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Ontario education translation (simple chinese)


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Overview of Ontario

Published in: Education
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Ontario education translation (simple chinese)

  1. 1. Hastings and Prince Edward School Board Your first choice for international education! 您国际教育的第一选择
  2. 2. Belleville, Ontario
  3. 3. Our Community 我们的社会 • Belleville is small city that is the economic center of an area with a population 189,000 people 贝尔维尔是一个小城市,是拥有 18 万人口地区的经济中心 • Belleville is located between 3 of Canada’s largest cities, 2 hours from Toronto and Ottawa and 3.5 hours from Montreal. 贝尔维尔位于加拿大三大城市之间,距离多伦多和渥太华 2 个小 时车程,距离蒙特利尔 3.5 小时车程 • It is easy to reach by bus, car or rail with easy access to International Airports Belleville 大约在多伦多和渥太华的中心,坐汽车或火车到 2 地大 约都是两个小时,并且很方便去国际机场
  4. 4. Our Community 我们的社会 • 99% English speaking • • • • 母语为英语的人占 99% Safe to walk anywhere in the city day or night 无论在白天还是晚上走到城里的各个地方都很安全 Takes 10 minutes to go by car from one side of the city to the other 从城的一头到另一头只需要驾车 10 分钟 Shopping Mall with 120 stores, 8 cinemas 购物中心约有 120 个店铺并且有 8 个电影院 Public bus system that is safe to ride 公交车系统很方便安全 Has the security of a small city with all the conveniences of a large city 这是一个既有小城市的安全同时又具有大城市的所有便利的城市
  5. 5. Belleville
  6. 6. Universities and Colleges 大学和学院 • 14 universities are within three hours of Belleville 14 所大学是在距离贝尔维尔城三个小时之内 • Universities: Queen’s, McGill, Carleton, Ottawa, Toronto, York, Waterloo, McMaster, Trent, Guelph, Wilfred Laurier, Brock, Western, Ryerson
  7. 7. Universities in Ontario 在安大略省大学
  8. 8. Our Community 我们的社会 • Our area is a popular tourist area with boating, sailing, fishing, camping, and cycling 这个地区也是一个旅游胜地,你可以享受划船,帆船,钓鱼 ,露营和踩单车 Average temperature 平均气温 Summer: 25’ 夏天 25 度 Winter: -5’ to -8’. 冬天 -5 度至 -8 度
  9. 9. Secondary School Programs 高中课程 •Four of our secondary schools currently host International students 这儿有 4 所高中接收国际学生 •English as a Second Language is offered at each school 各个学校都提供第二语言英语教学 •International students come from Hong Kong, China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Brazil, USA, Germany, Russia and Mexico 国际学生来自中国香港特别行政区,中国大陆,韩国,台湾 ,日本,越南,巴西,美国,德国,俄罗斯和墨西哥 •The number in each school is limited to a maximum of 30 International students, 6 from China 每个学校最多有 30 名国际学生 (<3%)
  10. 10. Our Programs 我们的课程 • Excellent academic programs - over 95% of students who apply to university are accepted 拥有极好的学术课程——申请大学被录取的学生超过 95% - 100% acceptance of international students! - 国际学生 100% 录取 ! • Open to students from grades 7 to 12 招收 7 年级至 12 年级的学生 • Maximum class size is 30 students 每班最多 30 名学生
  11. 11. Where Grads Go 毕业生去了哪里 2008 - 2012 Univ. of Ottawa Univ. of Toronto Univ. of Waterloo McGill McMaster University Carleton University Return to Home Country United States 8 9 9 2 6 8 14 3
  12. 12. Our Schools 我们的学校 Bayside- AP Centennial
  13. 13. Our Schools 我们的学校 Moira - IB Quinte
  14. 14. Ontario Education 安大略教育 • Two semesters per year 每年有 2 个学期 • Sem. 1 September to January 第一学期从 9 月到 1 月 • Sem. 2 February to June 第二学期从 2 月到 6 月 • Students take 4 courses each semester 每个学生每学期可选 4 门课 • Students are counselled from grade 9 to grade 12 regarding university and college programs and requirements 9 至 12 年级的学生可以得到关于申请大学和其他各种需要的帮助
  15. 15. Facilities 设施 All schools have: 所有学校都拥有: •Excellent library facilities, complete with Internet - connected computer labs 极好的图书馆,完整的网络系统并且连接电脑教室 •Excellent indoor and outdoor athletic facilities 极好的室内室外运动设施 •Strong Guidance programs to assist students in career and academic planning 对学生职业选择或是学业继续的强大指导 •A strong emphasis on discipline and student support 强调学生纪律并且支持学生
