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Date version 10.8


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IE Business School - Essay Question

How do you imagine social interaction within 10 years, taking into consideration the impact of technology on human relations?

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Date version 10.8

  1. 1. “Hey man whtz up?”“Oh nuthin much. Guess wht, I got a date 2nite!” “Oh yeah? Thatz gr8! So what’s the plan?” “A bar, I guess & grab a bite”
  2. 2. “Not bad, so tell me who is this girl? What is she like, wher did u meet?”“At the baseball game last Tuesday nite She was sitting rite nxt 2 my seat”
  3. 3. “Oh the Yankeez game @ the Duperdrome?” “No way, who goez out any more! Bought tickets for a virtual game, That was bein played in Singapore”
  4. 4. “So how’d ur conversation start What did u say 2 make a move?” “I tweeted her that she looked gr8And gave her a public ‘thumbs up’ on Approve”
  5. 5. “That app that lets u check girls out? Not bad man, ur pretty slick.” “Next I sent her a flirt request And she accepted pretty quick!”
  6. 6. “So what’s she like, what does she do?” “We both like tennis, that’s a start.” “Oh did u play together?”“No! I checked her hobbies list on iHeart.”
  7. 7. “And where are u taking her tonight?” “To her favourite bar, the Irish Toast.” “She told u that’s her favourite place?”“Naah, just saw where she’d checked in the most”
  8. 8. “You gonna get her anythin?Perfume, chocolate or what about flowers?” “Yeah I really want to impress this one – Got her 100 credits on ShopForHours”
  9. 9. “Do u think that’s what women like?”“Oh yeah, I checked my Casanova app. It answers all ur dating questions Saves you from the female trap!”
  10. 10. “Lol! So did she seem excited? Say nething else besides?” “She posted so 2 her closest friendsOn that latest social network – Confides”
  11. 11. “That’s pretty serious stuff there bro, I’d be wary I.I.W.Y.”“What’s that mean?” “If I were you.” “I guess I’m not a txt chat guy.
  12. 12. But anyway, it’s gettin late,I probably should get dressed n go” “At 2 a.m.? What do u mean?” “Well, don’t act like u don’t know!
  13. 13. She’s from Brazil! So it’s noon ‘round there.” “But the Irish Toast? What….I don’t see…” “Come on man, get with the times! Virtual dating? O.M.G.”
  14. 14. Check in 2gether, order a drink,With WorldDeliver, it’ll get there fast, Video chat in the time it takes… I don’t see why you’re so aghast.”
  15. 15. “How things have changed! Why don’t we miss The personal stuff, that human touch?”“What’s the difference between virtual n real? If you ask me – not much.
  16. 16. Anyway I really got to go.” “Yeah me too, it’s gettin late My battery’s really low in fact,Hope you have an awesome date!”
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