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4 (mlp my website) mobile leadership program mobile marketing


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Mobile Leadership Program Google

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4 (mlp my website) mobile leadership program mobile marketing

  2. 2. Mobile Marketing Agenda 1. Mobile Brand and Loyalty Loop 1. How to win on Mobile Search 1. Mobile Apps Unboxed 1. Mobile to Store: the Roadmap
  3. 3. Mobile Revolution in Southeast Asia
  4. 4. MalaysiaIndonesia Southeast Asia: 3 Mobile Pillars We are mSmart We are mApps We watch mVideos Source: Nielsen Mobile Report August 2014 : smartphone user penetration (survey of 1,900 participants was conducted over the course of 2013 in several big cities, including Medan, Bandung, Surabaya, and Makasar)
  5. 5. Mobile Branding a powerful connection
  6. 6. “If you plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished” SVP Integrated Marketing, Coca Cola WENDY CLARKE
  7. 7. Post-Market Moments In-Market Moments Mobile Journey: the Loyalty Loop Consideration Evaluation Purchase Experience Loyalty Pre-Market Moment
  8. 8. CONNECT AT AN EMOTIONAL LEVEL through seamless storytelling “Audiences want stories. All we have to do is give it to them.” Kevin Spacey Actor and Producer
  9. 9. #LikeAGirl
  10. 10. Help Advertisers to create amazing Mobile content
  11. 11. Help Advertisers to create amazing Mobile content
  12. 12. Help Advertisers to create amazing Mobile content
  13. 13. How Google can help? Connecting with your audience with scale and timing Drive traffic instore & maximise loyalty Delivering the right message to the right person
  14. 14. Mobile Reach: 4M True-Views in 13 days Hyundai India : Fastest 3.98mn Views ● TrueView was leveraged by Hyundai to the fullest with a corporate ad ● A record 3.98 Mn Views was achieved on Youtube in 13 days ● Fastest scale that any auto OEM upload(worldwide) has achieved since 2013. The CPV was less than INR 2.
  15. 15. Target the Right audience Remarketing In-Market Segments Affinity Segments Similar Audiences Audience size vs targeting type Demo & Geo Targeting
  16. 16. Malaysia Indonesi a Tell Different Stories to Different people Savvy Mom Drive engagement & loyalty Build awareness for brand Beauty focused TrueView ad to influence consideration
  17. 17. With the right message in the best format Tap-to-cancel is an industry first Invitation state 2 sec tap-to-cancel Only pay to talk to those that really want to listen
  18. 18. With the right message in an innovative format
  19. 19. Post-Market Moments In-Market Moments Mobile Journey: Google in the Loyalty Loop Consideration Evaluation Purchase Experience Loyalty Pre-Market Moment YouTub e Videos Mobile Search Mobile Display Mobile Search Remarketing Youtube Remarketing Search & Display
  20. 20. Brand Lift Measure the impact with Brand Lift Surveys What we report How we measure it Which types of questions will we help answer Ad recall Surveys What frequency maximizes ad recall in my brand message? Brand awareness Surveys Which demo is driving the highest lift in brand awareness? Brand interest Organic Search Activity Is my campaign inspiring consumers to search for my brand or products? Google Confidential and Proprietary
  21. 21. MalaysiaIndonesia Unrivalled Reach To the people that matter to you, now Genuine Engagement So why Google Mobile Branding?
  22. 22. MalaysiaIndonesia mCommerceCross Device Store Visits CallsApps Content Engagement
  23. 23. Cross-Device Always be where your client is
  24. 24. MalaysiaIndonesia Driving Awareness and Salience on Mobile How many devices have you used so far today?
  25. 25. Mobile Cross-Device formats Capabilities? YouTube pre-rolls YouTube Masthead Lightbox Ads Info Cards Desktop Video and Display (not included in reach estimates) Youtube Trueview
  26. 26. Mobile Cross-Device formats Capabilities? Build Awareness Fast with Mastheads Engage across the web with rich media display reach in-market category users
  27. 27. Cross-Device goes beyond Youtube and Search? Display Cross Device Conversions Cross Device Conversion Compatible with Auto Bidding
