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The Road Ahead: Driving SharePoint Business Solutions For Meaningful Results


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The Road Ahead: Driving SharePoint Business Solutions For Meaningful Results

  1. 1. THE DRIVEN ORGANIZATION “A business, like an automobile, has to be driven in order to get results.” - B. C. Forbes
  2. 2. THE PACE OF BUSINESS IS ACCELERATING… The business has increasing expectations and wants results faster
  3. 3. WHERE WE WANT TO BE ISN’T WHERE WE ARE TODAY… We all aspire help our organizations achieve more meaningful results
  4. 4. THE ROAD AHEAD… Looks different for all of us and is filled with challenges, road blocks and detours
  5. 5. IF WE DON’T KEEP DRIVING… We will never get to be where we want & need to be.
  6. 6. BREAK THROUGH… Organizations are embracing disruptive change to break through & drive results
  7. 7. WE WANT TO BE BETTER THAN AVERAGE… Many organizations are successful, but what about those really successful cases?
  8. 8. THE MODERN ORGANISATION “Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success.” - Henry Ford
  9. 9. ARE YOU READY FOR TODAY’S DEMANDS? What about tomorrows demands? Are you ready for those?
  10. 10. ANYWHERE ANYTIME… Remote workers should have a great experience and access
  11. 11. ON ANY DEVICE… 2005 2013 Support bring your own device, companion devices and flexible work styles
  12. 12. DON’T FALL BEHIND… It will be more and more challenging to meet expectations on legacy technology
  13. 13. CONSIDER SHAREPOINT ONLINE… An excellent way to provide easier sharing & anywhere, anytime access
  14. 14. CONSIDER AZURE… SharePoint internet sites, development & test environments in Azure
  15. 15. THE EMPOWERED ORGANISATION “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.” - Jack Welch
  16. 16. WE GO FROM THIS AT HOME… Personal lives full of rich technology experiences
  17. 17. …TO THIS AT WORK Frustration in the office at promise of IT unfulfilled
  18. 18. THE COMMUNICATION EVOLUTION… Communication inside and outside of the workplace has evolved
  19. 19. THE VALUE OF SOCIAL… Social is about unlocking conversations & providing more context
  20. 20. CREATE A GREATER SENSE OF CONNECTEDNESS… Sharing helps us make connections. We need to do that at work
  21. 21. CREATE A GREATER SENSE OF OWNERSHIP … With a sense of ownership comes greater individual and group empowerment
  22. 22. THE SOCIAL BUSINESS… If you connect and empower your employees – they’re more effective and engaged
  23. 23. THE ROAD AHEAD… Social w/ Cloud Social On-prem Release schedule is public
  24. 24. YAMMER ROADMAP … Release schedule is public
  25. 25. REPLACE SHAREPOINT NEWSFEED… Integrate yammer with on-premises SharePoint 2013 environments
  26. 26. DEPLOY YAMMER APP … Release schedule is public
  27. 27. SHARE & POST TO YAMMER… Release schedule is public
  28. 28. YAMMER ROADMAP … Release schedule is public
  29. 29. NEW USER EXPERIENCE… Release schedule is public
  30. 30. DOCUMENT CONVERSATIONS… Release schedule is public
  31. 31. SINGLE SIGN ON… Release schedule is public
  32. 32. YAMMER ROADMAP … Release schedule is public
  33. 33. THE SOCIAL BUSINESS… Social businesses are more responsive, engaged, connected and empowered
  34. 34. THE SMARTER ORGANISATION “As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information.” - Benjamin Disraeli
  35. 35. WE HAVE TONS OF INFORMATION… Every organization should have an effective search experience
  36. 36. AND MORE OUTSIDE OF OUR ORGANIZATION… The information inside and outside of our organization can be valuable
  37. 37. MUCH OF THAT INFORMATION IS NOT IN A DOCUMENT FORMAT… There are zeta bytes of information out there that we can leverage
  38. 38. THERE IS SO MUCH INFORMATION OUT THERE… That we can’t predict what is and isn’t information of value
  39. 39. WHAT IF WE COULD MAKE IT MORE MEANINGFUL… Empowering motivated individuals to make sense of the information
  40. 40. WHILE MAKING IT EASY TO SHARE WITH OTHERS… So that the insights of a few budding data scientists can benefit all of us
  41. 41. WE COULD REDUCE UNCERTAINTY… The relationship between information and uncertainty helps quantify information
  42. 42. POWER BI FOR OFFICE 365… 1 Billion Office Users Discover Analyze 1 in 4 enterprise customers on Office 365 Visualize Share Find Q&A Scalable | Manageable | Trusted Self-service BI with the familiarity of Office and the power of the cloud Mobile
  43. 43. Discover Analyze Visualize Search, access, and transform public and internal data sources with Power Query Easy data modeling and lightning fast in-memory analytics with Power Pivot Bold new interactive data visualizations with Power View and Power Map Share Find Q&A Mobile Share data views and workbooks refreshable from on-premises and cloud based data sources, with Power BI Sites Ask questions and get immediate answers with natural language query Mobile access through HTML5 and touch optimized apps for Windows 8, RT and iOS tablets POWER BI FOR OFFICE 365… Scalable | Manageable | Trusted Self-service BI with the familiarity of Office and the power of the cloud
  44. 44. DISCOVER & COMBINE… Search and access internal & external data Clean, transform, shape, merge and combine data from multiple sources
  45. 45. ANALYZE & MODEL… Lightning fast analytics with in-memory technology Model relationships, custom measures, hierarchies, and KPI’s
  46. 46. VISUALIZE & EXPLORE… Bring your data to life with interactive visualization Explore data in new ways to uncover hidden insights
  47. 47. SHARE DATA & INSIGHTS… Share live reports with data refresh from on-prem sources Manage and share data sets and monitor usage
  48. 48. ASK QUESTIONS & GET ANSWERS… Ask questions in the natural language speech bubble Get back answers as the system generates data visualizations
  49. 49. MOBILE ACCESS… View Power View reports on any device with HTML5 support Discover and explore all your favorite reports with the mobile BI app
  50. 50. ON-PREMISE DATA ACCESS… Enable manual or scheduled data refresh in Office 365 to on-premise sources
  51. 51. ENTERPRISE DATA SEARCH… Enable ease of discovery with data search across on premise data
  52. 52. DATA USAGE & TELEMETRY… Monitor data usage across your organization to optimize system investments
  53. 53. YOUR ORGANIZATION CAN BE BETTER THAN AVERAGE… Let’s drive ourselves and our businesses to be better
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