Joliet Floral Social Media Plan Final


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  • Joliet Floral Co. started approximately 95 years ago as a family owned business. At that time the store was located in downtown Joliet, which was the hub of the city.  The owners managed the business until it was purchased in December 1984 by Jim and Gail Jerbi. They own and operate the store still today and plan to continue business operations for the foreseeable future. Today, The Jerbi’s are in the process of moving store locations for the flower shop.  The current shop is too large at 7,000 square feet with only 3,000-4,000 of that being used. 
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  • It takes time for people to adapt to new things. Sometimes being patient can be difficult but will be worth it in the long run.Gail and Jim should not be afraid to ask their children to help them through the transition to these social media tools. Not only is it helping them, but it also created a bonding experience for the family.Technology will always be changing. The Jerbi’s need to be ready for that as best as they can. Technology can play a big role in maintaining a competitive advantage.- Consistency of managing these tools is important for it to be successful
  • Joliet Floral Social Media Plan Final

    1. 1. JOLIET FLORALOver 95 years of love in every arrangement! Social Media Strategy March 13, 2013 Anna Smajic ~ Rebecca Hendon
    2. 2. AGENDA Background Goals & Objectives “Before” Analysis Social Media Strategy Immediate Tools Future Tools Competitor Analysis & Summary“After” Analysis Lessons Learned Summary
    3. 3. COMPANY Joliet Floral Co. started approximately 95 years ago as a family owned business Located in downtown Joliet, IL In December 1984, Jim and Gail Jerbi purchased Joliet Floral The store recently relocated in November 2012 to a strip mall location in Joliet, IL Products include fresh flowers, silks, bridal and funeral arrangements, and plants
    4. 4. GOALS & OBJECTIVES Establish a realistic strategy Reach a new market of customers Increase brand awareness Enhance customer service Build community through online tools Maintain ability to compete against other stores selling flowers Increase sales Have fun!!
    5. 5. JOLIET FLORAL “BEFORE” Website sponsored by FTD / Teleflora Facebook page established in 2010, but not maintained Minimal online presence
    6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Simple Effective Immediate Implementation  Relaunch Facebook  Establish Pinterest  Establish Twitter Future Implementation (4-6 mos)  Establish You Tube Videos  Establish HootSuite to manage existing tools Use tools that compliment one anotherUse tools that are appropriate to market Joliet Floral brand
    7. 7. CURRENT TOOL ~ FACEBOOK  Established in 2010  Not maintained well  Relaunch as part of social media plan  Post consistently now  Find out what people are interested in  Offers new, information and specials!  Track metrics such as “likes” and number of followers
    8. 8. IMMEDIATE TOOLS ~ PINTEREST  Established in 2013  Post photos of flowers  Categorize photos by holidays and major events such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Birthday and Wedding  First board is Bridal photos  Observe other photos and understand trends  Track metrics such as following, followers, pins and repins
    9. 9. IMMEDIATE TOOLS ~ TWITTER  Established in 2013  Tweet about flower ideas especially around holidays and major events such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Birthday and Wedding  Tweet about pins on Pinterest and posts on Facebook  Follow brands such as FTD and Teleflora  Encourage customers to become followers for special deals
    10. 10. FUTURE TOOLS ~ YOUTUBE Planned Implementation to be end of 2013 Post videos of flower arrangements and creative flower ideas Center certain videos around seasonal events such as Spring or Fall Use Facebook and Twitter to repost or tweet videos Track metrics based on commentary
    11. 11. FUTURE TOOLS ~ HOOTSUITE Planned Implementation to be end of 2013 Will be used as a Social Media Management System Track metrics using free analysis reports o Number of clicks per day o Geographical information on the people clicking through o Top referrers o Most popular links
    12. 12. COMPETITOR ANALYLSIS Vern Goers Greenhouse: Monthly email newsletter with information about their business, upcoming events and seasonal trends for 2013. Also participate on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. Vern Goers is located in Hinsdale, IL. P.S. Flowers: Monthly email newsletter with information about their business and the upcoming Easter holiday. Also participate on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. P.S. Flowers is located in Glen Ellyn, IL. Palmer Florist: Local competitor in Joliet, IL ~ no current use of social media The Petal Shoppe: Local competitor in Joliet, IL ~ no current use of social media Designs By Diedrich: Local competitor in Joliet, IL ~ no current use of social media
    13. 13. COMPETITOR SUMMARY MIXED FINDINGS ~ some companies using a large variety of social media tools, local competitors using none. HUGE OPPORTUNITY ~ for Joliet Floral to be a first mover in their area to participate with these tools. LOCAL COMPETITORS ~ smaller, family owned shops that have been around for a long time and rely on their strong reputation for business. ONLINE DEMOGRAPHIC ~ capture this market before your competitors do!
    14. 14. JOLIET FLORAL “AFTER” Expansive new online market for Joliet Floral to tap into. Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts are up and running! Continue working with The Jerbi’s to understand and use the tools. Monitor and reassess the tools often. Decide what is working and what is not. Make changes accordingly. Back up plan includes having their three children assist with managing the tools if the burden becomes too much for Gail and Jim. In four to six months establish and use YouTube and HootSuite accounts.
    15. 15. LESSONS LEARNED Time is not always your enemy Do not be afraid to ask for help Technology is always changing – be ready! Consistency is key
    16. 16. SUMMARY Bring an old business into a new world of social media Create brand awareness and drive consistent online presence Make Joliet Floral more accessible to customers Continue working with The Jerbi’s to understand and use the tools Monitor progress and track recommended metrics