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Over 50 Adoption Activities For Office 365 - SPS Montreal


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Office 365 provides an incredible amount of value to individual employees, teams, departments and organizations. Much of this value is not realized immediately upon purchase or deployment of Office 365. The value is realized as more and more users understand, adopt and embrace the technology. So how do we drive faster, sustainable and effective adoption?

Join Richard Harbridge as he shares real world experience, advice and activities that other customers are leveraging to get more from Office 365 and drive more meaningful adoption.

Three lessons learned from attending this session:
• Why delivering continuous value from a service requires additional strategy and consideration that may not have been as applicable when you have historically deployed a technology asset.
• Visibility into the challenges other organizations have encountered around adoption and Office 365 and how they overcame those challenges.
• What practical activities (50+) you can leverage to drive greater adoption in your own organization (immediately, overtime, and even by yourself).

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Over 50 Adoption Activities For Office 365 - SPS Montreal

  2. 2. RICHARD HARBRIDGE My twitter is @RHarbridge, my blog is at, and I work at SPEAKER | AUTHOR | SUPER FRIENDLY
  3. 3. ADOPTION MATTERS & IT ISN’T EASY… “Good, bad or indifferent, if you are not investing in new technology, you are going to be left behind.” - Philip Green
  4. 4. @RHARBRIDGE GETTING MORE PEOPLE TO USE THE TECHNOLOGY IS IMPORTANT… Often getting people to use more of the technology is just as important.
  5. 5. @RHARBRIDGE AT THE ORGANIZATIONAL LEVEL… Always an impact to productivity. We can accelerate to get positive results sooner.
  6. 6. @RHARBRIDGE IT DOESN’T HAPPEN ON IT’S OWN… Even when people have the tools, vision, and an understanding of the risks.
  7. 7. @RHARBRIDGE THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR ALL OF US… The more people use the platform the more value the technology provides.
  10. 10. ACHIEVING BETTER ADOPTION… “What we find is that if you have a goal that is very, very far out, and you approach it in little steps, you start to get there faster.” - Mae Jemison
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  24. 24. @RHARBRIDGE
  25. 25. @RHARBRIDGE LOOKING FOR MORE TARGETED ADVICE? It can be really hard to find ‘actionable’ ideas or things you can do…
  26. 26. REAL WORLD ADOPTION ACTIVITIES & MORE… Find great ideas for driving adoption in our latest book
  27. 27. @RHARBRIDGE HERE IS A COLLECTION OF ADDITIONAL ADOPTION ACTIVITIES… Activities meant to help accelerate, improve, or compliment your adoption plan.
  28. 28. @RHARBRIDGE
  29. 29. @RHARBRIDGE BRINGING PEOPLE TO OFFICE 365… 20+ Ways of bringing them to Office 365.
  30. 30. @RHARBRIDGE LUNCH TAKE OUT MENUS & CAFETERIA MENU(S)… Menu’s from favourite lunch destinations or daily cafeteria menus bring people in.
  31. 31. @RHARBRIDGE ‘PEOPLE ON THE MOVE’: PROMOTIONS & NEW HIRES… Announcements of people who have found a new role in the organization.
  32. 32. @RHARBRIDGE MILESTONES, ANNIVERSARIES & YEARS OF EMPLOYMENT… Something you should do regardless and another connection back to the portal.
  33. 33. @RHARBRIDGE BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS… To make the portal/Intranet more engaging and personal.
  34. 34. @RHARBRIDGE COMPANY & EMPLOYEE DISCOUNTS… Highlight and share the discount offers/opportunities employees have in a portal.
  35. 35. @RHARBRIDGE EVENT PICTURE SHARING… Share photos from employee events and create a tagged repository.
  36. 36. @RHARBRIDGE FAKE CELEBRITY OR HOLIDAY PROFILES… Mock profiles can be fun and encourage people to search or connect.
  37. 37. @RHARBRIDGE REAL ORGANIZATION PROFILES/USERS… Great way to curate, publish, engage or share ‘officially’.
  38. 38. @RHARBRIDGE INCORPORATE INTO EMPLOYEE SIGNATURES… In employee signature templates, or via example from leaders throughout the org.
