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What's Changed with SharePoint in the Past Few Years and Why It Matters


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Office 365 and SharePoint are evolving fast. A few years ago many of us may have begun modernizing our SharePoint environments - planning an upgrade or a migration to SharePoint 2013 or even SharePoint Online. Since that time many things have changed in both SharePoint Server and Office 365, not to mention within our organizations. New services have been added, and many of those services are improving with each passing month. What approaches, strategies and rollout models are other organizations using? What can we learn from their successes?

Join us for this facilitated and interactive discussion where instead of just looking forward, we look back into key changes that we all need to understand better. This discussion will be facilitated by Richard Harbridge, a Microsoft MVP, and internationally recognized expert on Office 365 and SharePoint. Together we will discuss what has changed in the past few years for developers, IT professionals, and SharePoint leads while exploring how organizations are leveraging these services in different ways today.

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What's Changed with SharePoint in the Past Few Years and Why It Matters

  1. 1. What's Changed with SharePoint in the Past Few Years and Why It Matters Presented By: Richard Harbridge (@RHarbridge) #ILTASPS
  2. 2. RICHARD HARBRIDGE My twitter handle is @RHarbridge, blog is on, and I work at CTO & MVP | SPEAKER & AUTHOR | SUPER FRIENDLY
  3. 3. DIGITAL WORKPLACE PLANNING… Great, we know who you are, but what do you do on a daily basis? - Intranets? - Extranets? - Departmental Portals? - Project & Team Sites? - Enterprise Social Network? - Document Management? - Records Management? - Process Improvement? - Centers Of Excellence & Technology Adoption? - And much much more….
  4. 4. RICHARD HARBRIDGE My twitter handle is @RHarbridge, blog is, and I work at CTO & MVP | SPEAKER & AUTHOR | SUPER FRIENDLY
  5. 5. ARE YOU READY FOR TODAY’S DEMANDS? We want to tackle and be ready for tomorrow’s demands, but we are struggling with the demands of today. So what have other orgs done?
  6. 6. INTEGRATION What’s Changed In Our Industry In The Past Few Years?
  7. 7. Build Business Case Secure Budget (On Promise Of Value) Analyze Systems, Needs & Approach Design Optimal Solution Build Solution Test Solution (QA & Then Production) Document Deployment Deploy Solution (QA & Then Production) Deliver Value Get Feedback (Often As A Separate Motion) TIME TO VALUE FOR INTEGRATION… When people want to see information in one place we would build, buy and implement solutions. IT leads this and the approach takes time.
  8. 8. TIME TO VALUE FOR INTEGRATION… We optimize for MVP and iterative improvement today. Accelerating IT’s ability to integrate faster and deliver value sooner. Secure Budget (On Promise Of Immediate Value) Build Business Case Analyze & Design For Priority Needs Build MVP Or Iterate Solution Test & Deploy Solution (Often Direct To Production) Secure Budget (On Realization Of Value & Feedback)
  9. 9. Arguably this is made much better by improvements in development patterns, as well as a reduction in complexity of deployment/risks. TIME TO VALUE FOR INTEGRATION…
  10. 10. TIME TO VALUE FOR INTEGRATION… Our traditional waterfall model, and model where we build based on server model development takes longer and doesn’t maximize IT effect. Full Trust Code Web Parts Features Event Receivers
  11. 11. TIME TO VALUE FOR INTEGRATION… The new model accelerates development considerably as we can deliver more tailored value faster, and often avoid server side delays or complexity. Client Side Web Parts Cloud Services
  12. 12. Now it doesn’t just need to be IT who is meeting integration needs. O365 Connectors, Flow, Team Tabs, 3rd Party solutions, all accelerate time to val. TIME TO VALUE FOR INTEGRATION…
  13. 13. Microsoft Flow allows organizations and individuals to automate workflows that integrate with existing SaaS services and business apps that users rely on today. TIME TO VALUE FOR INTEGRATION…
  14. 14. Now it doesn’t just need to be IT who is meeting integration needs. TIME TO VALUE FOR INTEGRATION…
  15. 15. FORMS & PROCESS What’s Changed In Our Industry In The Past Few Years?
  16. 16. FORMS & PROCESSES… We may have built forms in previous tools but they were not mobile enabled and are often challenging to update or improve. No new versions. Supported to 2026.
  17. 17. FORMS & PROCESSES… We are working to begin modernizing many of our custom applications, forms and solutions so that they are mobile enabled, available where users are, etc. 2. They are easy to share. 1. PowerApps are “easy” and intuitive to build. Point to the data you want and create. 3. Users can build an app from templates. 4. They are “mobile first” forms that support multiple data sources beyond SharePoint.
  18. 18. PowerApps that solve business challenges are added directly into SharePoint. Better experiences for common flow activities like approvals are leveraged. FORMS & PROCESSES… Teams
  19. 19. DISCUSSIONS & CHATS What’s Changed In Our Industry In The Past Few Years?
  20. 20. DISCUSSIONS & CHATS… We might do bulk IM messages, reply all emails, or if you are lucky you might have some discussion boards.
  21. 21. Today we have a better set of IM and ad-hoc discussion tools, orgs are using Office 365 Groups and Yammer to improve distribution lists and discussion boards. DISCUSSIONS & CHATS…
  22. 22. Microsoft Teams provides a way to work in a team focused hub that is persistent. Teams integrates with the other convo tools while improving on the experience. DISCUSSIONS & CHATS… Teams
  23. 23. ACCESS & CONTROL What’s Changed In Our Industry In The Past Few Years?
  24. 24. MANAGING ACCESS & CONTROL… While core documents are managed and controlled many other places like team or departmental collaboration suffer from permission challenges.
