Breast Cancer Partner Company Overview V1.2


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Breast Cancer Partner company overview is a description of its offerings and services to help breast cancer survivors recover from treatment through a more integrative and holistic approach. It defines the company capabilities, methods for creating innovative survivorship programs, and its health and wellness advocacy for breast cancer survivors

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Breast Cancer Partner Company Overview V1.2

  1. 1. Company Overview
  2. 2. Breast Cancer Partner Overview1 About Us Breast Cancer Partner functions as a “partner” to breast cancer survivors who are nearing the end of or have completed treatment, on their journey to recovery, or who are cancer free Our goal is to help breast cancer survivors effectively cope with and manage life post‐treatment, empower them to become their own health and wellness advocate and adopt a lifestyle and practices that are aimed at cancer prevention and survival
  3. 3. Breast Cancer Partner Overview2 Our Mission To empower breast cancer survivors to live strong, healthy and balanced lives by providing support, information, tools and resources to shepherd them through recovery. We strive to show breast cancer survivors the paths to an integrated health and wellness lifestyle so that they can recover, restore and reenergize themselves after treatment. Our Vision A world in which each and every breast cancer survivor lives a life that is full of vitality, cancer free and without fear, so that recovery is a life‐enhancing, not life‐limiting, event.
  4. 4. Breast Cancer Partner Overview3 Our Purpose To shepherd breast cancer survivors through the recovery process in a way that educates and provides resources, guidance, and tools to effectively deal with the physical and psycho‐social aspects of their lives post treatment, such as: Overcoming treatment Optimizing health and wellness Enhancing quality of life Preventing recurrence Enhancing survivorship
  5. 5. Breast Cancer Partner Overview4 Online What We Do Survivorship Resources Public Speaking Consulting i‐phone Survivorship Application* Care Plans Products and Webinars Accessories Learning Retreats Events Survivorship Programs *Future development
  6. 6. Breast Cancer Partner Overview5 Our Approach A survivorship program that follows the full spectrum of care: Support Groups Resources AFTER CARE Medical Care Care Plans Information TREATMENT Education Programs Coach/Navigator CAM Practices Events DIAGNOSIS Exercise Programs Tools PREVENTION Nutrition Programs
  7. 7. Proposed Approach6 Our Survivorship Program Offers uniquely designed and interactive learning experiences for breast cancer survivors utilizing methodologies tailored for adult learners that result in a behavioral shift. The learning experiences focus on empowering survivors to sustain health and wellness lifestyle habits that help minimize recurrence and enhance their vitality. Our unique Recover Restore Reenergize (R3) Experiences include topics such as: − Yoga − Pilates − Qi Gong − Tai Chi − Sexual Health and Well‐being After Treatment − Living Life After Treatment as a Young Survivor − Nutrition for Cancer Prevention and Survival − Healing through Meditation − Nurturing, Energizing and Healing Moves for Survivors
  8. 8. Breast Cancer Partner Overview7 Our Survivorship Program cont. An online resource for breast cancer survivors who have completed treatment. The website, Helps survivors navigate their way through recovery Educates survivors on how to overcome treatment, manage the after effects of treatment and enhance their survivorship and quality of life Offers an integrated/holistic approach to recovery Addresses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of survivorship in a positive, uplifting way Provides practical tools, resources, and information for survivorship
  9. 9. Breast Cancer Partner Overview8
  10. 10. Breast Cancer Partner Overview9 Online Program Components RECOVER RESTORE REENERGIZE Making Sense of Breast Physical Well‐being Your Vitality Cancer Overcoming Treatment Mental Well‐being Wellness Retreats Living Life After Emotional Well‐being Wellness Spas Treatment Survivorship Spiritual Well‐being
  11. 11. Breast Cancer Partner Overview10 Online Program Components cont. BLOG SURVIVOR SANCTUARY RESOURCES Breast Cancer Survivor Community Roadmap to Partner Blog Recover, Restore, Reenergize Partner Forums Survivor Stories Health & Wellness Practitioners Partner Feedback Survivor Tips Partner Network Readings Partner Shopping Tools News & Events eBooks Links
  12. 12. The Value of Breast Cancer Partner11 Breast Cancer Partner has a breadth of consulting experience in a multitude of industries that include companies such as:
  13. 13. The Value of Breast Cancer Partner12 In addition, BCP brings to the table: • Over 15 years of international consulting experience with the top pharmaceutical companies and an array of Fortune 500 companies • Over 20 years of sales and marketing experience • Over 15 years of designing high impact, action‐oriented, pedagogical training programs and curriculums for adult learners • Intuitive analytical skills, planning and process development capability • Over 15 years of project management and client relationship management experience
  14. 14. The Value of Breast Cancer Partner13 Breast Cancer Partner has a unique array of talent and competencies that creates an “all‐in‐one” resource in delivering best‐in‐class survivorship programs and solutions for our strategic partners Skills Experience Know How • Strategic Thinking • Learning and • Survivorship • Marketing Development Program Program and Development • Sales Curriculum Design • Leveraging • Analytical • Breast Cancer Resources and • Process Design Survivor Connections • Communications • Consulting • Project Management • Networking • Pharma Industry