  39. 39. @RHARBRIDGE INSPIRING QUOTES… Or add humour by picking common ‘filler words’ used often in your org.
  40. 40. @RHARBRIDGE INTERNAL ADVERTISEMENTS… Ads on the portal, posters, and more stuff from
  41. 41. @RHARBRIDGE SCAVENGER HUNTS, TRIVIA CONTESTS, AND COMPETITIONS… Planned contests can drive interest and awareness.
  42. 42. @RHARBRIDGE “FOR CHARITY” REWARDING CAMPAIGN… Based on a measured activity reward a set amount to a charity to encourage use.
  43. 43. @RHARBRIDGE BRAND KEY SHAREPOINT SITES WITH IDENTITIES… So that people can refer to them by name or vanity URLs etc.
  44. 44. @RHARBRIDGE SURVEYS, POLLS & FEEDBACK… When you collect info ensure you share the results, actions & result changes.
  45. 45. @RHARBRIDGE BAITED EMAIL HOOKS… Purposefully omit certain information to drive readers to sites/systems.
  46. 46. @RHARBRIDGE TOP SEARCHES & FAILED SEARCHES… Easy to do and useful to publish not just use for tuning/improving search.
  47. 47. @RHARBRIDGE REPORT USAGE PATTERNS… Aggregating reports and sending them to leaders can be good to drive visibility.
  48. 48. @RHARBRIDGE REMOVE ALTERNATIVES & MAKE MANDATORY… Be proud; you rock superstar It’s never the nicest option, but from leadership down can be effective. Share ideas and docs in OneDrive Look in Search & Delve Ask others for help via Lync Kick email butt with Exchange
  49. 49. @RHARBRIDGE
  50. 50. @RHARBRIDGE
  51. 51. @RHARBRIDGE HELPING PEOPLE VALUE OFFICE 365… 10+ ways of helping people discover value in Office 365.
  52. 52. @RHARBRIDGE HELP CONNECT & TEACH CHAMPIONS… Learning via Co-Workers is among the most effective and most used methods.
  53. 53. @RHARBRIDGE INCORPORATE INTO NEW HIRE ORIENTATION… Not just the intranet/sites but how to use the tools effectively.
  54. 54. @RHARBRIDGE INCORPORATE INTO ANNUAL TRAINING OR SKILLS VALIDATION… Some organizations have mandated one ‘in person’ class by a set date.
  55. 55. @RHARBRIDGE ANNOUNCE NEW FEATURES / CAPABILITIES… Including ones Microsoft adds for you. Take credit for it – really!
  56. 56. @RHARBRIDGE SUCCESS STORIES… Add an option to submit success stories about how 365 helped. Then highlight.
  57. 57. @RHARBRIDGE TRY LEVERAGING DISCOVER SHAREPOINT… Also consider the Discover SharePoint app!
  58. 58. @RHARBRIDGE HOLD A FEW YAMJAMS! USE #YAMWIN & CREATE STARTER YAMMER GROUPS… Create a help group, a yammer ideas group, and more to drive engagement.
  59. 59. @RHARBRIDGE BEST IN CLASS SHOWCASES… Recognize champions and educate on how others can improve/emulate.
  60. 60. @RHARBRIDGE COMMUNITY SHOWCASE… Recognize communities and educate on how others can improve/emulate.
  61. 61. @RHARBRIDGE EMPLOYEE SHOWCASE… Spotlight an employee in the org and help people connect over shared passions.
  62. 62. @RHARBRIDGE SOLUTIONS SHOWCASE… Build solution summaries for business built solutions or IT ones and share them.
  63. 63. @RHARBRIDGE Find a Person/ Expert Post and discuss a topic and/or content Manage a meeting or event Ask/ answer a question Make an announcement Find a Document Send/exchange information/ documents Produce/manage content Tag content Poll/survey a group of people? Rate or otherwise infer sentiment (e.g. “Like”) Establish relationships with people, information and sites Form serendipitous connections via affinity- based relationships View activities across team, community, or network Post/view/comment on content and media View profile, manage profile PROVIDE USERS GUIDANCE ON WHAT THEY CAN DO… Make it simple and easy to understand all the things they can do today…
  64. 64. @RHARBRIDGE DOWNLOAD THE WHEN TO USE WHAT IN OFFICE 365 ENTERPRISE USER GUIDANCE WHITEPAPER! It goes into much greater depth and can be found at
  65. 65. @RHARBRIDGE PROVIDE GUIDANCE ON WHEN TO USE… This is a starting point; create your guidance based on your technology landscape. Office Video Urgency/TimeSensitivity Audience (Internal or External) Skype For Business Call IM Skype Presence Skype for Business Online Meetings Outlook E-Mail OneDrive for Business SharePoint Team Sites SharePoint Intranet Yammer Company Communications Yammer Groups Office 365 Groups Individual OrganizationalGroup Ad-hoc/LowUrgent/High Delve Boards
