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Producing Online Educational Videos


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Are you looking to produce online educational content? Join Richard Harrington and team members from RHED Pixel. They'll share secrets to producing effective online content to educate and inspire others. Their past client roster includes Adobe, Apple,, Microsoft, the American Red Cross, and many more. Learn how to produce a wide range of projects from simple screen capture videos to complex projects.

Topics Covered:
Setting educational goals
Managing talent and course development
Choosing the right production approach
Measuring the effectiveness of the course

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Producing Online Educational Videos

  1. 1.
 richardharrington rhedpixel Producing Online 
 Educational Videos Practical advice and implementable techniques
  2. 2. Agenda Are you looking to produce online educational content? Join Richard Harrington and team members from RHED Pixel. They'll share secrets to producing effective online content to educate and inspire others. Their past client roster includes Adobe, Apple,, Microsoft, the American Red Cross, and many more. Learn how to produce a wide range of projects from simple screen capture videos to complex projects.
  3. 3. Agenda ๏ Setting educational goals ๏ Managing talent and course development ๏ Choosing the right production approach ๏ Measuring the effectiveness of the course
  4. 4. Richard 
 Harrington I'm a visual storyteller exploring 
 the fusion of photography and video. 
 I'm all a husband & father
  5. 5. Vital Statistics Author 40+ Books Author 150+ Video Courses Publisher of 2 Websites Conference Speaker Business Owner Director Photographer
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Past Projects ๏ Adobe ๏ America Online ๏ American Diabetes Association ๏ American Israel Public Affairs Committee ๏ American Red Cross ๏ Apple ๏ Children's National Medical Center ๏ CNN ๏ Department of Veterans Administration ๏ Drobo ๏ Federal Communications Commission ๏ Google ๏ ๏ Major League Baseball ๏ Microsoft ๏ Smithsonian Institute ๏ Under Armour ๏ US Air Force
  8. 8. Getting In Touch RichHarringtonStuff richardharrington
  9. 9. Hillary Shea Producer at RHED Pixel Secretary, Women in Film and Video – Washington DC Managing Editor Spotlight on Screenwriters JMU Almuna
  10. 10. What is RHED Pixel? ๏ Company founded in 1999 ๏ 70% Full Service Clients ๏ 30% Support to Other Professionals ๏ Winner of a Ciné Award ๏ Offers variety of video, interactive, and multimedia services ๏ Recognized authority for video and multimedia industries
  11. 11. rhedpixelEducational Video Experience
  12. 12. Educational Video Experience Apple Adobe Athentech Canon KelbyOne LinkedIn Microsoft Pearson Education
  13. 13. rhedpixelCase Study #1
  14. 14. rhedpixelSetting Educational Goals
  15. 15. Project Objectives ๏ Schedule ๏ Performance ๏ Cost
  16. 16. Detailed Outline
  17. 17. Documentary Photo Techniques with Photoshop and After Effects Author: Richard Harrington Target Course Duration: 2h Course Description:  In this course, author Rich Harrington explores the world of documentary storytelling, using various techniques in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects to transform damaged photos into brand-new works of art. Basic image editing techniques in Photoshop such as toning, cropping, sharpening, and resizing are covered. The course also shows how to add movement to photos in After Effects, helping to create a dramatic story. Target Audience: Intermediate Target Delivery: Q2 2017 Topics include: Understanding resolution Organizing photos with Adobe Bridge Renaming files Working in the right color space Removing damage with the healing and cloning tools Making Content-Aware Scale and Fill repairs Controlling focus with blurring and sharpening Correcting alignment Restoring contrast with Curves and Levels Importing images in After Effects Using Ease and keyframe assistants Adding vignettes Rendering animations
