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The Social Enterprise in a Cloud First and Mobile First World


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Organizations today need to be more responsive. People are more connected than ever before. The world has become a giant network, with people sharing, learning, and making decisions on the go at every second. What if you, and every person in your company could work together, like a network? What might that look like and how might social enterprise technology play a role?

While many organizations understand the benefits social technology can provide it’s often not as clear how we can go about implementing these technologies in a way that complements our organizations investments in powerful collaborative technologies like SharePoint. SharePoint is used as an enterprise collaboration platform in almost every organization, yet many organizations are still in the process of deciding why and when they should implement some of the new social capabilities or how best to leverage Social technologies like Yammer with their current investments.

Join Richard Harbridge as he shares Microsoft’s vision for Enterprise Social and the future of work. Richard will explain how and where customers are investing in social, what is changing and important to understand, and what technology investments have been made and are being made by Microsoft to help customers connect and work in a cloud first and mobile first world.

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The Social Enterprise in a Cloud First and Mobile First World

  1. 1. RICHARD HARBRIDGE My twitter handle is @RHarbridge, my blog is, and I work at SPEAKER | AUTHOR | SUPER FRIENDLY
  2. 2. Product Journey #worklikeanetwork Agenda Work like a network. Value
  3. 3. Product Journey #worklikeanetwork ValueValue Agenda Work like a network.
  4. 4. The world has become a giant network. #worklikeanetwork
  5. 5. Faster responses Personalized service Better experiences Your customers expect more. #worklikeanetwork
  6. 6. #worklikeanetwork
  7. 7. Work like a network Listen to conversations that matter Adapt and make smarter decisions Grow your business Seamless social experiences across familiar applications, all delivered on an enterprise-grade platform #worklikeanetwork
  8. 8. Product Journey #worklikeanetwork Value Product Agenda Work like a network.
  9. 9. Social Software in the Workplace – September 2014
  10. 10. Work like a network
  11. 11. People Groups Network
  12. 12. Enable seamless social collaboration in Office 365 and other apps, services, and line-of-business systems Document Conversations
  13. 13. Office Online beautifully renders documents – and enables co-authoring Colleagues are one click away with Yammer and Office Online side-by-side
  14. 14. Mobile-first scenarios
  15. 15. Inline-message translation – just tap “translate” Thread instantly translated to phone’s language Reduce silos and ease collaboration across geographies
  16. 16. 28 languages available on the Yammer web client and Success Center 25 languages available on mobile apps1 and email notifications Network
  17. 17. Collaborate effectively on customer leads with Line-of-Business app integration including Dynamics CRM and Salesforce
  18. 18. Brings together people, information, and apps across Office 365 to enable better communication and collaboration Discover new information Share and collaborate Come together Introducing Groups
  19. 19. Groups today Rolling out first to Outlook Web App and OneDrive for Business
  20. 20. Manager Direct report Works with Shared with me Viewed by me Trending around me Presented to me Liked by me Office GraphOffice Graph
  21. 21. Content and signals across O365 auto- populating the Office Graph insights Insights derived with machine learning for proactive and intelligent experiences
  22. 22. Stay In the Know Find What you Need Discover New Connections Connect with the right experts and learn more about their content. Find just the right results from any source and take action Discover new information tailored to you from your network Delve – Search and Discovery Across O365 Powered by Office Graph
  23. 23. Today Tomorrow The future People Groups Network Connected experiences across Office 365, Microsoft products and beyondYammer Groups Enterprise Graph Office Graph and Delve* Dynamics CRM Integration O365 Groups O365 Identity in Yammer Document Conversations Flexternal Android/iOS/WP Apps Mobile innovations Office Online in Yammer O365 Groups* Office Graph and Delve
  24. 24. Product Journey #worklikeanetwork Value Journey Agenda Work like a network.
  25. 25. “Social Enterprise is implemented 80% through organization culture and 20% through technology.” - Gartner, September 2012 Transforming work = culture + technology 20% Tech 80% Culture
  26. 26. The Social Journey Define Your Vision Identify Business Outcomes Plan to Work SocialLaunch and Drive Success Evaluate, Adapt, & Iterate
  27. 27. 1Startsmall 2Buildacoalition 3Getexecsonboard In our experience, you should…. 4Adoptionactivities
