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overview of web sites students can use to find & share information

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Research 2 0

  1. 1. Research 2.0 Westport Public Schools November 3, 2009Staff Development Workshop
  2. 2. Research 2.0• Interactive Web• Collaborative Web• Information Comes to You• Information is Easy to Share
  3. 3. Meet Joe Cool, aka student researcher 2.0
  4. 4. Joe Cool researches here...
  5. 5.
  6. 6. ...and here on his laptop
  7. 7. these are Joe Cools groupmembers for a school project
  8. 8. They dont have time to meet together at the same place and time
  9. 9. so Joe Cool and his research partners find different ways of sharing their information
  10. 10. This is Marci, one of Joes research partners. Joesubscribes to her blog & feels like he knows whatshes thinking and where her research is headed
  11. 11. Joe Cool also has a research blog wherehe posts his research and about his process
  12. 12. Joe Cool uses Google Reader to keep up-to-date with current research
  13. 13. Joe Cool uses NoodleTools to store his researchreferences and online Notecards. He has citationsand notes for books, journals, websites, and online videos to share with team members online
  14. 14. Joe Cool assigns tags to references for easy search & retrieval
  15. 15. When they are done they can copy their citation listsand Notecards to each other & merge their lists, andshare with their teacher online or print out to hand in
  16. 16. Joe Cool likes tools like Google Reader& Noodletools because theyre portable, easy to use, and can be accessed from any computer with internet access - they are in the cloud!
  17. 17. Joe Cool & his group use Google Docs to make collaboration within the group even easier
  18. 18. Digest of InternetInformation, Groupsand Other stuffJoe Cool stores & tags all his bookmarks on Diigo, a social bookmarking site. Everyone can see them…and he can see everyone else’s from any computer with internet access
  19. 19. Joe Cool can create a group within Diigo just for hisresearch group, to make it easier to store and find the links
  20. 20. his tags highlight his interests & stuff he’s keeping aneye on, he can see who else is interested in the same things by exploring tags
  21. 21. this is Will, Joe Cool’s teacher & mentor
  22. 22. Will usually has lots to say, so he creates audio podcasts which are published in First Class and can be aggregated in iTunes
  23. 23. When a new podcast is available from Will’s blog, Joe Cool can listen to it on his computer, or upload the mp3 file to his iPod
  24. 24. Joe Cool uses these tools through his browser (image from VisualBlooms)
  25. 25. and other tools to communicate, collaborate & create content
  26. 26. Ask Joe Cool what Research 2.0 is, he’d say he hates buzz words
  27. 27. but it’s Social Software that promotes collaboration & dissemination
  28. 28. Created for Westport Public SchoolsStaff Development WorkshopNovember 3, 2009The presentation is based onMeet Alex: What is Research 2.0?