  18. 18. Documentary Photo Techniques with Photoshop and After Effects Outline: 0.0 Introduction    0.1  Welcome    0.2 Using the exercise files 1.0 Organize Your Photos with Adobe Bridge    1.1 Adding ratings to images    1.2 Checking focus in a photo    1.3 Using review mode to check your images    1.4  Batch renaming files 2.0 Understanding Resolution    2.1 Resolution requirements for video    2.2 Requirements for panning and scanning    2.3 Using the Place command to size an image    2.4 Doubling an Image    2.5 Batch processing with the Image Processor Script 3.0 Working in the Right Color Space   3.1 Requirements for video   3.2 Batch converting images 4.0 Removing Damage    4.1 Removing damage with the Clone Stamp tool    4.2 Removing damage with the Healing Brush tool    4.3 Removing damage with the Patch tool 5.0 Content-Aware Repairs    5.1 Using Content-Aware Scale    5.2 Removing objects with Content-Aware Fill
  19. 19. rhedpixelCase Study #2
  20. 20. Studio Workflow
  21. 21. Studio Workflow
  22. 22. Studio Workflow
  23. 23. rhedpixelManaging Talent
  24. 24. Process Matters Before you open your mouth… listen and think
  25. 25. THE PROCESS rhedpixel
  26. 26. LISTEN
  27. 27. FOLLOW
  28. 28. CURATE
  29. 29. TRY TO HELP
  31. 31. Managing Contractors Keeping everything on schedule and budget
  32. 32. Managing Contractors ๏ Clear expectations ๏ Job rate vs. hourly rate ๏ Reporting frequency ๏ Supervision
  33. 33. Employee Status ๏ When working with contractors, especially long-term ๏ Be careful to follow rules ๏
  34. 34. When to Hire Staff ๏ Many issues to consider ๏ Look at frequently hired freelance positions ๏ Evaluate personnel expenditures annually ๏ Consider other costs ๏ May not be able to get first choice ๏ The more dollars you can keep internal, the easier it is to control the project and reduce risk
  35. 35. Online Collaboration Keeping in touch is essential
  36. 36. The Benefits on Online Collaboration ๏ Save time ๏ Save money ๏ Reduce stress ๏ Reduce project risk ๏ Meet contractual obligations ๏ Ensure accurate billing ๏ Create historical data
  37. 37. ๏ Delivery speed ๏ Deliver to multiple people simultaneously ๏ Scalable infrastructure ๏ Scalability in systems for review ๏ Interactive and collaborative tools The Reasons to Use Online Collaboration
  38. 38. ๏ Need to learn new language, skills, and software ๏ Potentially requires investment ๏ Higher rate of failure on delivery ๏ OS, software and other setup variables ๏ Potential annoyance by clients/team members waiting for downloads The Reasons Not to Use Online Collaboration
  39. 39. Basecamp ๏ Online system ๏ Widely used ๏ Supports common media types ๏ Scaleable
  40. 40. Creating a Slack Channel ๏ Organize your team conversations in open channels. ๏ Make a channel for a project ๏ Everyone has a transparent view of all that’s going on. ๏ For sensitive information, create private channels and invite a few team members
  41. 41. Use Slack for Messaging ๏ Send messages directly to a person ๏ Send messages to a small group ๏ Supports both voice or video calls ๏ Make one-on-one or group calls right from Slack
  42. 42. Use Slack for File Sharing ๏ Supports most files including images, PDFs, documents, and spreadsheets ๏ Share with anyone you want with both private and public links ๏ Add comments to files ๏ Archive is searchable ๏ Integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box
  43. 43. Searchable Archives ๏ Everything in Slack—messages, notifications, files, and all—is automatically indexed and archived ๏ Slack also indexes the content of every file so you can search within PDFs, Word documents, Google docs, and more ๏ Set a powerful search with advanced operators to quickly locate items
  44. 44. rhedpixelManaging Course Development
  45. 45. Managing Course Development ๏Have a concept ๏Have a plan ๏Have a process
  46. 46. rhedpixelHave a Concept
  47. 47. The Five W’s for Refining a Concept ๏ Who—Who is going to watch the program? 
 Who is going to host the program? ๏ What—What topics will the program cover? 
 What genre or format will it use? ๏ Where—Where will the program be recorded? 