  28. 28. Mobile Search How to win in this space
  29. 29. What is different on Mobile Search? Get anything done… here
  30. 30. What is different on Mobile Search? Get anything done… here Localization Services “How can I display all my branches/ATMs to a client searching for them on mobile?”
  31. 31. Search uses Location, Social, Calls, & much more! Ad sitelink extensions Callout Extensions Call extensions Seller Ratings Review Extensions PLA (Product Listing Ads) Location extensions
  32. 32. The Future of Calls Call Deep Linking (Limited beta) Call For Free & Call Me Back (Limited beta) Bid adjustment on Calls (Beta) $1 $5 Calls as Conversions (Launched in AU)
  33. 33. Mobile Apps The new business
  34. 34. An Interesting App: That is how we Start! Murphy’s When it Rains App Milo : Energy Calculator App
  35. 35. Apps: How to go from 10% to 10X? UTILITY EXPERIENCEENGAGEMENT SERVICE ZipCar
  36. 36. The Mobile Apps Framework Tracking Readiness Acquisition (Download) Readiness Asset Readiness (Developers) Retention Readiness
  37. 37. Mobile Apps: Acquisition
  38. 38. The Power of Interstitial Ads "Video interstitials are a very innovative and effective ad product for brand building, especially for a young brand like We’re excited to experiment more with this new and engaging ad format.” —Lisa Nguyen, Marketing Manager, App Promotion Ads on AdMob using CO Daily mobile app downloads by 35% with Google Video Promo Interstitial ads • 40% increase in Google Play page visits • 35% increase in daily Android app installations • 17% decrease in cost-per-download • 7% increase in clickthrough rate • 11% conversion rate • 300,000 YouTube video views
  39. 39. Make the right people download your app App Categories Paid App Categories New Devices The Lookalike Targeting Mobile Web Mobile Apps mGDN extension Mobile Web BetasAdMob Targeting capabilities
  40. 40. 1. How many Apps do you have on your phone? 1. Have you ever uninstall one? 1. Why?
  41. 41. And what happens after the install? “Users stressed that performance mattered the most on All apps (74%) ” Business Insider, “Customers Hate Freezing Apps” Understanding Uninstall Rates Rates Source: Flurry Analytics, sample of apps used more than 1.7 billion times each week - 14/11/2014
  42. 42. How can Google help? From Search From Apps Use remarketing lists for display and YouTube built from prior engagements with your brand (e.g., prior views of YouTube video) ` Remarket to existing users to maximize app usage
  43. 43. The Technology! Send users to specific page within your app
  44. 44. How does App Remarketing works? User downloads your app User added to custom list based on in-app actions User leaves Your ad across the mobile app network
  45. 45. And On Search? User downloads your app User search for Brand or Service related KW Send you specifically to the romantic restaurants page How does app re-engagement on search works?
  46. 46. Why Mobile Apps With Google? ● Reach: mSearch & mDisplay (Admob) ● Strong integration with Android for tracking and targeting ● Cross-device solution on YT and gmail ● Metrics Transparency ● CPI optimization
  47. 47. Mobile to Store The Future
  48. 48. Shall we help them filling the information gap? Multi-Location Extensions Powerful Targeting Location Extensions Search Ads in Maps Just Launche d! High performing venue Bid adjustment +70%
  49. 49. And What is coming up? In-store visit rate reporting Customer clicks on AdWords search ad on tablet, computer or mobile device Customer visits store Store visit rate reported
  50. 50. Why not innovate on the shopping experience? Video of Sephora experience: VIEW HERE Shoppable TrueView Shoppable Hangout
  51. 51. 1 Notificatio n Icon appears with invitation 2 Viewer engages with the invitation 3 Upon clicking on the Notification the gallery expands, viewer can browse products and click to purchase on merchant’s website Why not innovate on the shopping experience?
  52. 52. Mobile Revolution in the Stores
  53. 53. Mobile Marketing Module: Recap 1. Mobile Brand and Loyalty Loop 1. How to win on Mobile Search 1. Mobile Apps Unboxed 1. Mobile to Store: the Roadmap
  54. 54. And now the Break :)!