  16. 16. Support for Students 给学生的支持 • Tutoring is available 3days a week 家教是每周 3 天 • Qualified teachers are hired to assist after school, for 2.5 hours per day 优秀的老师提供每天 2.5 小时的课后补习 • Guidance staff provide support for academic programs 指导老师会提供专业课程的指导 • Homestay Coordinators provide assistance with personal and homestay concerns. Visit students each week ( 住宿家庭协调员提供学生和住宿家庭之间的帮助并且关注住学生 和宿家庭。每个星期拜访学生 ) • TOEFL/IELTS classes 3 hours per week in the fall ( 雅思和托福课外辅导从秋天开始每周三小时 )
  17. 17. Support for Students 给学生的支持 • Ensure that student studies choose courses required by home country or university 确保学生选择的课程是祖国或是大学需要的 • Validation of report cards upon completion of studies and return to home 学生的成绩单在完成学业之后会验证再寄回家 • Study permit renewal as required 如果需要每年可以得到新的学习许可 • Regular reports to parents 父母收到常规的成绩单
  18. 18. School Activities ( 学校活动 ) • Sports are offered over 3 seasons 提供三个季节的体育活动 • Wide range of sports available from team to individual 提供从个人到团队的宽范围体育活动 . • School clubs include skiing, robotics, chess, music, environment etc 学校社团有滑雪,机器人技术,国际象棋,音乐,环境等 • Community leagues for soccer, baseball, theater, hockey 为足球,棒球,剧院,冰球提供社区联盟
  19. 19. Social Events • 社会活动 Every month activities or trips are provided 每个月的活动或旅行 • Social activities in Belleville include skating, welcome and departure parties 在 Belleville 的社会活动包括滑冰,欢迎聚会和送别聚会 • Trips to Toronto, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Montreal 有去多伦多和渥太华 , 尼亚加拉大瀑布的旅行 蒙特利尔 • Canadian students are invited to attend 加拿大本地学生也会被邀请参加
  20. 20. Social Events 社会活动
  21. 21. Homestay Program 序 寄宿家庭程 • Local families and professionals volunteer to host ISP students 当地家庭或者教师等会参选接收国际学生 • Each must provide a welcoming home and agree to provide support to the student 每个家庭必须欢迎学生并且同意提供学生所需的各种需要 • Each applicant is carefully selected, by means of interviews, home visits and inspections, and police/ reference checks 每个申请人都会经过面试方式严格的挑选,并且实地考察,警方也会参考 检查
  22. 22. Homestay Program 序 寄宿家庭程 • The family is matched to the student’s interests. 家庭会根据学生的兴趣配对 • Families treat the student like their child 家庭会像对待自己的孩子一样对待国际学生 • Each student has their own private room 每个学生都有私人的房间 • 3 meals a day, 7 days a week 每天提供三餐,每周提供 7 天
  23. 23. Program Fees 项目费 Fees cover the following: • Full academic program 全部的专业课程 • Daily ESL instruction 每天的英语训练 • Textbook costs 课本费用 • Activity and athletic fees 活动和运动费用 • Academic and Career counselling 专业和职业的指导 • After school tutoring –3 days a week, 2.5 hours a day 课后补习班,每周 3 天,每天 2.5 小时
  24. 24. Program Fees 项目費 • Four official reports to parents per year • 每年 4 次官方成绩提供给学生父母 TOEFL/IELTS instruction 雅思托福训练 • Monthly events and trips 每周活动和旅行 • Healthcare insurance 医疗保险 • Weekly visits by the ISP Homestay Coordinator 国际学生住宿家庭协调员每周拜访 • Custodianship 管理人之间职务 • Study Permit renewal 学习许可更新 )
  25. 25. Admission Process 入学过程 CRITERIA CRITERIA 标准 标准 • Students are considered for on the basis of academic records and school reports – 70% average or higher 录取学生是严格基于对学生专业课程成绩和成绩报告的考虑,通 常需要 70 以上的分数 • Students should have a working knowledge of English at minimum 学生至少需要能日常交流的英语水平 • Students should show evidence of motivation to learn and to progress in their studies 学生应当展示他们想学习并且付诸行动
  26. 26. Admission Process 入学过程 REQUIREMENTS REQUIREMENTS ( (需要 ) ) 需要 •Program Application Form and Homestay Application Form 计划申请表和寄宿家庭申请表 •Transcripts for the last two years of study 最后两年的成绩单 •Signed participation agreement (in Application form) 在参与同意上签名 •Letter of recommendation from school 学校的推荐信 •Immunization Form 免疫表 完
  27. 27. Contact Us 联系我们 Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board 156 Ann Street Belleville, Ontario, Canada K8N 1N9 Telephone: 1.613.966.1170 ext. 2236 Website: Your first choice for international education!