  66. 66. @RHARBRIDGEScenarios Finding Someone With A Certain Expertise ◔ ● ● ◕ ◔ ◔ Ask Something, Don’t Know Whom To Ask ○ ● ◕ ◔ ◕ Do A Brainstorming Activity With My Team ◑ ● ● ◑ ◔ ● Where Should Meeting Notes Be Captured, Stored & Shared? ◕ ◕ ● ● ◔ ● Where Should I Share Video? ○ ◑ ◔ ◔ ◔ ○ ◔ ● Where Should I Share Photos? ○ ● ◕ ◑ ○ ◔ Have A Real Time Chat With A Colleague ● ◑ ○ ◑ Where Should I Put & Share Documents? ◔ ◕ ● ● ◔ ● Have A Question Related To A Document? ◔ ● ◑ ◑ ◑ ◔ ◑ Invite A Colleague To Lunch ◕ ◔ ● Provide A Note Of Congratulations/Praise ◔ ● ◔ ◑ ◕ Make An Organizational Announcement ◔ ● ◔ ◕ ◕ Remind The Team Of An Important Deadline ◑ ◔ ● ● ● PROVIDE GUIDANCE ON WHEN TO USE… This is a starting point; create your guidance based on your technology landscape.
  67. 67. @RHARBRIDGE DOWNLOAD THE WHEN TO USE WHAT IN OFFICE 365 ENTERPRISE USER GUIDANCE WHITEPAPER! It goes into much greater depth and can be found at
  68. 68. @RHARBRIDGE “INVITE ONLY” INITIAL SOCIAL ROLLOUT… Ensuring people have business reasons and that the initial content is valuable.
  69. 69. @RHARBRIDGE
  70. 70. @RHARBRIDGE
  71. 71. @RHARBRIDGE BUILD PEOPLE SOLUTIONS FOR OFFICE 365… 10+ ideas for simple to complex solutions that provide value in Office 365.
  72. 72. @RHARBRIDGE PROVIDING INTERNAL CLASSIFIEDS… Effective way to re-distribute business/personal assets or services.
  73. 73. @RHARBRIDGE ACRONYM FINDER & WIKI… Glossary of terms, acronym wikis, and/or specialized search scenarios.
  74. 74. @RHARBRIDGE PRESENTATIONS SEARCH & SHOWCASE SITE… Create a search experience, add ‘highlighted presentations’ w/ ability to submit.
  75. 75. @RHARBRIDGE USABILITY TESTING, DIARY STUDY, CARD SORTING… Lots of design, info architecture, and feedback activities can improve adoption.
  76. 76. @RHARBRIDGE BUILD COMMUNITIES AND USER GROUPS… Help people connect and sponsor/support sharing practices/ideas.
  77. 77. @RHARBRIDGE TRACK TIME REPORTING… For organizations that manage and track time provide a way of doing it in 365.
  78. 78. @RHARBRIDGE FAQS & FAQ FINDERS… Consistently employ FAQs for new policies, processes, technologies, and more.
  79. 79. @RHARBRIDGE VANITY URLS… Enable site owners to create simple and quick URLs to get to their sites.
  80. 80. @RHARBRIDGE PROVIDE CONTENT SERVICES SUPPORT INTERNALLY… Whether it’s migrating content, permissions planning, or IA planning support.
  81. 81. @RHARBRIDGE BUILD AN OFFICE VIDEO PORTAL… Wait… we did that for you! So all you have to do is start leveraging it!
  82. 82. @RHARBRIDGE
  83. 83. @RHARBRIDGE
  84. 84. @RHARBRIDGE RESOURCES TO HELP YOU BE SUCCESSFUL… These are a few of the resources you should check out. Get started today with:  FastTrack Content, Labs & Guidance:  Office 365 Success Center:  Office 365 Training App:  Office 365 for Business Learning Center:  Join the “Driving Adoption” Group in:  Lync 2013 Rollout & Adoption Success Kit  Yammer Success Center:  Purchase & Provide Sweet 365 Gear:  Leverage Popular Use Cases:  Discover SharePoint App:  OnRamp (Automated Deployment Assistance):  Office 365 Roadmap:
  85. 85. @RHARBRIDGE MORE RESOURCES TO HELP YOU BE SUCCESSFUL… These are a few of the resources you should check out. Available Programs (Applicability Varies):  Customer Immersion Experience: The Microsoft Experience Center provides you a facilitated hands-onenvironment to experience Microsoft’s productivity solutions through a series of simulated, every day scenarios.  Adoption Offer (New 150+ Seat):  Software AssuranceDeployment Planning Services:  Software AssuranceTraining Vouchers:  Onboarding Center:  100+ PowerPoint Presentations on SlideShare:  RichardHarbridge & Kanwal Khipple via LinkedIn or
  86. 86. Thank You! Organizers, SponsorsandYouformakingthispossible. 100+SharepointPresentationsAt.. Slideshare.Net/RHarbridge WhenToUseWhatWhitepaper.. ImproveItBook.. ImproveIT.How/Book Office365SuccessCenter.. Success.Office.Com Message Me On LinkedIn or Email SPEAKER | AUTHOR | SUPER FRIENDLY My twitter is @RHarbridge, my blog is at, and I work at