 A studio? On location? ๏ When—When will the program come out? 
 Daily? Weekly? Monthly? ๏ Why—Why would a viewer subscribe/buy?
 Why would they come back?
  48. 48. Analyze the Market ๏ Who is your competition? ๏ What makes your video different? ๏ What can you do better? ๏ Who do you want to attract? ๏ What weaknesses does your competition show? ๏ How can you take advantage of these?
  49. 49. rhedpixelHave a Plan
  50. 50. Questions to Ask ๏Make-Up of Audience? ๏Connection Speeds? ๏Embedded into Page? ๏Downloadable? ๏Portable? ๏Protected?
  51. 51. Delivering Mobile Video ๏Plan ๏Produce ๏Distribute ๏Promote ๏Monetize (optional)
  52. 52. Making a Plan ๏Site survey ๏Storyboard ๏ Sketch ๏ Camera ๏Shot list ๏Lighting diagrams
  53. 53. Balancing Production ๏Carefully choose acquisition format ๏Select talent carefully ๏Keep it short ๏Rehearse during changeovers ๏Use shot list & keep shot ratio very low
  54. 54. rhedpixelHave a Process
  55. 55. Title Text
  56. 56. Title Text
  57. 57. Title Text
  58. 58. rhedpixelCase Study #3
  59. 59. rhedpixelChoosing a production approach
  60. 60. Choosing the Right Content ๏Single/Short Clips ๏Screencasting ๏Testimonials & Interviews ๏Motion Graphics ๏Customer Support ๏Live vs. Not Live
  61. 61. rhedpixelSingle Clips
  62. 62. Single Clips ๏Effective content for social posts ๏Consider slowing the action down ๏Useful to demonstrate hard to visualize content or complex instructions ๏Useful addition to blog posts or eBooks
  63. 63. ?
  64. 64. rhedpixelScreencasting
  65. 65. Screencasting ๏Very cost effective ๏Use a good microphone ๏Use a capture application ๏Create a quiet environment ๏Practice before you record
  66. 66. The Benefits of Screencasting ■ Popular genre ■ Allows for educational content 
 to be easily shared ■ Works well for B2B content ■ Extremely low costs ■ Low bandwidth delivery
  67. 67. The Drawbacks of Screencasting ■ Can be hard to consume at 
 lower bandwidth due to 
 compression artifacts ■ Content is often less polished ■ Can be a cluttered genre ■ Difficult to standout and brand
  68. 68. Screencasting Software
  69. 69. Mac Screencasting Software ■ ScreenFlow ■ iShowU ■ QuickTime ■ Camtasia for Mac ■ Snapz Pro X
  70. 70. Web-based Screencasting Software ■ Jing ■ Screenr  ■ ■
  71. 71. PC Screencasting Software ■ Snaggit ■ Camtasia ■ CamStudio
  72. 72. Studio Setup
  73. 73. Acoustic Treatment
  74. 74. Microphone
  75. 75. Computer Input
  76. 76. Field Recorders
  77. 77. ?
  78. 78. rhedpixelAudio is Half the Picture
  79. 79. Audiois Key ๏ Recording high-quality audio is essential. ๏ When shooting video, people tend to spend the entire effort focusing on the images and leave little time or resources dedicated to ensuring that good audio is recorded. ๏ This is a mistake that many come to regret once they start the editing process.
  80. 80. Audio is Key ๏ Despite how good your video looks, in the end if your audio is bad, the whole production will come off as amateurish. ๏ People can forgive bad video, but stop watching when they cannot hear. ๏ You will fail to retain the viewers you worked so hard to attract.
  81. 81. ?