  25. 25. MANAGING ACCESS & CONTROL… We use dynamic groups with membership defined as a rule, rather than as a static list of members. We expire groups (if need not attested). Expiring Groups Admins set a duration after creation when group owners need to attest the continuing need for their group. Else it’s deleted. One Identity Azure Active Directory (AAD) is the master for group identity and membership across Office 365 (Exchange, SharePoint, Yammer, Teams, Planner, Power BI, etc.)
  26. 26. MANAGING ACCESS & CONTROL… Throughout the Office 365 experience for SharePoint or OneDrive content access control is readily available and easy to understand as an end user.
  27. 27. MANAGING ACCESS & CONTROL… Make it easy to manage access and ensure the wrong kind of sharing doesn’t take place – whether internal or external.
  28. 28. Better site management at a service level makes this easier to target and notify owners based on site activity, classifications, sharing status or more. MANAGING ACCESS & CONTROL…
  29. 29. EXTERNAL COLLABORATION What’s Changed In Our Industry In The Past Few Years?
  30. 30. EXTERNAL COLLABORATION… External access may have involved significant effort for onboarding, user management, access control, and we had unsanctioned tools popping up.
  31. 31. EXTERNAL COLLABORATION… We have an effective SharePoint Extranet strategy with many sites while also providing lower friction options for specific users if needed.
  32. 32. WORK MANAGEMENT What’s Changed In Our Industry In The Past Few Years?
  33. 33. WORK MANAGEMENT… We have had the need to manage tasks for ages, the issues we thought were aggregating tasks and making it easier to manage them. Turns out the biggest gap was actually collaborating on tasks (not working on your own).
  34. 34. WORK MANAGEMENT… Now we have a modern task management experience focused on easier collaborative task management.
  35. 35. Significant enhancements are coming for Planner such as templating, integrating it with To-Do, and Project Online over time. WORK MANAGEMENT…
  36. 36. INTRANETS What’s Changed In Our Industry In The Past Few Years?
  37. 37. While mega menus and other innovations were implemented navigation was always structure based, or managed. With special directory style pages. INTRANETS…
  38. 38. While structured and managed navigation is still valid in today’s world it is also important to improve navigation with powerful capabilities like search. INTRANETS…
  39. 39. Office 365’s SharePoint home is now a more modern site directory experience. New features like activity roll ups, and quick follow/share options are the start. INTRANETS…
  40. 40. When designing news, leadership or even events pages we can take advantage of new and improved authoring experiences. Team news can be complimentary. INTRANETS…
  41. 41. Targeted embedding of Yammer or your enterprise social platform in key parts of the Intranet, and digital workplace are provided by your org and MSFT. INTRANETS…
  42. 42. Your Intranet is responsive by design, but you could also enable better site experiences on mobile devices. Extending team or departmental news reach. INTRANETS…
  43. 43. INTRANETS… Fast and improved news authoring will build on what is already available. Microsoft will provide new client side web parts like hero, news, and events.
  44. 44. INTRANETS… Capabilities like bookmarking, notifications, and more help you not only stay up to date, but follow up when a better time is available.
  45. 45. PROFILES & EXPERTISE What’s Changed In Our Industry In The Past Few Years?
  46. 46. PROFILES & EXPERTISE… Typically we would customize profiles to try and make them even more useful. OOTB was basic, the main issue was people not filling them out.
  47. 47. PROFILES & EXPERTISE… Instead of custom profiles we now have rich profiles where new functionality is continually added. About more than just the user details.
  48. 48. PROFILES & EXPERTISE… Profiles are embedded in more places. Instead of just a contact they now surface activity of that user (recent documents today, more in the future).
  49. 49. PROFILES & EXPERTISE… Tools already monitor your directory for information that is missing, incorrect or out-of-date. Pro-actively reaching out to users.
  50. 50. PROFILES & EXPERTISE… …Don’t forget that there are more improvements coming from strategic investments like Microsoft’s in LinkedIn that can improve the expertise story.
  51. 51. ANALYTICS What’s Changed In Our Industry In The Past Few Years?
  52. 52. We have had analytics, but only administrators or really advanced users could get them, and even then the format and usability was low. ANALYTICS…
  53. 53. Analytics are now integrated into key experiences to help users improve, understand, and take action. They are brought to the surface. ANALYTICS…
  54. 54. Organizations and leaders are piloting and exploring merging models of individual productivity analytics and organizational analytics that are very rich today (E5). ANALYTICS…
  55. 55. Far more is tracked today than ever before, and better reporting is continually being made available to help make sense of all this data. ANALYTICS…
  56. 56. ANALYTICS… The trend for surfacing more actionable analytics to teams, and users will continue.
  57. 57. What if we look at our own organizations technology radar? Inspired by StepTwo’s Digital Workplace Radar Landed (Now to 6 Months) Circling (6-24 Months+) In Flight (Future) WHAT DOES YOUR TECHNOLOGY RADAR LOOK LIKE?
  58. 58. Getting AD Integrated Exchange Migration Outlook & Office Migration (Pro Plus) Skype For Business Intranet Social (Yammer) Extranet OneDrive For Business SharePoint For Document Management Team Site Deployment Every organization’s journey is a little different, but often follow a similar path to getting more out of Office 365. What do you need to plan for? Mandatory Popular Situational Strategic Few Trust The Cloud WHAT DOES YOUR TECHNOLOGY RADAR LOOK LIKE?
  59. 59. Thank You! BMO’samazingteamformakingthispossible. 100+AwesomePresentationsAt.. Slideshare.Net/RHarbridge 300+PagesOfWhitepapersAt.. Message Me On LinkedIn or Email CTO & MVP | SPEAKER & AUTHOR | SUPER FRIENDLY Twitter: @RHarbridge. More to come on our blog at