The Film Industry


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A quick research on my top 3 favourite films in the form of a powerpoint.

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The Film Industry

  1. 1. FILM INDUSTRY RESEARCH By Robin Hepwood
  2. 2. Toy Story 3 • Production Companies behind the film were Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. They areboth American companies. Pixar are famous for classicssuch as Toy Story series, A Bugs Life, Finding Nemo and Walle. Disney have made many films in the past including The Lion King, Aladdin, Pirates of the Caribbean and Mickey Mouse.
  3. 3. Toy Story 3• Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture distribute Toy Story 3 in both USA and UK.• The budget of Toy Story 3 was approximately $200,000,000• In USA it made gross profit of $414,806,932 and it made £73,405,113 in UK.• It’s opening weekend generated $110,307,189 in USA and £21,187,264 in UK.
  4. 4. Toy Story 3• Lee Unkrich directed •It was produced by Toy Story 3, he has Darla K. Anderson also directed Finding who also produced A Nemo and Monsters Bugs Life and Cars. Inc.
  5. 5. Toy Story 3• The screenwriter was John Lasseter who also wrote Toy Story and Toy Story 2.
  6. 6. Avatar• Production Companies of Avatar were Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Dune Entertainment, Ingenious Film Partners and Lightstorm Entertainment. Twentieth Century Fox made films such as The Simpsons Movie and Die Hard 4.0. Dune Entertainment have made Night at the Museum 2. Ingenious Film has made Stardust. Lightstorm entertainment has made Titanic.
  7. 7. Avatar• 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment distributed Avatar in USA and UK.• The gross profit of Avatar in USA was $760,507,625 and in UK was £93,442,625. Top Grossing film of all time.• The budget of the film was $237,000,000 approximately.• Its opening weekend gained $77,025,481 in USA. It received only £8,509,050 in UK.
  8. 8. Avatar• James Cameron directed •Avatar was produced by Avatar. He also directed Titanic Cameron and Jon Landau and Aliens. Top grossing who also produced director. Titanic.
  9. 9. Avatar• The screenwriter of Avatar was also James Cameron. He played a big part in creating the Top Grossing film of all time worldwide.
  10. 10. Back to the future• Production companies of the film(s) were Universal pictures, Amblin entertainment and U-Drive productions. Universal has made many films such as Johnny English and meet the parents. Amblin has made the legend of Zorro. U-Drive productions has made all back to the future films.
  11. 11. Back to the future• the film was distributed by universal pictures in uSA and universal international pictures in uk.• It had a budget of 19,000,000.• It had a gross profit of 197,902,294 in USA and in UK it was 461,194.• The opening weekend raised a profit of 11,332,134 in usa.
  12. 12. Back to the future• It was directed by Robert zemeCkis who also •It was produced by Neil canton and bob directed all back to the future films. gale. They both did the back to the future films.
  13. 13. Back to the future• the screenwriter of back to the future was Robert zemeckis and bob dale. Thy wrote all the back to the future films.