  82. 82. rhedpixelTestimonials & Interviews
  83. 83. Testimonials & Interviews ๏Very cost effective ๏Use a good microphone ๏Use a capture application ๏Create a quiet environment ๏Practice before you record
  84. 84. Background Research ๏Think like an attorney ๏ Don’t ask a question that you don’t know the answer to ๏ Look for previous statements they’ve made ๏ Look for interviews they’ve given ๏ Read news articles, blog posts
  85. 85. Background Research ๏Memorize your questions ๏ Know your questions ๏ Be flexible to follow a new path ๏Know the handlers ๏ Give them a place to sit out of eye line ๏ Explain you value input, but minimize interruptions
  86. 86. Background Research ๏Be personal and interactive ๏ It’s a conversation ๏ Smile! ๏Remove performance pressure ๏ Show you’ve spent the time to learn about them ๏ Make reference to a speech or book
  87. 87. Recording an Interview Remotely 
 with Skype  ๏ Callnote Premium Call Recorder ๏ Call Recorder for Mac ๏ Evaer video recorder for Skype ๏ Messenger Plus! ๏ Pamela for Skype ๏ SuperTintin Video Call Recorder
  88. 88. Release Forms ๏ Get the right form ๏ Work with a lawyer ๏ Ensure you have written permission ๏ Always get hard copies ๏ Appearance releases ๏ Location releases
  89. 89. Release Apps ■ ASMP Releases ■ Easy Release ■ iD RELEASE ■ iRelease ■ Release Me
  90. 90. ?
  91. 91. rhedpixelScenarios
  92. 92. Scenarios ๏ Must be believable ๏ Need to have relatable characters ๏ Difficult to get language right ๏ Effective to help people learn not just the who and why, but also the when
  93. 93. rhedpixelMotion Graphics
  94. 94. Motion Graphics ๏Can help communicate complex ideas ๏Can solve problems for lack of visuals ๏Can reinforce brand consistency ๏Many budgetary approaches
  95. 95. ?
  96. 96. rhedpixelCustomer Support
  97. 97. Customer Support ๏Consider video for after the sale ๏Reduce customer support costs ๏Minimize returns & refunds ๏Convert customers to evangelists
  98. 98. rhedpixelHold Live Events
  99. 99. Title Text
  100. 100. The Case For Live Streams ๏ Authenticity ๏ Interaction ๏ Of The Moment ๏ Avoid legal review ๏ Spontaneity ๏ Responsiveness
  101. 101. The Case Against Live Streams ๏ Complexity ๏ Cost vs. Value ๏ Risk ๏ Errors & Omissions ๏ Cost of Failure
  102. 102. Title Text
  103. 103. Title Text
  104. 104. UltraStudio Mini Recorder Ultra small pocket sized Thunderbolt powered recording from SDI and HDMI.
  105. 105. rhedpixelCase Study #4
  106. 106. rhedpixelMeasuring the Effectiveness
  107. 107. rhedpixelMake Your Message Stick
  108. 108. Make Your Message Stick ๏Limit the number of points made in a video. ๏Three or less is a good target. ๏One primary message is the ideal. ๏Think about what you want the audience to remember about the video. ๏How many times did you say the targeted message?
  109. 109. Make Your Message Stick ๏Always have a call to action. ๏Tell the viewer what you want them to do next. ๏Never ask them to do more than two things. ๏Use an emotional appeal whenever possible. ๏Video is a medium that works best with clear and simple messages that go for an emotional reaction in the viewer.
  110. 110. rhedpixelYour Video Can Always Be Shorter
  111. 111. When it Comes to Video… 
 Keep it Short ๏I have never met a video that wouldn’t benefit from some editing. ๏The whole purpose of video is to compress time and distill a message to its essence. ๏It is important that you refine a project by continuing to strip away its unneeded parts.
  112. 112. When it Comes to Video… 
 Keep it Short ๏Rarely have I heard an audience complain that a video was too short. ๏There is a reason to edit and it becomes increasingly clear when you actually watch people as they watch your project. ๏Do your best to strip a project down to its essence and only add what is needed. ๏When in doubt… cut it out.
  113. 113. rhedpixelCreate Communities
  114. 114. Title Text
  115. 115. Title Text
  116. 116. Title Text
  117. 117. Here On Biz
  118. 118. Getting In Touch RichHarringtonStuff richardharrington