  28. 28. SharePoint on-premises and Yammer • Service Pack 1 & Yammer app for SharePoint 2013 on-prem • Committed to another SP on-premises release • Hybrid continued improvements Legacy SharePoint Social • No plan to adding net-new social features • Existing SP social capabilities will be maintained - for now • No investment in SP communities Go Yammer! • Faster adoption • Rapid innovation • Connect everyone Office 365 with Yammer • Home of innovations for Enterprise Social Network or SharePoint Social? Enterprise Social – Should I Use Yammer? When Should I Use SharePoint?
  29. 29.
  30. 30.
  31. 31. #worklikeanetwork i Next Steps
  32. 32. Thank You! Organizers, SponsorsandYouformakingthispossible. 100+SharepointPresentationsAt.. Slideshare.Net/RHarbridge UserAdoptionActivityListing.. Rharbridge.Com/?Page_id=565 SignUpForYammerAt.. About.Yammer.Com Office365SuccessCenter.. Success.Office.Com Message Me On LinkedIn or Email My twitter handle is @RHarbridge, my blog is, and I work at SPEAKER | AUTHOR | SUPER FRIENDLY
  33. 33. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES! Sharing even more… because I love you.
  34. 34. Sites, Blogs & Twitter  Enterprise Social Customer Success - Yammer Success Center The Responsive Org  Admin & IT - Developers - Yammer App Directory - Office Store - Yammer Ignite  Blogs Yammer Office 365 Twitter @Yammer @Office365 Research/Whitepaper  Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace Evolution of the networked enterprise: McKinsey Global Survey results Yammer’s 2013 Business Value Survey Results The Rise Of Enterprise Social Networks Press  How Red Robin Transformed Its Business With Yammer How Teach for America gets the most out of Yammer on a shoestring budget HK firm creates idea melting pot for 4,000 employees LexisNexis found that employees who use Yammer are way happier Switching to Yammer let this company slash helpdesk calls and save $1.5 million a year How Microsoft got its own employees to use Yammer Videos  Move Faster Together  Transform the Way You Work with Yammer #WorkLikeANetwork
  35. 35. THE VALUE OF SOCIAL… Social is about unlocking conversations & providing more context
  36. 36. #CollabCon @RHarbridge When Emailing to Yammer… End your message with - - to prevent your signature from posting to Yammer [ ]Yammer Tip: set the – to be white so that it won’t show up in your normal signature
  37. 37. #CollabCon @RHarbridge Create Outlook Contacts for Yammer Groups From Outlook, it is possible to: • Start a new Post in Yammer • Reply to a thread (conversation) when you receive an email notification • Mention someone & Tag in your Post/Reply First, find the Yammer email address: 1. Navigate to the relevant Yammer group 2. Click Post to this group by email 3. An email window opens with the Yammer group email name in the To: line. Leave the email window with the address open for now 4. Open Outlook. Continues on next slide…
  38. 38. #CollabCon @RHarbridge Create Outlook Contacts for Yammer Groups 5. With Outlook open, Click on People (bottom left) and New Contact (in menu) 6. Click on Full Name button (do not type directly in the box). The Check Full Name dialog box opens. 7. Type the name of your Yammer group in the First box and click OK • Best practice: start every contact with Yammer • Best practice: include “public” or “private” in the name to avoid confusion 8. The contact will auto fill in Full Name and File As. Copy and paste the contact name into Display as 9. Go back to Yammer and copy the email address (from the window you left open in Step #3) and paste in the E-mail box. 10. Save & Close the new Contact. 11. Return to your Yammer home page.
  39. 39. #CollabCon @RHarbridge Post & Reply from Outlook To create a new Yammer post from Outlook: 1. Open Outlook 2. Create a new mail message 3. Select/enter the name of the Yammer Group email address 4. Type your Yammer post in email a. Email address = Yammer Group where posted b. Subject = Title of Yammer Post c. Message Body = Yammer Message d. @alias = Yammer Mention e. #xxx = Yammer Tag 5. Add two dashes (--) at the top to trim your signature from your Yammer posts
  40. 40. #CollabCon @RHarbridge Email bridging strategies For those that have a hard time switching from Outlook… Publish the “new alias” as Suggest they subscribe to the “new alias” on the group’s page (found at bottom of right column) Send them an Outlook contact for the address
  41. 41. #CollabCon @RHarbridge Email bridging strategies When sending key messages to an old DL, use “Direct Replies To” to send replies to the Yammer group address
  42. 42. #CollabCon @RHarbridge Find people Share my stuff Build internal communities Stay connected Get answers (general) Get answers (moderated) Collaborate on docs internally Collaborate on docs externally Build external communities Where do I…
  43. 43. #CollabCon @RHarbridge Social Feedback Leads To Better Procedures? Why Leveraging SharePoint Blog Features for News is a Great Idea
  44. 44. Some scenarios – end user Find a Person/ Expert Post and discuss a topic and/or content Manage a meeting or event Ask/ answer a question Make an announcement Find a Document Send/exchange information/ documents Produce/manage content Tag content Poll/survey a group of people? Rate or otherwise infer sentiment (e.g. “Like”) Establish relationships with people, information and sites Form serendipitous connections via affinity- based relationships View activities across team, community, or network Post/view/comment on content and media View profile, manage profile
