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ILTA Closing Session - Where do we go from here - SharePoint Symposium


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ILTA Closing Session - Where do we go from here - SharePoint Symposium

  1. 1. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Where Do We Go From Here? #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Presented By: Richard Harbridge, Larry Kuhn, and Kris Wagner
  2. 2. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Where Do We Start?
  3. 3. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Getting Started Resources For Developers
  4. 4. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Developer Resources • Microsoft SharePoint Developer Center • SharePoint 2010 Getting Started Development Hands-on Labs • SharePoint Development Wiki • SharePoint Development Standards • SharePoint Code Review Checklist • SharePoint Test Plan • SharePoint Development Environment & Tools
  5. 5. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Getting Started Resources For IT Pros
  6. 6. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris IT Pro Resources • SharePoint 2010 TechNet Resources • Microsoft SharePoint 2010 IT Pro Resources • NothingButSharePoint – IT Pro • Getting Started W/ SharePoint 2010 For IT Pros • Test Report For Very Large-Scale Document Repositories
  7. 7. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Getting Started Resources For Business Analysts
  8. 8. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Business Analyst Resources • Microsoft ECM For Legal Report • SharePoint Glossary • Sample SharePoint Project Plan (Project 2010) • 700+ Slides on SharePoint Information Architecture • SharePoint Governance Samples • SharePoint Mind Maps • Sample Wireframes (In SP Legal Resource Kit)
  9. 9. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Use Excel To Explain Metadata
  10. 10. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Use Mind Maps For Navigation Planning
  11. 11. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Take Surveys: Gather Baselines Compiling results from 20 to 50 participants using excel sheets/hand outs can be painful. If you expect many responses use a survey tool instead.
  12. 12. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Use Wireframes To Enrich Feedback
  13. 13. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Use Wireframes To Gather Requirements
  14. 14. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Use Wireframes To Validate Requirements
  15. 15. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris When To Demo SharePoint  When you need help scoping requirements and managing expectations.  When you need help building awareness.  When validating requirements and solution approaches.  When you want to get people excited! When Not To Demo SharePoint  When you haven’t identified any of the audiences needs.  When you aren’t familiar with the tool/feature set being demonstrated.
  16. 16. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Visualizing Timelines An easy way to create shared understanding of the impact estimates make on projects.
  17. 17. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Visualizing Existing Timelines A great way to take existing project timelines and set stakeholder expectations or communicate impact of changes.
  18. 18. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Getting Started Resources For Executives & Decision Makers
  19. 19. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Prioritize and Plan S.M.A.R.T. Objectives
  20. 20. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Know You Are Using SharePoint For
  21. 21. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris What Are You Using SharePoint For? • Matter Centricity • Matter Dashboards • Client Dashboards • Search • Document Search • Matter & Client Search • Expertise/People Search • Public Websites • Records Management • Retention Automation • Integration w/ Physical • Document Management • Profiling/Collaboration • Email Filing • Extranets
  22. 22. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris The Vendor Ecosystem Over 1000 SharePoint Products… Over 1000 More In Development… Over 350 companies w/ SharePoint products…
  23. 23. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Understand SharePoint Support System Google Results Amazon Books SharePoint 84,200,000 1,905 LiveLink 1,730,000 21 Documentum 492,000 62 Filenet 5,320,000 39 Internet Search As of June 7, 2012
  24. 24. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Getting Started Resources For End Users
  25. 25. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris End User Resources • Microsoft Resources For End Users • Microsoft SharePoint Help And How To • Get The Point Blog • End User SharePoint (NothingButSharePoint)
  26. 26. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Getting Started Resources From ILTA
  27. 27. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris ILTA Resources • ILTA E-Groups • Peer Group Programming • Regional/City Programming • Annual Conference – August 26 to 30 in DC
  28. 28. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris What Do We Do Next?
  29. 29. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Think: What Was One Important Thing You Learned?
  30. 30. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Take Action: Do Something Based On What You Learned
  31. 31. #ILTASPS @Rharbridge @LKuhn65 @SharePointKris Thank You Questions? Ideas? Feedback? Let Us Know: Sr. SharePoint Evangelist: Richard Harbridge @RHarbridge Account Technology Strategist: Larry Kuhn @LKuhn65 Product Evangelist: Kris Wagner @SharePointKris