaviors.”Rhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 19/21
  20. 20. “Revolution doesnt happen when society adapts new tools, it happens when society adapts new behaviors.” “Behavior is motivation that has been filtered through opportunity.” -C.S.Rhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 20/21
  21. 21. THANK YOU.Rhett Bradbury CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 21/21