  45. 45. #CollabCon @RHarbridge 56 Bonus! Implementing An Effective SharePoint Social Strategy
  46. 46. #CollabCon @RHarbridge Social Roll Out Eight Considerations When Implementing SharePoint Social Capabilities
  47. 47. #CollabCon @RHarbridge Phase 4 Phase 3 Phase 2 Phase 1 Basic Profile Import MySites Piloted MySites Globally Deployed MySites Customized Profiles Implemented Custom Profile Fields Profile Fields Integrated With LOB Data Users Can Edit Profile Data With Write Back To AD Photos Updated From Central Source Profiles Presentation Customized My Sites & Profile Roll Out Eight Considerations When Implementing SharePoint Social Capabilities
  48. 48. #CollabCon @RHarbridge Social Feature Roll Out Phase 1 Less Than 50% Profiles Populated Notes and Status Updates Infrequently Used Community Sites Piloted Wikis Piloted Leadership Blogs Piloted Discussion Boards Piloted Tags & Notes Infrequent (Usage Low) Ratings Piloted On Knowledge Base Phase 2 Less Than 75% Profiles Populated Notes & Status Updates Used Frequently By Early Adopters Community Sites Globally Deployed Wiki Sites Globally Deployed Department Blogs Deployed Discussion Boards Globally Deployed Tags & Notes Adopted (Usage High) Knowledge Base Initiating New Procedures/Policies Phase 3 Close to 100% Profiles Populated Notes & Status Updates Considered Cultural Norm Communities Extended To External Participants Wiki Spaces Extended To External Participants Personal Blogs Deployed Discussion Boards Leading To New Innovation Or Cost Savings Tags & Notes (Expected) Knowledge Base Podcasting & Media Eight Considerations When Implementing SharePoint Social Capabilities
  49. 49. #CollabCon @RHarbridge Map To Business Objectives Support Acquisitions Provide Positive Work Culture Highlight Exceptional People Have Highly Effective Decision Making Supporting Community Customer Transparent Support Leadership Personally Engaging w/ Customers Internal Social Collaboration      User Profiles  Personal MySites   Internal Social Networking      Communities Of Interest     Communities Of Practice      External Social Authoring     Social CRM      Direct Relationship  Indirect Relationship Eight Considerations When Implementing SharePoint Social Capabilities
  50. 50. #CollabCon @RHarbridge Profile Sprawl Challenge? Eight Considerations When Implementing SharePoint Social Capabilities
  51. 51. #CollabCon @RHarbridge Unique Cloud Challenges… If you have SharePoint 2013 On Prem and a Office 365 SharePoint Online Instance… How do you plan the social user experience? Example: Following an o365 document doesn’t add it to your onPrem social feed, it would add it to the o365 data… Difficult hybrid scenario.
  52. 52. #CollabCon @RHarbridge Discipline and Processes Eight Considerations When Implementing SharePoint Social Capabilities
  53. 53. #CollabCon @RHarbridge Samples of What to Measure – Number of completed user profiles – Number of connections per user – Cross posting of blogs, subscriptions to RSS and other feeds – Average number of participants with Wikis (also look at distribution – Wikis with most participants vs. universe of wikis) – Effective use on major projects – Reduction in e-mail (generally, on specific topics, corporate noise) – Range of adoption (departments, topics) – Does a new policy or idea get adopted easier? – Search metrics: fewer similar queries=right information fasterEight Considerations When Implementing SharePoint Social Capabilities
  54. 54. #CollabCon @RHarbridge Understand Your Maturity Microsoft: Enterprise Social Collaboraiton Progression Model - enterprise/articles/Enterprise-Social-Collaboration-Progression- Model.aspx#fbid=I1J-B4XG2DS
  55. 55. #CollabCon @RHarbridge Understand Your Maturity
  56. 56. #CollabCon @RHarbridge Understand Your Maturity
  57. 57. MATURITY BUSNESSVALUE/BENEFIT High Low BASIC FOUNDATIONAL OPTIMIZE TRANSFORM Technology Process People Employee Customer EngagementLevers People Limited awareness Process Limited Objectives Technology Comfortable with status quo – email, phone, etc.
  58. 58. MATURITY BUSNESSVALUE/BENEFIT High Low BASIC FOUNDATIONAL OPTIMIZE TRANSFORM Technology Process People Employee Customer EngagementLevers People People are recognized as enablers Process Exploration of enabling business process via social channels Technology An understanding of existing tools and where they fit.
  59. 59. MATURITY BUSNESSVALUE/BENEFIT High Low BASIC FOUNDATIONAL OPTIMIZE TRANSFORM Technology Process People Employee Customer EngagementLevers People Siloed efforts transform to open exchanges. Process Collaboration partially integrated into business processes Technology Integrated across LOB apps.
  60. 60. MATURITY BUSNESSVALUE/BENEFIT High Low BASIC FOUNDATIONAL OPTIMIZE TRANSFORM Technology Process People Employee Customer EngagementLevers People Customer obsessed culture Process Rapid responses to requests and inquiries Technology Cohesive, engaging user experiences
  61. 61. MATURITY BUSNESSVALUE/BENEFIT High Low BASIC FOUNDATIONAL OPTIMIZE TRANSFORM Technology Process People Employee Customer EngagementLevers